King of Hearts 4 January 2020 Update


King of Hearts 4 January 2020 Update starts when Mahi thinks about Satya kissing her. He gets tensed. Satya comes to Gangu Tai and says he will stop the redevelopment as he has understood that they are fraud. He says he will go and talk to Payal. Gangu Tai slaps Satya and says you will not go anywhere, asks him to promise.

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Satya says I will not accept your sayings and says I will have done wrong and will fight for basti people’s right. Gangu Tai gets shocked and thinks this can’t happen. She worries for Satya’s reality. Deepu comes to meet Payal and says he can help her. Payal asks her employee to kick him out. He is made to leave.

Employee tells Payal that they have to fool the people and get their land. Mahi comes and gives her tea. She asks about the redevelopment. Payal says she is trying, but the basti people is not agreeing for redevelopment. Mahi says I will help you, and thinks she will prove Satya wrong as he said her mum is corrupt.

Payal thinks she got an idea. Kajal comes to Satya and tells that Payal is coming to basti to take their signs. Satya says we won’t let her take the signs. Kajal says everyone think that you are with Payal. Satya gets an idea and says let them think that I am with Payal.

Deepu announces in the basti that they will get lavish homes in basti. Satya thinks to show his satyagiri to Payal. Payal is coming to Basti. Satya gets a phone call asking him to come to hospital as Gangu Tai is admitted in the hospital. He takes an auto and leaves. Payal and Mahi are coming in their car. They couldn’t see Satya going. They get down in car. Deepu welcomes them. Payal and Mahi sit on the stage.

Satya comes to hospital and hears Gangu Tai telling Doctor that she acted to be ill so that her son comes running there and doesn’t get caught in any problem. He gets shocked and says asks Gangu why did she do this. Gangu Tai asks him to listen to her, and asks him not to go. Satya asks why you are scared and says I will not back off. He leaves.

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Mahi gives the speech and tells that it was her father Neil’s dreams to give a better life and homes to basti people. She tells that her mum have redeveloped many bastis before. Some goons comes and tells that Payal is a fraud and have looted their land. Deepu and his friends beat them. Mahi gets scared.

A goon goes near Mahi and is about to hit her with rod, but Satya comes and holds the rod saving Mahi. The goons get scared seeing Satya and runs from there. Kajal smiles. Payal sees Satya’s face and couldn’t believe on her eyes. She says Siddharth Khurana…..

Satya in his style goes to Payal…Payal finds similarity in Sid and Satya and is shocked. Satya asks Jamai Raja’s hema malini…where did you get lost…He says I am Satya. Payal recalls Siddharth Khurana. Satya says I have a million dollar face and asks her not to lose confidence seeing him. He asks her to talk with confidence and smiles.

Payal is still in shock. Mahi goes to him and says we were rakshas until yesterday, and asks why did you come. She says your called my mamma as cheater and scolds him. Payal asks Mahi to come and goes leaving the redevelopment work.

Payal walk off with Mahi. Gangu Tai comes in auto and is shocked to see Payal seeing Satya’s face. Mahi turns and looks at Satya angrily, showing her arrogance. Satya goes to Mahi, holds her hand and asks can I drop you home. Mahi asks him not to touch her, and says I can take care of myself and me. Satya says okay. Mahi is about to go. Satya signs the guy. He puts the curtains on them.

Mahi slips and falls in his embrace……Raabta song plays…….they have an eye lock….Satya asks did you faint? Mahi asks him not to mess with her. Satya says you are talking like me because of one kiss. Mahi closes her eyes and asks him to pull curtain. Once they come out of curtain, Mahi asks him to stay far from her.

Payal is in shock after seeing Satya. Mahi asks are you okay? And asks driver to drive the car. Satya asks Payal to see what he can do? Payal gets shocked. Mahi asks driver to rams car on him, and then says he will get hurt. Satya says I was trying to help you. Driver says car is not starting.

Satya says I can help you, and says he will repair car in 2 mins. He checks the car. Payal looks at him surprisingly and shockingly. Mahi says he might got another trick in his mind. Satya repairs car and asks driver to start car. He tells Payal that he can do anything…and asks her to trust him and remember his name.

Mahi asks driver to drive the car. Payal goes to her room, and thinks this can’t be possible. She thinks how can chawl’s satya is look alike of Siddharth Khurana. She thinks if he is Siddharth and Roshni’s son Karanveer. She thinks he is head.

She thinks Neil had named his estate on Karanveer and Mahi’s name in his will. She thinks to find out. Gangu sees pic of Siddharth and Roshni and says I will never tell anyone that my Satya is actually Karanveer. Payal asks goon to find out about Satya. King of Hearts 4 January 2020 Update

Naina asks Mahi about Satya. Mahi says he is a loofer and troublesome. She says I took Koel out from his clutches with much difficulty, and now he is after mum. She goes to room angrily. Satya keeps hand on her mouth and asks why did you leave your money there. He says I don’t want it.

Mahi says I will shout….Satya says I will give you open challenge and asks her to shout. Mahi is silent. Satya says I think you will not shout and is about to kiss her. Mahi closes her eyes. Satya takes her mobile and says you will not get kiss again and again, asks her not to give much attention to herself. He says I have sent mobile from your phone, that you have called me.

Mahi is surprised and scolds him. Payal comes calling Mahi. Satya locks herself in bathroom with him, and asks her to sing song…..Mahi sings Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai….Payal thinks Mahi is taking bath and goes. Mahi tells Satya to stay away from her mum. Satya challenges Mahi that she will ask for his help tomorrow. He asks her to charge her battery and says it is dead like your mind. He puts shower on her head and goes.

Satya tells Kajal that he have to win Payal’s trust and get a job at her house. He says I can get chawl people know her truth then. He says don’t know what happens to Aayi when I take Payal’s name. A man comes and enquires about Satya. Sunil hears him. Gangu Tai tells Satya that she don’t want to work as secretary. Satya says I will get your job back and then you can give it in charity. He asks her not to lie again about her health. He takes her blessings and leave.

Man gives ration card, photo proofs, id cards etc and says Satya was born at home as her mum couldn’t go to hospital that night. Payal checks the date of birth and thinks Satya was born before Karanveer. Just then Satya comes there and says hello madam…Payal looks at him. Satya falls on her feet and says I am your slave, please forgive me. Mahi comes and looks on shocked. He apologizes to her.

King of Hearts 4 January 2020 Update ends with Mahi asking Payal not to believe on him and says he is a liar. Satya says I told her everything. Mahi asks did you tell her about the challenge? Payal nods. Satya tells her about his challenge with Deepu, and says now I want to do penance. I can get chawl people sign. Payal tells Mahi that he told me everything and is sorry from heart.