Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2020 Written Update starts when Bobbi confesses that it was someone’s plan to kill Preeta, everyone is shocked to hear this, both karan and Rishab demand him to tell the name of the person who hired him but Bobbi tries to escape but just as he is about to reach the door the inspector comes and they hold Bobbi, he is shocked to see Preeta who is standing in front of them and they arrest both Preeta and Bobbi as he mentions that it is his responsibility as a police officer and the court will decide who is at fault, he even mentions that the Luthra family is at fault.

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Preeta mentions that no one knew that she was in the house as she came after the police jeep got into the accident and so she came to hide in their house without letting anyone know a thing, the police inspector takes them both away leaving everyone worried. Maira plans to make sure that karan and Preeta are never able to stay together.

Sherlin comes to her room wondering how terrifying the night was then Rishab comes to her demanding her to show him the phone as he wants to see the video, she asks him to stop blaming her for everything as it is not her fault, says an eying that she is a good -person and if she hated Preeta then would have told them that they were hiding on the terrace hearing which Risahb gets angry asking how she knew it as even he did not know anything till they both came out of the tank, she make an excuse of changing clothes, he also leaves saying that they will meet in the court.

Sarla and Bi jee are also worried for Shrishti as she is not at the house, they all wonder where she is as she was not in her room then when she comes Sarla asks where she was, Shrishti mentions that she was at the Luthra house, Sarla gets really angry but Shrishti explains the entire situation that occurred then says that she is sure Preeta would come back home, they all gets hopeful and leave for the court.

Bi jee is standing with janki when karan comes and hugs her from behind, Bi jee talks with him asking why he did not talk with her, she says that he forgot about her but he says that he never forgets about her as she is his girlfriend, then both Janki and Bi jee praise him for helping them as they would not have been able to gather the witness to save Preeta, they all are talking of how Preeta would come back to them, then they wait for her van but when it comes Sarla does not even look at Karan, they all leave for the court but Shrishti stays back apologizing for how her mother behaved as she is still angry.

The court hearing begins the judge mentions that the court has finalized the judgment and will announce the verdict then Ravi who is defending Preeta seeks permission to present some new evidences, then he asks the inspector to come and asks what happened, after listening to the entire conversation, he exclaims that the confession of Bobbi proofs that his client is innocent ,then the prosecutor objects after which Ravi calls Shrishti which makes everyone get confused about what is happening,

Karan says to Rishab that he had something to say to him and Shrishti will now present it in the court, she mentions that the video which was presented in the court was fake and they have submitted the original video, then when the judge sees it he places an inquiry on the police inspector and acquits Preeta of all charges, everyone gets really excited after hearing the verdict, Shrishti hugs Preeta and they both burst out in tears.

Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2020 Written Update ends as Karan asks Rishab if he knows the name of the person who was behind the tampering of the video, Rishab is confused and stunned when Karan mentions the name of Sherlin, he immediately turns in anger calling her name.