Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2020 Written Update


Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2020 Written Update starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that Maya and he was very close in the party and the reason was very simple. He recalls Maya asking him to flirt with her to make Prachi jealous and tells Prachi that he is stupid. Because of him, his family and she suffered.

Prachi asks do you trust me, and tells that they will make Maya confess the truth. She says we could tell that Maya is having an affair with you, but we will not lie. She says we will tell the truth to her family and shall not bother if her engagement cancel or not. She says we have to tell the truth. She wipes tears on his cheeks….kaise hua kaise hua song plays….

She goes out fighting with her emotions and thinks she was not just wiping his tears, but was feeling something which she couldn’t stop. She thinks why she has a feeling that she….She thinks what she is thinking and thinks sometimes he looks good for her. She thinks she doesn’t like him before, he irritates him, but he is her good friend and thinks they are just friends.

Abhi is driving car and sees an old lady crossing road and a man is about to hit her. The man stops the car. The old lady asks him not to drive the car when there is a signal and asks him to care for own’s life and also others life. Abhi stops his car on the side and helps the old lady to pick her fruits. The lady identifies him and blesses him. Abhi says I helped you and you blessed me in return. He asks him to watch his friend’s web show.

Pragya gets sad thinking about Abhi. Abhi comes home and asks Meera about Rhea. Meera tells that Rhea went to meet her friend and tells that she asked me to send her dress etc. Abhi asks Meera to call Rhea. Meera calls Rhea. Rhea asks her if Dad is tensed. Meera says yes. Rhea says she is coming home and ends the call. Abhi says I understood that she asked you, if you are angry. Meera says she asked if you are tensed. Abhi says she is lying and goes to room.

Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2020 Written Update

Maya sees Ranbir sitting in the room. She asks what are you doing? Ranbir says I will be seen to you many times and asks if she remembers who is he? Maya says how can I forget that you have done wrong with me. She says she will call Security. Ranbir says you have ruined my life. He says you held my hand and took me to room, saying that girl will be jealous. He says you made me drink alcohol and juice and then tried to touch me forcibly.

He says I didn’t touch you and you blamed me for molestation. He asks what did you do by doing this? Did you think what my family thought? He says the girl whom I loves a lot, thinks every morning how to prove me innocence. He asks her to tell him who is behind this else he will get her engagement cancelled. Maya asks what?

Rhea collides with Prachi and gets angry. She recalls Prachi’s plan and taunts her. Prachi says it is both of our mistake. Rhea says I am precious and my sorry too. Prachi says everything is not precious about you, but is filled with ego. She says you couldn’t see that I am trying to help Ranbir and says your ego is more big than his freedom.

Rhea says this is my attitude and reality which doesn’t suit on middle class girl like you. She says you are helping Ranbir for your own advantage and wants you to go away from me and my Ranbir. Prachi says why you are deciding about Ranbir. She says don’t come between Ranbir and my relation. He says he is her good friend. Rhea asks what is the relation between you both?

Prachi says there is a relation, but you couldn’t see. She says we have a relation of friendship and trust. She says just like I never commented about your and Ranbir’s childhood relation, don’t comment on ranbir and my friendship. Rhea gets a call and tells that she will see her very soon. Shahana hears them and thinks they are fighting for Ranbir and comes to Prachi, says madam is in love.

Abhi tells Meera that the party in Vikram’s hotel was Maya’s engagement party. He says she was MLA Mr. Chaubey’s daughter. He says when Mr. Chaubey asked him to sing, he sang in the party. Meera asks did they know about Maya? Abhi says no. He says Mr. Chaubey showed me maya’s photo in which she is wearing Rhea’s necklace. He says I came to search it, but thinks that he shall ask her directly. Meera says why Rhea will give her necklace to Maya.

Prachi asks Shahana what are you saying? Shahana says I have seen that you was fighting with Rhea like he is just yours and asking her not to show any right on him. Prachi says I have nothing for him. She says she is already tensed because of the case and says if you tell this then I will not talk to you. Maya asks how can you cancel my engagement, you can’t do this.

Kumkum Bhagya 24 February 2020 Written Update ends as Ranbir says why I can’t do this and says you have done so much with me. He says mohit’s family are politician and says what matters to them is respect. He says if I tell them truth then they will cancel the engagement and think what they will do with your family. Maya is shocked.