Kundali Bhagya 10 February 2020 Update


In Kundali Bhagya 10 February 2020 Update, Shrishti explains that Sherlin is afraid that if Preeta is released from jail then she would be thrown out of the Luthra house so that is the reason she is afraid. Sherlin asks them to think what they want as it is too late, Janki mentions that she is not aware of what they know, Shrishti then explains that they have hired a new lawyer hearing which Sherlin is left stunned, Shrishti then points towards the lawyer whom they dismissed, she then explains that she will now do something which will not harm her baby, then hits her feet before leaving.

Kundali Bhagya 10 February 2020 Update continues as the lawyer also turns after hearing the scream, Sherlin thinks of taking revenge from them both after what they did to her, she then goes to the lawyer and slaps him, he asks what she is doing she explains that she had paid him so also has thought of giving her a slap.

Karan is trying to call Maira but it Is not connecting, Sameer comes explaining that the judge has arrived they both are worried as Maira is not accepting the call, then Sherlin comes while limping, Sameer asks about the reason to which Sherlin explains that she might have changed her mind and so is not coming hearing which Sameer takes karan away.

Everyone enters the court, Sherlin is shocked to see the truck driver, then when they all take their seats after the judge, then the prosecutor explains that the case is based on personal grudges and somehow his client Maira is not present but will come really soon, Sherlin threatens to have the driver locked up if he does not leave to which he explains that it was her who was behind the accident so why does she want to blame him, she offers him more money after which he leaves, Preeta sees them both and wonders why is she talking with him so feels that there is something going on.

The prosecutor blames Preeta explaining that she had always hated preeta and so tried to kill her, then he asks the defendant to raise his questions, but the lawyer is really nervous and is not able to present his stance properly which leaves everyone in confusion. There is a debate amongst Sameer and Risahb and even Sarla and Shrishti about the credibility of the lawyer but Sarla is optimistic that they will win as he was just hired.

The lawyer then corrects his statement explaining that his client Preeta is innocent, The judge inquires if he has any knowledge regarding the case as it doesn’t seem so, the lawyer Ravi is nervous and tensed, Sherlin has a grin on her face, Sarla gets up explaining that their lawyer left their case at the very last moment so they hired him and it would be really good if he gives them a chance and so the judge explains that he will give them one hour to prepare for the case, Karina is wondering the promise which karan might have made to Maira which forced her to change her mind, Rishab asks the lawyer to withhold the hearing of the case as the one who has failed the complaint will come and take back the case.

Karan is about to meet Preeta but is stopped by the inspector, Shrishti comes and when she says something in his ears the inspector grants the permission, when karan asks about what she said, she explains that she told him that she has a video showing that he is a corrupt officer, karan explains that he feels that she will never correct her ways.

Karan enters the room where Preeta is sitting, then he asks why she trusts what he is saying even when he was the one who wronged her, she explains that she still trusts him.

Ramona is walking in the hall when Karina asks what she is thinking as Maira is coming from the other side, she explains that she is worried because karan has convinced her daughter to take back the case and after that will leave her as Preeta will be released, Rakhi comes informing that she is over reacting and that the only reason karan went to Preeta was to talk with her, Ramona is not ready to listen to anything then explains that she is aware of each and everything but never says as she felt that it was their family matter but now things have gotten over their heads.

Rishab in an attempt to divert the attention chooses Sameer, he blames him for advising him to divorce Sherlin, everyone starts scolding him for having the guts to say such a thing as it is matter relating to the couple, Sherlin explains that she felt really bad when he thought that he had the right to suggest it, Risahb explains that they all felt bad when they thought that Sameer had suggested it to him then why did they not say anything when Ramona said the same thing about Karan and except Rakhi no one took a stand for him which was hurting.

Preeta explains that some questions have easy answers and can be explained but still are not given, both of them get emotional and start crying but Preeta is not able to wipe her tears, karan helps her and they both are sitting, Preeta seeks permission for asking a question then asks him about what he has promised to Maira that she got ready to confess in favour of Preeta in the court.

Karan remembers what he said regarding the marriage, he is not able to say anything, Preeta gets worried seeing his condition then looks him in the eye, he takes her hand and they both look each other in the eyes. Here ends Kundali Bhagya 10 February 2020 Update