Kulfi The Singing Star 18 August 2019 Update


Kulfi The Singing Star 18 August 2019 Update begins with Kulfi upset and saying what will I do,how will I get away with this,Tevar sees her and says my poor kid always keeps worrying for everyone,we need to distract her and walks to her and says you need to win this competition for me,to make me happy, when you will have that trophy in your hand I will be so proud,Kulfi says I never played those games and Amyra will win that trophy,Tevar says how is that, I will teach you,Kulfi says if you will be happy I will work hard to win this for you,Tevar says cmon let’s get working.

Sikander to Mohendarsays my heart was saying it wasn’t right and now when I know because of me she is taking someone else as her father,I can’t take it I just feel like getting her back near me,Mohendar says you won’t do any of such thing we have no proofs,Sikander

says that is why I’m quite I see no way,Mohendar says tell me one thing, you spoke to Tevar many times has he ever told you something about past,Sikander says just that his broken heart is reason why is became singer and wait I have his old songs CD he had gifted me,Mohendar and Sikander start looking for it,they find the CD and Hear the songs and start looking for clues, they start finding clues in lyrics of his songs,Sikander says his girlfriend was named love.

Tevar explaining game to kulfi,akad demonstrates it to kulfi,Tevar motivates kulfi and helps her,it’s lemon spoon and both start practising,Kulfi nails the game,Kulfi thanks Tevar and hugs him and goes to her room,after giving Tevar a goodnight kiss,Tevar says when will she call me dad,I love her presence but miss that. Mohendar and Sikander trying on lyrics,left walks to him and says sir this is a Parsi hotel near by.

Sikander thanks him and both mark the clues and finds the venue,Sikander leaving,lovely asks where to,Sikander says found a clue thank god,lovely stops him and asks where is Amyra, you doing it again Sikander,amyra has a competition she needs you, don’t do it,if she doesn’t see you,she will be hurt again. Sikander says thank you Lovely I will get ready and let’s go pandal then,Sikander looks at Mohendar and leaves.

Mohendar says today you stopped him but how long,truth will find it’s own way,Lovely says I will find my way dont you worry. Lovely says this kulfi is a pain. Kids ready for competition,Tevar cheering for kulfi,Amyra thinks I won’t let her win,cutie and lovely cheering for Amyra,Amyra and kulfi both look for Sikander,the competition starts,Kulfi sees Sikander walk in with Bebe,Kulfi pauses and smiles, Sikander signs get to continue,Tevar starts cheering kulfi and she continues. Sikander sees Tevar cheering and gives him cold look. Amyra signs her friend and she pushes kulfi and both fall,Amyra wins the game,Sikander and Tevar rush to get kulfi,Amyra says look I told you, you will loose,Kulfi says I’m so happy you won,that’s great congratulations. Lovely and cutie congratulate Amyra,Amyra sees Sikander walking to kulfi and goes hug her,Kulfi shouts purposely Im all good, Kulfi says Tevar sir I’m sorry I lost you feeling bad right,Tevar says no I’m good,Kulfi asks shall I go meet gunjan aunty, Tevar says okay.

Kulfi rushes to them,Sikander and kulfi look at each other and ask how are you,both say fine,and smile, Sikander holds kulfis hand,Kulfi looks at gunjan and walks to her and takes her blessings,Kulfi in tears looking at her,Sikander says don’t worry she soon will be fine,Kulfi wipes gunjans tears and says get well soon, I miss you and till you get fine I won’t have modak and so he will do good to you and I will pray more for you, and you can eat modak if I can’t let me get it to you and runs,lovely remembers the incident looking at them and mohendars warning.

Kulfi The Singing Star 18 August 2019 Update

Kulfi sees the whole place littered and says these people are so bad no one keeps the place clean and starts cleaning it herself,Amyra walks with her friends and says this suits you and Rohan you said she is tevars daughter and not dirty girl go be friends with her and all start teasing her,Tevar about to stand for her,Kulfi says I’m the one cleaning the place unlike you who littered,Amyra says you are dirty and you will be one,and again keeps teasing her,Tevar walks to them and says enough quite, miss Amyra cleanliness is next to godliness and just imagine if your rooms are littered.

Rohan says not cool,Tevar says so and the one who cleans and keeps the whole place clean she is super cool and I’m in her team anyone in,all join Tevar,Kulfi smiles, Amyra in tears,Tevar says Amyra don’t I’m still your friend but you have to come to me at times to so please will you,Amyra joins them,Kulfi smiles.kids clean the whole place.

Sikander watches Tevar with kids.sikander walks to Tevar and says thank you for Amyra,Tevar says if you focused on her instead of my daughter,Sikander says look our differences should not affect kulfi,Tevar says it won’t,Kulfi Walks to them and says it was fun right,Tevar picks her and says let’s go home.kulfi waves Sikander bye and leaves.amyra holds sikanders hand and says dad come let’s go.sikander thinks kulfi I will get you back it’s my mistake you are considering him as your father,and will find clues at Parsi hotel.

Tevar appreciates kulfi,Kulfi asks what did amyra Call me and it’s all because I don’t know to read and write,Tevar says no worries I will. Sikander and Amyra in car,Amyra says so cool we are on date after so long and I wish mom was here too,and why are you listening to such music,Sikander says it’s tevars first album,Amyra says even I will hear then,where are we going,Sikander says to a new place,Sikander finds the Irani cafe,and says Amyra come let’s try something new.

Tevar says English begins with ABCD alphabets,Kulfi says I know and starts singing,Tevar joins her,Kulfi misses Nimrat and in tears,Tevar cheers her and continues with song,Kulfi very happy. Sikander and Amyra walk in cafe,Amyra says eww what kind of old cafe is this it’s tacky,Sikander says it’s very old and famous and look at this Parsi uncle he runs it. Sikander and Amyra relish on Irani tea and bun Maska,lovely calls Amyra and asks what is she upto,she says on date with dad to some Irani cafe and it’s fun,lovely thinks god is it the place where I use to meet Guddu and asks Amyra what’s the name,Amyra tells her the name,Lovely panics.

Kulfi The Singing Star 18 August 2019 Update ends as Kulfi very excited and says now I can tell the whole world I know English,I know A to Z and no one will make fun of me,Tevar says you want to answer Amyra,Kulfi says yes, Tevar says I will tell you. Sikander talks to Parsi uncle and says my friend use to come to this place with his girlfriend, he suggested me this place,his name is Tevar,uncle says I don’t know Tevar,Sikander shows tevars pic,uncle say sits Guddu,poor guy his girlfriend use to make him wait a lot,spoils brat his girl friend was,he use to make such carvings,his girlfriend was named love.