Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2020 Written Update, Preeta and karan hide just in time, Risahb then asks the inspector to come inside the room then he orders his constable to break the wardrobe and when Dadi asks why he said it, he explains that she would have refused to give him the keys if he had asked her but she then brings the keys and when they are satisfied then the inspector asks karina to show them her room, they then wonder why are they not able to find Preeta as the source was really correct.

They see Sameer jump from a window then they stop him and ask why he did this, Rakhi says that he has the disease of jumping in his sleep, the inspector does not believe her story, she explains that it is the same as sleep walking but has some other symptoms and so has the habit of jumping in his sleep, Sameer also acts in accordance with the story which Rakhi is explaining.

Dadi and Karina are really worried about the reaction of the inspector, she tries to assure him that it is really a disease and Sameer has gone to sleep on the bed, he will not even remember anything that has happened, she goes to wake him up and he also acts with her then the entire family come to ask them to leave as it has gotten really late, then the inspector says that they have cooperated with them and now they will check the terracẹ, Sherlin plans to call Maira as the police will surely catch them both.

Karan and Preeta are on the terrace and they are wondering where they will go, then when they are about to come on the terrace, karan takes Preeta then shows her a bottle of oil, he explains that they will spill it on the water and when the police will try to look they will only see the reflection, when they police come to the terrace they are not able to find anything.

Maira also comes and asks Sherlin where they both might have hidden, then Maira thinks that they both might be in the water tank and so she decides to inform Karina but it is off no use which makes her wonder, karina thinks that she doesn’t want to get her son arrested as it will cause great shame to their family. Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2020 Written Update

The inspector apologizes to Risahb then is about to leave but sees Sherlin pointing towards the tank, he comes back saying that they will also check the tank however when the constable tries to see thought he water he is not able to see anything, he also sees with the help of a torch but is not able to find them, when he informs the inceptor he is not able to believe it, Risahb says that he already mentioned it to them, Sameer asks to accompany them,

Risahb is worried and wonders where they both might be, Karina says that they are in the water tank, Karan then comes out off the tank and also pulls Preeta, they then take Bobbi out of it, Maira and Sherlin are not able to believe it.

Sameer asks Karan how were they able to hide when the inspector checked thr tank, he says that he has the cleverest brains in the house, Rakhi also orders Kartika to give her clothes to Preeta, Karan tries to tease Rishab but he is not convinced then orders Karan to change his clothes.
Karan is with Rishab who says that the night was ruined and is a complete mess, then they both go out to see if there is any policemen on their door.

Karan injures himself while trying to go out off the door, there is a girl traveling in an auto who is constantly fighting with the driver, she sees that Karan is injured then comes to explain the consequences that he might face and is adamant to treat Karan, she explains that she took an oath to treat his wounds, she mentions that the only person whom she loves more than herself is her father for whom she can even give her life, after treating Karan.

Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2020 Written Update  – She mentions that they must take care of their lives, both the Luthra brothers are really impressed with her attitude and wish her best of luck for the future journey to become the best doctor, Karan is really lost in her words.