Kundali Bhagya 26 February 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 26 February 2020 Written Update starts when Sherlin mentions that even after she has been considered as a runaway criminal even then she was saved by the Luthra’s who are against her, Maira plans and advises Sherlin that they both should arrange for the driver to run away and then will think of Preeta as the court has already decided and will sentence her but if he gives a statement on her behalf then their plan would ruin, Sherlin asks Maira for the plan to which , she explains that they will make sure that everyone goes to sleep after which they will make Bobbi runaway.

Dadi asks Rakhi what happened with Karina as she felt that she was really angry but Kartika tries to calm her down, Rishab comes in and is really angry to see that Bobbi is wearing his shirt he asks the reason from Sameer to which she says that Bobbi has a large size and so he gave him the shirt however he is really angry, Preeta than comes in and Sherlin asks Maira to see how much behaved her husband will act than he says that she must rest as there is no problem, just then there is a knock on the door and everyone is shocked wondering who it might.

Preeta immediately hides after which Sameer looks to see who it is, he is joyed after seeing that it is Shrishti, they both are about to hug when he opens the door but Kartika stops them, she seeks permission from Risahb to stay with Preeta as she knows how to make such criminals talk, he grants the permission than everyone’s leaves to take some rest, Risahb asks karan to come with him as he has something to talk with him. Shristhi sits with preeta she is shocked to see that the Luthra’s are supporting her and even Karina and Dadi, Preeta mentions that it is all because of karan.

Karan asks Risahb to tell each and everything as he is in a hurry, Risahb says that he has something to talk with him so mentions that he heard Sameer talking with Shrishti and so took the phone but she asked some questions from him to which he did not have any answer and they both know that he said that Bobbi accepted his crime so when he took payment for the accident then how could have Preeta planned it all, he feels that they both should do something about it.

Kundali Bhagya 26 February 2020 Written Update

Kartika comes to call both Risahb and karan mentioning that karina is really tensed, when they both reach her soon she explains that she knows that they both are helping Preeta as they feel that she is innocent but the thinking of the family members do not match at the present time so she feels that Karan should talk with Maira and convince her that he is helping Preeta but doesn’t love her, karan agrees to her orders but Risahb has something to say but is not able to.

Maira mentions that she has a spray which they will use to make everyone unconscious and she got it from her teacher and so they go to fulfil their plan by spraying the spray in the rooms then they also spray it where Preeta and Shrishti are in the living room, they spray it when both of them are relaxing, Sherlin and Maira open Bobbi who tries to run but he is not able to as he cannot feel his legs, they both help him in escaping and also order him to run as fast as he can.

Karan and Risahb are on the terrace when they both think of going downstairs, but he stops them and both Maira and Sherlin plan to explain that they tried to catch him.

Kundali Bhagya 26 February 2020 Written Update ends when Bobbi is running but both the Luthra brothers are able to catch him and they take him back to the house, the police constable calls the inspector informing him that he saw the Luthra brothers take Bobbi back. They both take him back and try to question him for the name of the person who send him to kill Preeta but he only says it when Karan threatens to kill him, he says that he was given money to kill Preeta but when he was about to her sister came to help her which caused Maira to fall however Preeta did not have anything to do with her accident but was someone else’s plan to kill Preeta, the entire Luthra family is shocked to hear that someone was planning to kill Preeta.