King of Hearts Update 5 August 2019 – Zee World


King of Hearts Update 5 August 2019 – Zee World

In today’s episode, Krutika tells Simran in excitement that Nisha, Sid’s friend responded to her message and will be coming over later to see them. DD is at work, looking miserable. A Magazine editor comes to see her. She picks a photo of DD and Roshni from the table and says she can tell DD loves her daughter a lot. DD gets irked hearing that.

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Simran bumps into Roshni who has come to take care of Sid’s Grandmother. She tells Roshni that she takes good care of Grandmother and She’s happy to see that. Sid walks into the room and hears her. Simran tells Krutika she can’t do what She’s asking her, as she can’t go against Sid.

Krutika says they don’t want Sid to suspect Nisha has come back into his life because of them, so they need to pretend for a while. She then says they are doing it for Sid’s goodness and asks her not to tell him they called Nisha here. Nisha SMSes her hotel address.

DD is getting interviewed by the Magazine editor. She commends DD that she has really worked hard to establish her business. DD looks out of her Office and sees Sid and Shiv in the corridor.
She goes out and tells them to leave!! Mona arrives and says she came to buy some things.

The Magazine editor comes to join them and DD is unable to continue showing her anger. The editor greets Sid who asks if she remembers Shiv? The editor says she remembers him from the party where he danced with DD. She asks for his name and he tells her he’s Shiv Patel. She asks if he’s DD’s brother? Sid burst out laughing. DD reluctantly says he’s her husband.

The editor says it’s important to include the information in the interview and she will have to interview Shiv as well. She says as from today, the whole business community will know her husband and says she needs exclusive interview from both of them and will come to her house. Sid says now DD will be a Superwoman and Shiv will become a Superman, and the whole world will know about them!

DD says interview at home is a bad idea. Sid says it is a wonderful idea and asks the editor to come home in the evening. When the lady leaves, DD is upset with Sid for interfering. She asks Sid why he’s interfering in her life! He says he is her Son-in-law and she should be thankful to him that he stopped Shiv from becoming her brother. She shouts!! He gives her his Coconut water and says she needs it the more. She throws it at him and he runs. Shiv also runs.

King of Hearts Update 5 August 2019 – Zee World

At Yash and Sam’ s place, Shiv tells Sid that his game is not good. Sid who is playing Mobile game says it is very good. Shiv says he is talking about him calling the editor and embarrassing DD, and so on. Roshni says even she does not like it.

Sid says he likes troubling DD and it’s his favorite past time. He says he has another option as well. Shiv asks what is it? Sid says he can leave home and make DD happy. Mona and Yash/Sam smile hearing it. Mona gives Yash and Sam a ring and necklace (going away gift) and says it is her love for them. Sam thanks her and hopes DD clears all the differences with Shiv once she returns from her Vacation.

Yash gets a call from the embassy and get tensed hearing that there is some problem with the Visa. He tells Sam to come to the Airport directly with their luggage if he’s not back in time. Mona gets tensed. Sid asks her not to worry as Yash will handle it. Back in DD’s house, DD, Kesar and Roshni’s Grandmother are on one side of the sitting room while the others are on the other side.
Sid says he wonders what the editor of the Magazine will say when she sees the rope? They hear the Editor/Reporter coming and DD hurriedly removes the partition rope.

The Editor enters with her crew and praises DD that her whole family is present before she even entered. She tells Shiv to sit next to DD and hold hands. Their Photo is taken and a copy is given to Shiv. Another photo is taken with the entire family where She asks the other family members to join as well. She asks even Sid to join them as she takes the family picture together.

The Editor asks DD to start the interview and asks where she first met her husband, Shiv?
DD says the College library. She was searching for a book then and Shiv had it. Shiv says he can’t believe she remembers. The editor asks Shiv where he has been and how he feels being with DD now?

Shiv says he walked away and DD took care of their family and his own family, and he can’t thank her enough and he is very minuscule in front of her and continues praising her. Grandmother and Roshni get emotional hearing his speech. The Editor/Reporter then asks DD how she feels seeing success in her jewelery business and continues questioning her, which she all answered well.

When the Editor and her Crew leave, Shiv thanks DD then gives her the photo of them together.
DD tears it up. She tells Sid she knows he planned everything to make her take off the rope!
Roshni tries to interfere, but DD asks her to stay away as she’s talking to Sidharth Khurana! She asks Sid why he’s so interested in her family and asks Roshni why she’s reunited with a Man who ditched (divorced) her and has accepted a Man who is a stranger as her father!

She continues that her daughter trusts her father who left them long ago and forgot her Mother who took care of her, her whole life! She tells Sid to stop trying because she will never get back with Shiv! King of Hearts Update 5 August 2019

Sid says She’s very good at these cheesy dialogues and reminds her that she confirmed she loved Shiv. She says she did. He tells her he can see she still loves him. He continues that all these while, she acts as being happy, but She’s not.

DD says he is very concerned about her happiness and says how can she be happy when he ditches her daughter often, and lures her with his stupid plans and asks will he marry her daughter again? He nods no. She says then how can she be happy? She asks Kesar to tie the rope back and not remove it until Shiv gets out of the house and Roshni comes back to her!

Later on, in Roshni’s bedroom, Shiv is about to give up. He tells Sid that he does not think DD will accept him back but Sid tells him to develop a thick skin.

Shiv leaves the room and Roshni tells him DD will not deter with these dialogues. He asks her to calm down and gives her a bracelet. She asks when did he get it? He says he bought it when Mona bought gifts for Yash and Sam and wanted to give it to her, calling her (Roshni) his best friend and saying when she looks at it, she will remember they have a relationship and it’s forever. Roshni asks why he divorce her then? She says she won’t wear it!

He leaves the room and She’s about to throw it out of the window but looks at the mirror and decides against it. She holds it close to her heart and cries. Sid is home, ready for bed, but thinking of Roshni. He picks up a framed photograph of her and stares at it. Roshni is home, thinking of him as well. She gets a call from him.

Sid says he’s sorry. Roshni says she’s sorry too and she should have realized he must have signed the divorce papers and divorced her under some pressure. Sid asks her not to worry as he will be her friend forever. He says She’s his entire life. King of Hearts Update 5 August 2019

A wind blows into the room and smashes the photograph on the ground. Roshni stands up too close the window of her own room. The bracelet Sid gave her gets hooked and it breaks.
She tells Sid She’s scared because he said the bracelet was to remind her that their relationship would last forever and asks if their friendship will break now?

Sid assures her it’s not just the bracelet that will determine that. He cuts his finger on the broken glass of the photograph, She asks what happened? He says her photoframe broke. She gets more worried. He asks her not to worry and assures her that as long as She’s with him, he will be able to face whatever life throws at him. Just then, a Woman is seen getting out of her Car and walking to meet Simran at the hotel. She is Nisha, Sid’s Childhood friend. Simran introduces her to Krutika.

Sid’s Grandmother asks the Servant to close all the Windows seeing the climatic change and askswhere are the other family members? He says everyone has gone out.
Raj comes just then and asks the Servant where Simran is? He says she went out with Krutika. Raj calls Simran on the Phone to ask why She’s not back home as a storm is brewing?
Simran says she came to see a friend and will be with her till the storm is over.

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