Kundali Bhagya 28 February 2020 Written Update


Kundali Bhagya 28 February 2020 Written Update starts with Karina stopping Rishab from saying anything in the court which makes him stop saying anything.

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Preeta says to Shrishti that she s the one because of whom the court gave the decision in her favor,a Shrishti mentions that it is not just because of her but also Karan who helped her to find the video.

Shrishti recalls how she followed Sherlin and Maira and when she was about go into her room Karan stopped her asking what she is doing, she says that she is looking for Sherlin’s phone and they both stat to look for it together, they were able to find the correct video and, Shrishti mentions that it was mostly because of Karan who suggested her the password.

Karan says Maira that he saw the video where he saw that she pushed her in front of the truck, Rishab also explains that he came to know that Sherlin was the one who tampered the video, they both get shocked then Dadi asks him to stop as they will talk after reaching back home,
Karan also asks her the reason she pushed Preeta.

Maira explains that she was going to surprise her but she got in front of the truck, Karan inquires why she did not say it before to which Maira mentions that she did not say anything as she didn’t not consider to be important, Rishab walks beside him and is very angry so he also follows him without listening to Preeta, than Sarla asks Preeta to come with her as they will go back home.

Kundali Bhagya 28 February 2020 Written Update continues as Sarla and the family reach back home, Shrishti sits on the couch mentioning that she will sleep there as she is really tired, then Preeta is really worried and when Sarla asks the reason she says that she wants to drink tea prepared by her, she goes and Preeta decides to go and have a shower, she tries to call Karan but he is not answering so decides to call him after she takes the shower.
Rishab along with everyone are questioning Sherlin about the reason she tapered the video, she is not able to say anything.

Dadi along with Rakhi blame her to say that she has caused them extreme shame and if she would not have done anything then Preeta would not have gone to jail, they all are blaming Sherlin when Rishab asks why did she do this, she says that she made the video because she saw Maira going to greet Preeta but she got angry after seeing her and pushed her in front of the truck, they a donot believe hr and Rishab scolds her for worrying about Preeta as whenever she thinks of her it causes harm, Dadi pleads with him to not like this to her as she is their daughter in law, Maria also tries to defend her but the Luthra’s are not listening, then Mahesh moves and they also call the doctor.

Sarla makes tea with samosas, Shrishti takes a lot of them and when they are eating then Shrishti asks that she wants a lot more as they are tasty, Preeta comes and remembers how much time she has spent with karan.

Shrishti gets out of te auto where she hugs Sameer which causes everyone standing there to laugh, they order ice cream and then meet some children who are waiting for their father as they will give the audition for the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, both Sameer and Shrishti are really impressed with their behavior and wish them good luch and they might get the chance to win the competition, they both leave and Shrishti wonders how they will perform then is happy and thinks that her mother will be known by her name. Sameer says that he said parents of popular kids are known by their names.

Preeta is in her room she wonders why Karan has not called her as she only wanted to thank her but he doesnot care so she will not call her, she is not able to resist so calls him but it is answered by Maira who explains that he is trying some clothes for their marriage so she will not call her again and ends the call, Preeta again calls he to explain that she knows that Karan is not trying any clothes but she should know that attending someone’s else’s call doesnot depict manners of an educated person.