Kumkum Bhagya 4 March 2020 Written Update


Kumkum Bhagya 4 March 2020 Written Update starts as Ranbir is coming to Prachi and asks her to drop him today. Prachi says I don’t have car. Ranbir says I have car and says I will drop you. He asks her to come and asks why is she sad? Prachi says I am sad and feeling guilty. She says she is thinking about him and asks if you marry Maya then will you stop talking to me. Ranbir says never. I will not do this. She says Maya will not let you talk to me or meet me.

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Ranbir asks why are we talking about her and says neither she will come in my life and you will not go out of my life. Prachi says if your marriage happens. Ranbir says marriage will not happen. She says if happens then? Ranbir says I will never break my friendship with you. He thinks I want to be always with you, but my destiny is not supporting me.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s house with her. He asks someone to play a sad song. Prachi tells that she has failed in her life’s exam. Pragya asks what happened? Ranbir tells that Chief’s friend who tried to stop the marriage is in hospital. He says Maya hugged her father and said that she wanted to marry me. He tells that Maya’s dad threatened me to marry Maya. He says I don’t want to marry Maya and says what to do, shall I get married. Prachi says you are doing melodrama and says it is looking comedy. Pragya says that girl will ruin his life.

Kumkum Bhagya 4 March 2020 Written Update continues when Sarita behen says I have an idea and asks them to get maya’s marriage done. She says marriage will not happen if you break the bansuri. She says if Maya marries someone else then Ranbir will be saved. Prachi says Maya used to loved Saloni’s boyfriend’s money. She says she will count Ranbir’s bad qualities and says she will tell that he is a flirt etc etc. Ranbir says what are you saying? He asks shall I marry her and then divorce her next day.

Sarita behen says she has a good idea and tells that she has watched this in a film. She says Ranbir has to marry. She tells that Ranbir’s first wife (fake) will come and tell that he is her husband. She says then Maya’s dad will not let this marriage happen.

Ranbir likes Sarita behen’s idea. Pragya asks who will become Ranbir’s wife. Shahana says she will become. Pragya says no and tells that they want some fresh face whom they don’t know and tells that they will gather NGO people also for support. Ranbir and Prachi get hopeful. Ranbir thanks and hugs Sarita. He waves bye to Prachi. Prachi waves him bye and smiles. He turns to go. Prachi closes the door and hugs Pragya.

Aaliya tells Vikram that he should have told her before and tells that Rhea told that Minister refused to help them. She calls the lawyer who tells that the case is in their favor. Lawyer says Chaubey will go to jail. Aaliya asks them to show the video. Vikram plays the video in which Ranbir is confessing to Maya about his love. Lawyer asks them to delete the video and says if we take this video to court then will lose the case. Pallavi says this video is with Chaubey.

Lawyer says Chaubey will show this video in court and says we will lose this case. He asks them to do out of court settlement. He says Ranbir can refuse for marriage, but Chaubey can take him to court again. He says eventually Ranbir has to marry Maya. Ranbir says if Maya and her father break the alliance then I can come out of this mess. Beeji says how it will happen. Ranbir says I know. Aaliya says if maya and her father break the alliance. She asks Vikram to arrange her meeting with Chaubey’s senior.

Sarita behen asks Shahana to open the door and says someone came. Shahana says ok. She opens the door. A modern girl comes inside. Shahana looks at her. The girl says she is Dimple. Ranbir says who is she? Sarita behen says he is your husband. Shahana asks if Ranbir will marry her. Ranbir says I am seeing her for the first time. Sarita behen tells that she is Dimple Shah and is an actor, she will act to be his wife.

Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana remember their plan. Prachi says she was scared. Sarita behen tells Dimple that she has to act to be his wife. She asks if his parents will agree. Sarita behen says we have cast you. Ranbir tells that whenever he hears the word marriage, he gets scared and wants to be brahmachari. He says if I marry you Dimple, then I have to ask your parents for your hand, as it is going to be serious whatever is happening between us. Prachi looks at him. Ranbir asks if she likes his acting. Dimple says if he is a natural actor or expert with girls. Ranbir says I think I am very comfortable with you.

Kumkum Bhagya 4 March 2020 Written Update ends as Prachi coughs and asks Shahana to take Dimple for the fake acting. Shahana takes dimple inside. Prachi scolds Ranbir for calling the girl Dimple Dimple Dimple. She asks what you was saying? Ranbir says I was joking. Prachi says your marriage will happen while joking. Ranbir says that girl is professional. Prachi says I have seen how she looked at you and makes faces. Ranbir laughs and says you are looking cute. Song plays tujhse milta rahun me……