Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2020 Written Update


Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2020 Written Update

Beeji praising Ranbir. Pallavi says he is like his father. Vikram thanks her. Beeji says Ranbir is Malai Paneer and Vikram is Kaali dal. Ranbir comes there and tells that reason for his looks is his Papa. Beeji tells that she used to watch a lot of films when she was pregnant and that’s why Vikram looks like an actor.

Vikram asks which actor? Beeji says he looks like a villain. Pallavi says you insulted my husband. Mr. Chaubey and his wife come to Vikram’s house. Beeji closes the door, says nobody is at home. She comes inside and tells Vikram that Mr. Chaubey came. Vikram opens the door and greets them inside. Chaubey and his wife come inside. Chaubey says tomorrow is engagement and today they came to give shagun. His wife says they came to give shagun.

Pallavi says you would have given tomorrow. Maya’s mother says they will give everything to their daughter. Mr. Chaubey asks them to ask anything and he will not refuse. He hugs Ranbir and says you would have become enemy if not agreed to marry my daughter. Vikram says you got damad. Mr. Chaubey asks Ranbir to tell his dad that he wants to marry Maya. He says a Minister called his PA and threatened not to do this marriage. He then threatens them telling what happened with Vishnu’s family and threatens them saying anyone else can happen whatever happened with Vishnu. He tells that they have to go and buy bullets to fire in air during marriage. Maya’s mother recognizes Prachi and asks her to come with her mother to the engagement.

Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2020 Written Update

Rhea blames Prachi for all this. She asks why did you make this stupid plan and says Ranbir falls in problem again and again. Ranbir tells that it was not her plan. Rhea says then because of whom, you are in this situation, tells that it is because of Prachi. She asks her to stay away from Ranbir and asks her to keep her stupid plans to herself. She says if you want to become great then go home and become great. She says she don’t want Ranbir’s life to be ruined more and asks her to leave them alone and go.

Pallavi asks why did you do this Prachi? Vikram says it is not Prachi’s mistake. Pallavi says Ranbir went there and confessed and this all happened because of her. Beeji asks if everything will be fine if you scold her. Ranbir tells that it was just his plan, Prachi had just helped him. Rhea asks why did you take her help. Vikram asks Ranbir to go with Prachi to office. Beeji asks Pallavi why did she scold Prachi? Vikram asks Rhea to go home and says it is not good to blame Prachi. Pallavi assures Rhea that she won’t let this marriage happen and asks her to be with her son and support him.

Ranbir is in the office and calls Prachi asking her to give file. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s words and sends someone else to his cabin with the file. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks why did she send the file when he asked her to bring it. Prachi says I sent that. Ranbir asks did I say something to you and asks her to tell what happened?

Beeji thinks what is she thinking, recalls about Pallavi assurance to Rhea. She tells Pallavi that Rhea is mad. Pallavi says Rhea said what Prachi has done and tells that she shouldn’t have done all this, and says Rhea wants to take him out of this problem. Beeji understands what is going on in her mind. Prachi tells that she is busy. He asks her not to make excuses.

Prachi tells that you was there and tells that everyone blamed her, tells that Rhea told that if she had not taken him there, then this wouldn’t have happened. Ranbir says mistake is mine and tells that between all this mess, one thing is good that he got a good friend like her.

Maya thinks of Rhea’s threat and checks the necklace given by Rhea. Her mother comes there and looks at the necklace. She asks from where did you get costly necklace? Maya tells that Ranbir gave her on their date. Her mother tells that’s why your dad is very clear about Ranbir and insisted for marriage. Maya smiles and says Dad married you seeing you and fixed my marriage with Maya. Her mother asks her to get ready for engagement and goes.

Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2020 Written Update ends as Maya thinks she will get more necklaces after marriage. She thinks Rhea loves Ranbir, but he doesn’t love her, but loves Prachi. She thinks he will make him forget Prachi. Ranbir tells Prachi that he gets hopes and strength from her and tells that he won’t let her go and if she goes then he will lose hope and it will be like death. He says if you are with me, I feel safe and asks her not to leave his hand. He says I will fight with any problem if you are with me and asks her not to leave his hand. yeh lamha…phir kabhi song plays…..Prachi looks at him. He says I am sorry, I have flowed in emotions. Prachi says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have behaved this way. Ranbir asks her not to go away from his wife. Prachi nods her head.