King of Hearts 31 December 2019 Update


King of Hearts 31 December 2019 Update begins when Mahi comes to Satya’s locality searching him, and enquires with the boys if they know Sats…They say no. A boy recognizes her as she has helped her and tells about Satya’s address. Mahi comes to his house, just then Gangu Tai throws trash on her. She apologizes to her. Mahi says you didn’t do any mistake as I haven’t see when you was throwing it. She asks if you know Satya?

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Gangu Tai says he is my son and says his photo is hanged on the wall. Satya tells something to a vegetable seller and hides his face. Mahi steps inside the house and is about to see his pic, but just then vegetable seller shouts and rings her car horn. Mahi hears her car horn and rushes there. Vegetable seller tells Mahi that he have a loss because of her. Satya tells dialogues while he repeats it. Mahi says I will pay for the loss. Deepu comes and asks if poor have no respect. He tries to hit on the car.

Satya thinks Mahi got into real trouble and thinks to protect her. She thinks where did I get trap because of loafer. Satya asks seller to get Deepu busy, and goes to Mahi with his face covered, he holds her hand and takes her to car .Kuch Toh Hai Raapta song plays………..Mahi looks at him….He turns to go, removes his scarf and starts walking humming the same tune. Mahi picks his scarf and thinks who was he. I couldn’t see his face….She sits in her car and leaves.

Mahi comes home. Koel is laughing and says your dressing sense is shabby. Mahi says I went following Satya and asks her to trust her. She says he went to some dirty basti, and says if he is rich then why did he go to dirty basti. Koel says you are chipku, makes us embarrassed and saying that there is wrong with him. Mahi asks her to come and see.

Payal scolds her employee for unable to fix meeting with Satya. Employee promises that he will bring him tomorrow. Payal says no, and says she will go and talk to Satya. She says basti people should know who is Payal. Mahi insists Koel to come and see. Koel thinks may be Mahi is right and comes with her. They come to the Basti….Koel says its dirty and you are saying Satya stays here. A boy gifts googles and tshirt for Satya. He says we have saved money for 3 months. Satya gets emotional and says you are my best friends. Although we don’t have money, but have big heart.

Satya tells that his sister will bring cake. Kajal brings cake. Satya cuts cake while the children wish him happy birthday. Kajal applies cake on his face. Koel tells that her dress is ruined as steps in muddy water. Mahi says you need to know the truth and asks her to come. A boy shows Satya that they came. Satya sees them and tells boys that they have to show Satyagiri to them. Satya comes to them and asks what you are doing in such dirty place.

Satya says dirty place. What shall I tell with my own mouth and asks them to see. They see boys playing. Koel says I didn’t understand. Satya says they are chawl’s kids. I celebrate my birthdays with these kids. He says I have everything, and I help them get education and a good living. Boy comes and hugs Satya, says you have made my life. Mahi says just then he showed me his house. Koel says you have doubted on this honest man, and gets angry on her.

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Satya ask Mahi and Koel why they came here. Koel scolds Mahi for doubting on Satya. She apologizes to him and asks him to let her make it up for the mistake. She invites him for long drive in her car. Satya says I will be busy. Koel requests him. Satya agrees and says my mum told not to break anyone’s heart on my birthday.

I will come. Mahi looks on. Koel says perfect, I will call you in the evening. Payal comes there with her employees. Koel asks Mahi to come and goes. Satya asks Mahi why you are after me? Why you are behind me. Mahi says my foot and hits on his foot. Satya is in pain. He wears his googles and goes home.

Gangu Tai asks Satya to spend his birthday with him. Satya says I will stay all my life with you, and says he is going to get his birthday gift to her. Gangu Tai gets happy. Payal knocks on their door. Gangu tai asks what do you want and gets shocked seeing Payal’s face. She thinks she is Neil’s sister in law. She thinks if she recognizes me then, and if she sees Satya then everything will be ruined.

Payal couldn’t identity her and says she wants to talk to Satya. Gangu Tai asks why? Payal says I have to talk to him about basti redevelopment. Satya calls Gangu Tai from washroom and says water is not coming. Payal asks if he is your son…she thinks voice is familiar.

Gangu Tai thinks if she sees Satya, his face is like Sid. Satya comes out with soap froth on his face and asks her to switch on motor. Gangu tai tells that Sunil will talk to her. Payal says I want to buy your land and not you. Gangu Tai says we are not greedy and closes door on her face.

Mahi tells Koel that she don’t want to separate her with Satya, and says she will not interfere between them. She says I can’t send you alone and disobey mom’s orders. Koel agrees to take her on drive. Gangu Tai is shocked and cries. Satya comes out from washroom and asks why she is crying? He asks who made you cry, I will break their hands and legs.

Gangu Tai asks if you will forget me after becoming rich guy. Satya says do you think I want to become rich for myself. He says I want to give luxurious life to you and gets emotional. He says I will not go anywhere now. Gangu Tai asks him to go and hugs him. Koel and Mahi are in the car.

Mahi asks from where we have to pick Satya. Did he tell anything? Koel stops the car and asks her to have patience. She asks her to get down and read the sign board. She asks for help. Mahi says it is a secluded place. Koel insists.

Mahi says okay and gets down the car to see sign board. She comes back to Koel and says there is no sign board here. Koel asks her to go far and check. Mahi goes far and checks. She shouts and says we came on wrong place, there is no sign board here. Koel smirks and drives off the car, leaving Mahi on secluded road.

Mahi thinks she left me here and there is no network also. Koel and Satya are in the restaurant. Satya asks where is that chipku chipkali. Koel says it is good that she didn’t come today, atleast we can talk now. Satya thinks she is on phone and thinks atleast he would have tease Mahi and talk to her. He praises her beauty.

She says you are looking handsome and asks from where did you buy this jacket. Satya says he brought jacket from big shopping mall. Mahi finds network and calls Koel. Koel rejects the call. Satya asks her to pick her. Koel asks why you are so concerned about her. Koel laughs and says she has left Mahi on secluded Naigaon road. Satya asks if she has car. Koel laughs and says I wouldn’t have come if she had car. Satya says Naigaon road is secluded and anything can happen.

Mahi thinks to take help and asks bikers to stop. The goons on bike and ask her to sit on their bike. Mahi gets shocked and refuses to take their help. She runs asking for help, while goons follow her. Just then a car comes there…Bodyguard song plays….. Sid gets down the car in style. Bodyguard song plays……….Goons look at him. Satya folds his hand and asks them not to stare him. He says I am on your side. He asks do you know Vicky and Meena? Goon says no.

Satya says she is Meena and I am her Vicky bapu. He tells that Meena is mad and have bit nurse, who have to take 14 injections. He holds Mahi and asks why didn’t you take injection. If you bite them then they have to take 14 injections. He keeps hand on her mouth and asks goons to help him tie her hands. Goons help him tying her hands with rope.

King of Hearts 31 December 2019 Update ends when  Satya makes her sit in car, and blesses goons. Mahi says mad fellow. Koel comes home. Payal asks where is Mahi? She says she went with you. She don’t stay out late in night. Koel says oh really, you will be happy to know that she is with a guy now. Payal looks on tensedly.