King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update on Zee World


King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update begins with Roshni is in her room, staring at the photo of a baby hanging on the wall. Sid enters and sits with her. He sees the photo she’s staring at and says he is thinking of the Children at the NGO and how they won the dancing competition and everyone is singing their praises, including the media. Roshni doesn’t respond. He says the Media would like to talk to her about the Children.

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Roshni tells him to take down the baby photo!
Sid is sad. He has tears in his eyes. Hazar Khawaishein plays… as Sid takes the baby poster off from the wall.
DD carries a carton load of toys out of her room but her Mother tells her not to dispose of them.

DD says they over did it and bought so much!
Her Mother says Roshni is young and would conceive again.
DD says the Doctor told her Roshni would never conceive again and it can only happen by some Miracle.

Sid’s GrandAunt overhears them.
She goes to inform Simran, Raj and her Sister.
She tells them to start looking for another Wife for Sid.
Raj asks what she’s talking about?
She asks who will carry the family name if Roshni can’t conceive because she overhead

DD telling her Mother that the Doctor said Roshni cannot conceive.
Sid is standing in the door way but no one notices him. He’s shocked at the news.

Simran asks Sid’s GrandAunt how she could say such a thing?
They see Sid.
He has tears flowing down his face.
He picks up a knife scaring his GrandAunt and makes a small cut on his hand.
His Parents panic but he assures them that he’s fine.
He tells his GrandAunt that he will only take another Wife if Roshni is not alive and they take every drop of blood from him.

King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Simran ties a bandage on Sid’s hand.
Sid leaves the room and sees Roshni standing by the door.
She runs and he runs after her.
His Parents runs after them.

Roshni has locked herself in her bathroom.
Sid and the rest of the family beg her to open the door.
DD comes and asks Sid if he has hurt Roshni again!
Sid and his family look guilty.

DD’s Aunt tells them that they must have done something to her and warns to file a Police complaint!

Sid tells them to just stop and focus on Roshni as she has locked herself in the room.
Roshni cries and tells Sid to leave because his GrandAunt was right and she would never be able to give him a Child! She says she will not be able to give him happiness and to agree with what his GrandAunt had said.
Everyone is shocked.

Sid reminds her of the promises they made to one another, to remain together through thick and thin.
He says they will fight it together and asks her to open the door.
Aisha comes to the door but DD tries to send her away.

Aisha bangs on the door for Roshni to come out, saying Sid is crying and so is she.
She pretends to have hurt herself.
Roshni comes out to see.
Aisha tells her not to be sad because it will make her sad too.
Roshni kisses Aisha and cries. She gives Aisha a hug.
DD has tears in her eyes.

King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update on Zee World

At dinner time, both families are seated at the table.
Roshni joins them and Sid’s GrandAunt is unable to look at her.
Roshni asks her if she won’t feed her?
Sid’s GrandAunt is relieved.
She jumps to Roshni’s side and starts feeding her.
DD is not happy.

Sid comes with Aisha to the table and says he has to say something.
DD thinks did he bring new troubles?
Sid apologizes to Roshni for not talking to her before taking this decision.
He says he chose to speak infront of everyone. Roshni looks on.

Sid says the last few weeks have taken their toll on him and Roshni, and as they know, a little girl has been staying with them, who doesn’t have a Mother, they had their dreams about their own Child and never got to meet their Child but there’s still hope for them.

He pulls Roshni and holds her.
He says they can still be Parents, their Child left them and won’t be coming back but there is another Child with them who they can be Parents to. He joins Roshni and Aisha’s hands together and says the Child is Aisha.
The entire family is shocked.

Sid tells Roshni to think about it because at this point they feel hollow and Aisha can fill them up and bring happiness into their lives.
He tells the family that he’s saying it infront of them because it affects their lives as well.

King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update on Zee World

DD asks if he has lost it; she thought he couldn’t get anymore foolish but he has proven her wrong! Simran asks Sid how he could make such a decision by himself?
She says Roshni needs time to heal.

Sid says he knows they have been through a lot but their lives are not over, they may never be able to be Parents but they have a choice to be Parents to Aisha who Roshni loves a lot.

He asks if it doesn’t hurt them to see little kids helpless on the Street as they come across so many Children on the Street, and don’t have time to think about them. Today, God has given them a chance to give a better life to a Child, then why not, they should grab this chance; he just wants the best for everyone.
They should all agree with his opinion.

Raj tells Simran that he doesn’t think Sid made a wrong decision.
He asks DD if she doesn’t see how happy Aisha makes Roshni?
Sid’s GrandAunt gets upset and Roshni’s GrandAunt also kicks against the idea. She says Sid is favouring the girl who is responsible for all this!

Sid tells them that the hatred between them is making the rest of the family suffer; they are old but not wise or mature!
He says he’s very disappointed because he thought they would support him but it doesn’t matter what they think because he and Roshni would decide alone!

Roshni is still deep in her thoughts and hasn’t uttered a word.
Sid says life has given him two options, to cry all his life, or to start a new life with Roshni and all he cares about is how Roshni feels.
He asks Roshni what she wants and says he would go along with it. He says Aisha makes them happy and it’s only right they do the same for her.

Roshni looks at Aisha and thinks about her moments with her and says she can can’t do it.She runs off, crying.
Sid’s family is gathered in a room.
His GrandAunt says she agrees with DD that they don’t know the Child!

Kritika says the Child is innocent regardless of who her Parents were and tells that a Child doesn’t have the choice to choose their Parents. She says her blood is not bad, but her upbringing was wrong. She says she grew up without her own Mother and she knows Sid and Roshni would raise Aisha properly.

King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update on Zee World

Sid’s Grandaunt taunts her and says she used to roam on the Street like an Orphan, but she suddenly started living in affluence!
Raj says he is proud of his daughter as she has accepted her mistake.
He tells his Aunt that Kritika is his daughter and she needs to respect that.
DD is in her own room, talking about the matter with her family.
She tells her Mother that Sid wants to become great and that’s why he’s giving this idea!

DD asks what will happen when Roshni gets Pregnant again? She says if Roshni have her own kids, then will she able to give the same love to Aisha?
Roshni is thinking over the things Sid said and she’s crying.
Sid enters the room and she tells him not to ask anything of her.
He holds her and says he knows she loves Aisha.

Roshni says she is not capable of loving anyone, and that’s why she lost the baby and she can’t take on the responsibilities of taking care of Aisha.
Sid hold her and tells her it’s not her fault.

Roshni breaks down, saying she didn’t protect their baby, and that’s why she lost him and she can’t do the same to Aisha.
She says if they take Aisha’s responsibility and she leaves them, then she will not be able to take it. She says Aisha deserves a Parent who could take care of her really well. She just won’t be able to take care of her. Her GrandAunt is listening by the door and pleased with Roshni’s stance on the matter.
Roshni cries and hugs Sid.

Next day, Sid comes to see Yash and Sam. They asks why he wants to adopt a Child?

King of Hearts 5 September 2019 Update ends as Sid says Aisha is a very good Child and he cares about the bond Aisha and Roshni share.

Sid says Children are magical, they are healers and they make you see the brighter side of life, which is what Aisha is doing. He says Roshni is holding back not because she doesn’t love Aisha but because she blames herself for what happened to the baby and it scares him to see her like that. He says he needs their help. They agree to help him.
He says he has an idea which is a bit eccentric and he not only needs their help, but that of the Children as well.