Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Update starts with Maira telling Preeta that she pushed Mahesh’s wheel chair. He was unaware she had come as a death angel of Mahesh. Preeta tries to slap Maira but Maira threatens to even kill her. Shrishti comes as Preeta’s savior. Shrishti was furious and deters that they will bring her real face to everyone now. Maira laughs calling it a joke, as Preeta’s own face is an insult right now. Today, Preeta sits in her own house. She wish to know Preeta’s plan to expose her.

Maira says she has assured everyone that Preeta did everything to Mahesh. They all trust her as well. She had always considered Preeta an intelligent person, and never told her anything’ but here Preeta is. She threatens that anyone who tries to come between her and Karan will share same ending. Mahesh had been recovering day by day, and it was dangerous for her and Sherlin both, they had to plan all this. Shrishti also deters to bring her reality to everyone now. Maira says no matter what they say or do, the Luthra family consider them both the biggest enemy. They have a hard luck.

Preeta tells her to shut up, such betrayal isn’t good luck. Maira tells them that she is marrying Karan tonight. If she doesn’t reach home in a while, Luthra’s will think that Preeta kidnapped her and will send police to search their respectable house. Shrishti now shouts at Maira again. Maira slaps her and tells her to mind herself. She says she has narrated the story to them, about the Luthra family. She no more care what they do. She says it’s a big wedding today, she can’t invite them but will surely share the videos and photos. She leaves. Shrishti throws a shoe behind Maira.

In the hall, Kritika tells Karina that Maira is nowhere to be seen. Karina was worried what if something wrong happened to her. Preeta has again brought ill fate to their family on her return. Preeta is shrewd enough to plan things against their family always, like she did on this Holi. Then she pushed Mahesh into the accident and now Maira. She wonders what Preeta wants. She understands that Preeta doesn’t want Karan to marry anyone. She considers herself as Karan’s wife, and wish a share in the property. She wonders how Preeta came to know about the date of wedding. There must be someone in the family acting as a spy to Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Update: Sherlin enjoys Rishab’s helplessness and smirks that Karina has always been in her favor. Karina has done what she always wished to get done. She didn’t want Preeta to come to this house, so Karina stopped her. Karina always dances on her fingers. She has fed poison against Preeta in her heart. She now comes to Karina and says that’s true, Preeta doesn’t want them to marry. Preeta has done everything smartly. It seems Maira’s life is in danger.

Karan turns to see Maira at the door. Everyone move to her, concerned. Sherlin asks Maira where she had been. They know Preeta tried to hurt her. Maira was silent. Karan tells Maira to speak up, what had happened. Rakhi tells Karan to calm down. Sherlin thinks Karan must not calm down, he will speak a lot now. His anger will now burn everything. Maira silently thinks that everyone considers Preeta wrong, she must take advantage of all this at the moment.

Rishab tells Maira not to be fearful. Maira replies, she doesn’t want any of them tensed. Rakhi says Maira is like her daughter. Maira says marrying Karan seems to be a challenge. She got a call on which a girl called her to a nearby restaurant, as Karan wanted to meet her. Karan argues that he must have met Maira at home. Maira qualifies she hadn’t thought about it. Near the restaurant, she received another call from Preeta. Preeta threatened to wipe her off her way. She approached in a truck with a truck-driver; she had to run and escape the attempt. She reached here with much difficulty.

Karina blames Karan and Rishab for always encouraging Preeta. She sends Kritika to call security head. Sherlin complements Maira silently.

Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Update ends as Karina shows the photos of Sherlin and Preeta to security head and cautions that they must not come into the house. She had made sure that Preeta must not come into this house. She always ruin the functions of the family’ but today Karan must marry Maira.