King of Hearts 3 February 2020 Update


King of Hearts 3 February 2020 Update starts as Gangu Tai starts crying. Satya leaves from there. Payal smirks. Mahi goes following Satya, and sees him left on bike. She tells Mahi that Satya’s face resembles with that of Siddharth Khurana and she doubtful about his identity. Dhruv tells Gangu Tai that he called that woman to treat his hand.

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King of Hearts 3 February 2020 Update: Gangu Tai tells that she wants both her sons and tells him that she would had never left him if she had known that he was alive. Dhruv says I believe you and asks her not to apologize. They ask Dhruv to come home. Dhruv says I will not come until Satya comes back. Payal tells Gangu Tai that she will inform hotel manager that the program is cancelled. Satya is on his bike and going. Dhuwa Dhuwa song plays………He comes to basti and sees his childhood pics with Gangu Tai. He looks at their pic with teary eyes.

Payal comes to Dhruv and laughs….Dhruv also laughs. She says thank god for that God trip. I got a good card which has changed everything. A fb is shown, Payal gets Gangu Tai’s bag and thinks to tell Satya that she has kept Aleena in it. She opens the bag and finds Gangu Tai and Satya’s pic. She sees real Satya’s pic and his death certificate. She also sees Satya’s real birth certificate and says he is Sid khurana’s son Karanveer.

She then happens to see Dhruv, and shows him Gangu Tai and his childhood pic seeing mark on his hand. She says this mark is not an ordinary mark. Dhruv says I don’t want to meet her, who left me in my childhood. Payal offers him money and he agrees. Fb ends. Payal tells Dhruv that same day she came to know that Satya is not Gangu Tai’s real son and also met her real son the same day. They laugh.

Satya feels terribly bad. Mahi comes to him. He tells about his childhood moments and tells that Aayi used to dresses him up nicely. He tells he got scared seeing driver driving with speed, but when his aayi took him in her lap, his fear was gone. He tells train left and he couldn’t hold his aayi’s hand…He says he was scared of the darkness and screamed for his mum asking her not to leave him, and today she left him for forever. He cries.

He says I am unaware if the baby in the pic is me or not, I used to call myself proudly as Satya Sawant, now my identity and name is snatched from me. I have nothing now. My aayi made me suitable for you and made me stand on my feet, but today I have no identity. Mahi tries to console him and says everything happened so fast. She gave you upbringing and brought you up. She is your Aayi and will always be your Aayi. Nobody can snatch your rights.

Satya gets emotional about his relation with Gangu Tai after knowing the truth. Mahi tries to console him and says Gangu tai will always be his mum. Satya says one more name is added to my identity now, and says Siddharth Khurana…I read the name in this diary, says this is my Baba’s name and have deep relation with him, which didn’t end with his death also. He says I have to enquire about my baba and aayi, and wants to know what happened with them and why? I have to search my family now. I can’t do this all alone and asks for her help. Mahi hugs him and cries.

Naina asks Gangu Tai to stop crying and have something. Gangu Tai tells that she will eat with Satya else will die….Satya comes and asks have you gone mad? He says I said you many times not to talk about death, and says if your health deteriorates, then I will take you to hospital. He says I can’t live without you. Gangu Tai says so much happened, but you didn’t get angry on me…asks if he will leave her. Satya says I will never leave you and will be with you all your life. Gangu Tai hugs him and cries. Satya asks her to tell Dhruv that she loves him (Satya) more than Dhruv.

Gangu Tai says what is his mistake? Satya says I will apologize to him for the slap. Mahi made me understand my mistake. Mahi says I told you naa that I will bring your son to you, and have started talking to you in his accent. Satya says your favorite son is me…Gangu Tai says yes. Satya comes to Dhruv and says I am elder than you. He asks him to greet his bhabhi Mahi. Dhruv smiles. Satya apologizes to him. Dhruv says whatever you did was for your sister. Mahi asks him to stay in their house till his marriage. Dhruv looks at Mahi evilly and says he will come. Satya looks on.

Satya and Mahi bring Dhruv home. Gangu Tai gets happy and hugs Dhruv. She hugs Satya too…Payal smiles. Naina says today is very auspicious day, you got two sons.. They shall do the engagement today…Payal notices Dhruv staring Mahi and asks him to concentrate on his work. Mahi goes to make Kajal ready. Later Kajal and Dhruv exchange rings and do some rituals. Satya is still doubtful about him.

Mahi says sakarpura is complete, now cake cutting. Dhruv holds Mahi’s hand and says you would have got me if not married Satya, then changes his words and says he got best girl in the world looking at Kajal. Mahi says you made me scared. Dhruv thinks you made me jealous. Satya comes to Dhruv’s room and tries checking his stuff. Dhruv is coming towards his room.

Mahi makes Kajal have cake. Dhruv comes inside and sees Satya sitting on his bed. He says you are here. Satya says I thought to relax here for a moment. Dhruv says we shall go out now. Satya goes out. Mitul insists to go out and have icecream. Gangu Tai says we are very tired, and asks her to go. Dhruv says I will take car out. Later he meets his girl friend who threatens to expose him. King of Hearts 3 February 2020 Update