Lady Luck 14 January 2020 Update


Lady Luck 14 January 2020 Update starts when Pavitra meets her aide who informs that he enquired imposter and she is Divya maheshwari, famous multimillionaire businessman’s daughter and she was Bhoomi’s room mate in hospital. Pavitra says that means only her father can solve the puzzle. Bhoomi asks Latha and Suman to trust her and help her tackle Pavitra. Varun reaches lawyer’s office and asks Pavitra what papers she sent him. She says whole family is trust imposter and what if he also gets emotional and trusts her as his sister, so she wants him to share signing authority with her. He says she is too much and signs documents.

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Bhoomi goes to Vasundhara’s room and asks her to come down and have food. Vasundhara asks if she does not know she is ill. Bhoomi says it is good if she dies as her people will believe she Bhoomi. Ansh comes down for breakfast and asks if she sent breakfast for badi maa. Latha says that girl went to call badi maa. Ansh adds some food on plates and walks towards Vasundhara’s room.

Bhoomi provokes Vasundhara to get up and says she is Vidya and not Bhoomi and if she does, it will be good for her. Vasundhara says if Ansh will know she is torturing her, he will not spare her. Bhoomi says he cannot do anything to her and will not hear her voice if she shuts door. She walks out and shuts door.

Ansh comes and asks her to open door. She says she will not. He asks who is she to stop him and strangulates her. Whole family gathers and asks Ansh to leave Bhoomi. Vasundhara gets up and walks out of room limping and asks Ansh to leave Bhoomi and says she is Vidya and not our Bhoomi. Ansh and whole family are surprised to see her walking on feet. Bhoomi apologizes her and says she wanted her to have food with her family, so she did a drama of threatening her.

Vasundhara sits for breakfast with family. Pavitra comes and asks who dare she is to have food on dining table without her permission. Door bell rings. Varun opens door. Lawyer comes in and says he wants to meet Vasundhara Prajapati. Vasundhara says she is Vasundhara Prajapati. Lawyer says there is a legal notice on her and gives it. Vasundhara asks who filed case on her. Bhoomi says she filed case. Whole family is shocked to hear that.

Bhoomi says she feels that badi maa did wrong by giving all her property to Pavitra and as Bhoomi Ansh Prajapati, she challenged her gift deed. She asks Pavitra if she thought she would enjoy lavish life with family’s property and says she will take back her property in 2 days.

Vasundhara starts alleging her as greedy for money and says she wanted to thank her for letting her have food with her family, but now realized she came for money. Pavitra says she will not get anything and there is no law like that. Bhoomi says she is an illiterate and does not know anything, if a someone gives his/her property to one family member, other family members can file case against will. Suman thinks this new Bhoomi is more intelligent than old Bhoomi.

Bhoomi files case against Vasundhdara for giving her property to Pavitra instead of distributing it to whole family. In badi maa’s room, Bhoomi tells Vasundhara that she had to file case on her to take this family out of Pavitra’s trap. She knows Pravitra is frightening papa and chacha with fake loan and if she believes she is selfish, she will take back her case.

Pavitra tries to brainwash family against Bhoomi that she wants money and showed her true colors today. Ansh asks why is she showing concern for them Pavitra says he is a drunkard and is always out of house, so she has to and taunts that imposter will take away everything from them. Ansh fumes.

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Vasundhara brings Bhoomi’s rice kalash and asks if she is bhoomi, she must be knowing about it. Bhoomi says this kalash was empty. Vasundhara says after bhoomi left, she filled it with her love and says she knows her intentions are pure and strong, so she will give this kalash to her. Bhoomi gets emotional holding kalash.

Pavitra calls her puppet who says he is outside Vishwanath’s office. She asks him to finish his work and call on land line with a frightened voice.

Bhoomi keeps kalash on her room table, looks at Bhoomi’s pics and says it is their first win. Ansh comes out from bathroom. She tries to leave. He stops her and tries to get intimate. She gets nervous and asks him to let her go. He asks if a husband can come near wife or not and tries to kiss her. She moves.

He holds her from behind and asks if she is nervous or shy and not prepared for it after many days. She frees herself and leaves. She comes out of room, calls someone and says badi maa accepted her as bhoomi and gave kalash and Ansh tried to get intimate. Pavitra hears that and thinks she knows she is not Bhoomi and get her truth out soon.

Vishwanath gets into car and leaves. Pavitra’s puppet follows him on bike and then calls his goon and orders to crush Vishwanath’s car with his truck. Goon agrees and crushes car. Bhoomi prays god to protect her family from evil spirits and troubles and plays shank.

Ansh comes to Vasundhara’s room and asks what is she reading. She says she is reading legal notice and the more she reads, she is understanding Bhoomi’s intentions. He asks how can she call that girl as Bhoomi. Vasundhara says even she did not want to accept her, but when she told about her intentions, she realized it is Bhoomi. He says he will never accept that girl as Bhoomi.

He sees Bhoomi in kitchen, holds her hand tightly and asks what did she do to Badi maa that she has accepted her as bhoomi. Bhoomi says she gave answers to her questions. He asks if she is Bhoomi, then why did she run from room when he got intimated with her.

Lady Luck 14 January 2020 Update stops as phone rings and Bhoomi asks him to let her go. He asks her to answer him first. Pavitra picks call and calls Bhoomi loudly. Suman says she was against Bhoomi and now she is suddenly her calling, something is wrong. Bhoomi comes and Pavitra says Vishwanath met with an accident and is in critical condition. Bhoomi starts crying vigorously.