Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2020 Written Update

Shrishti demands Sameer to let her taste his chocolate ice cream, he asks her to request to taste it politely, he gives it to her but she takes to rub it all on his face, he asks her what she did to which she bursts out laughing then also apologizes to him for her mistakes, he also takes the ice cream and rubs it on her nose, she feels it all to be romantic then taking that the ice cream eats it which makes Sameer nervous who quickly erases it all.

Janki and Bi jee are both sitting in their room and drinking the cough syrup, when Sarla comes to the room they immediately finish it, Sarla gets angry with them both pleading with them to not drink it explaining that they both are like those children who get out off hands, then Bi jee says that she should then not scold them both as they are elder than her, then Bi jee says that she should be happy as everything is fine and Karan helped them all.

Sarla explains that this is all just a mistake and the reason they helped them was to stop them from complaining as otherwise Sherlin would be in jail, that is the only reason they helped them, Sarla mentions that they can only trust Risahb but even he sometimes takes the side of his family, she further explains that they trusted Karan with Preeta but he deceived them all and even when they listened to his promise of releasing Preeta from jail, he was not able to do anything so they should tell her if she is lying. Preeta starts to cry and leaves the door side.

The entire Luthra family is standing outside the room, Dadi asks Karan why is it taking the doctor too long as she cannot bear that he gets into any more problem, and he should get fine and come back to them, Karina pleads with her to sit and stop crying as he was the one who held their entire family and she should not worry, Sherlin wishes that he die at once but Maira prays that he get well soon as otherwise she would not be able to marry Karan, then the doctor comes out but they all do not let him say anything however when he gets the chance he explains that Mahesh is getting better and he even feels that Mahesh would be able to get completely fir, they all rejoice and inquire if they can meet him, Sherlin thinks that if he gets healthy then her entire plan would fail and he would throw her out of the house and bring Preeta into the mansion.

Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2020 Written Update

Preeta is in her room thinking that the feelings which her mother has for Karan and his family is true and they are always blamed for the things which they did not commit, she thinks that the relation she ahs with Karan would be a lot different than what is between them both at the given moment, she wishes that he stop getting so angry as it always ruins everything.

Preeta then thinks of calling Karan and thank him for all his help as he had genuinely taken her side without any personal gains, Karan also comes to his room thinking that he must call Preeta to reveal the good news that Mahesh is getting better and would be fine, they both are trying to call each other but it is not able to connect as they are calling each other.

Sherlin and Maira are walking down the stairs, Maira says that she should be happy as otherwise the entire family would be scolding her, Sherlin mentions that she knew that someday they would all question her so she was prepared but she is happy that Maira took her side and told the Luthra Family what she planned then it is all in favour of her and so why is she tensed, Sherlin thinks of how she planned to kill Mahesh with Prithvi, she asks her but when Sherlin is about to tell the truth then she sees that karina is coming with Dadi, she tries to act as if she was planning to hold a party, karina asks the reason she is cancelling it to which she mentions that karan would not be able to come, Karina promises to send Karan to her party.

Karan is in his room, when he wakes he sees Preeta is standing beside him, she sits on the bed then gently passes her hand through his head, he takes it and holds it tightly but she then uses her other hand, he also takes it pulling her closer, he asks her to wake him like this every morning, Maira answers that she would surely, he hearing her voice gets tensed then pulls himself away from her, she is feeling happy but he orders her to leave then runs away. She thinks that he wanted to come closer to her and so got nervous as they have not been married yet, she thinks that Preeta would just think of Karan as she would be his wife.

Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2020 Written Update ends as Preeta is in her bed dreaming that karan is beside her, she asks Shrishti why is she thrashing the sheet, then is shocked to see karan who is actually with her, she tries to push him pleading that he leave her room, he pulls her closer asking if she doesn’t want him to come closer to her, Preeta is not even able to utter a single word.