Lady Luck 17 December 2019 Update


Lady Luck 17 December 2019 Update begins when Vasundhara scolds Latha and Bhoomi that they did a big mistake by thinking of working as their family woman are not permitted to work outside. Bhoomi asks then why is she working. (Read Last Episode)

Vasundhara fumes hearing it and starts shouting. Ansh says Bhoomi is right and what is wrong if Latha wants to pursue her hobby. Agram informs that their company’s 25th anniversary is coming soon. Vasundhara says her family is shattered because of Bhoomi and she does not want to see her after anniversary. Ansh says if Bhoomi goes out, even he will.

Vasundhara starts yelling more. Agram angrily holds Ansh’s collar and says Vasundhara is his and Inder’s mom and not bhabhi and they dare not to confront her, but he being his son insulted her. Vasundhara yells some more and goes to her room. Agram tells Ansh that he did a big mistake today. Ugly suman smirks seeing the drama and then leaves telling Ansh that he did a big mistake today.

Everyone leaves one by one then. Bhoomi tries to speak to maan, but he ignores her angrily and leaves. Vasundhara in her room thinks she has to get Bhoomi out soon before she take over whole family. Maan comes and apologizes her. she says she can forgive him but not Bhoomi. He says Bhoomi did not do anything wrong.

Vasundhara continues to yell and says she does not want Bhoomi at her home. Ansh says then he will also leave with her. Vasundhara thinks she has to do something with which only bhoomi leaves this house and Ansh stays.

Bhoomi sees Latha crying in front of temple and tries to console her. she says it is her mistake and she should not cry. Latha hugs her and says she knew this would happen, but even then went ahead.

Surbhi gets a client who likes her designed kurta. Daadi who is also having a book shop in lawn asks client to buy her book. Client leaves without buy either book or kurta. Surbhi fumes and daadi says she was just doing window shopping.

Ansh sees Latha crying vigorously and asks her not to cry. Latha says because of her mistake, Vasundhara wants to send Bhoomi out of house. Ansh says he will try to convince badi maa.

Latha says bhoomi wanted her happiness and is not at mistake. She asks him to promise that he will not leave this house with bhoomi as she cannot live without them. He says her dreams matter to him and if she feels happy with it, he will help her. He apologizes her for not paying her attention and says now he is with her hobby, he will convince badi maa/Vasundhara once she calms down.

Bhoomi gets tensed thinking of Latha’s helplessness and Vasundhara wanting Bhoomi to get out of house in 7 days. She thinks even Ansh wants to come with her, but how to stop him. Ansh enters and they both thank each other. Ansh says he could not realize mom’s dream even after being with her for many years, but she understood mom better than him. Bhoom says he should stay with mom and fulfill her dreams after she goes from here and says it is beter for us to separate. Ansh gets emotional and leaves.

Lady Luck 17 December 2019 Update – Surbhi does not find daadi in lawn and gets happy that she can relax now. She calls her friend to chill and asks her to come with her friends soon to see her boutique. She thinks she does not have to cook today.

Agram and Inder are busy in a business meeting with Vasundhara when Ansh enters and says he wants to talk to Vasundhara. Inder says he will solve his problem, but he should go out now.

Janaki serves tea and snacks to Surbhi’s friends. Surbhi boasts about her designs. Shanti does not get sleep, so she comes out to lawn. Surbhi gets irked seeing her.

Bhoomi thinks of asking Agram why badi maa does not want women to work to correct this here. She sees Agram entering room. Latha looks at him and he ignores her and she sadly leaves. Bhoomi then calls Agram and says she wants to speak to him. He says not now. She says she wants to apologize him for yesterday’s issue and says it is only her mistake and not Latha’s. Agram says she is a guest, but Latha knows all rules of this house, even then she did mistake.

Bhoomi asks him to tell why badi maa does not like women to work, so that she can correct mistake at least for Latha’s sake. He says already there is a lot of drama happened and he does not want any more drama.

Murli tells Shanti that she should stop being with Surbhi and spy her as she is feeling uncomfortable. She says she would have done same with Avni and Bhoomi to stop them from making mistake. She is just helping her to succeed in her new business.

At breakfast table, Latha tries to serve breakfast to Agram, but he ignores her. Inder sees that and says ugly Suman that he is feel bad for Latha. She smirks and makes her usual ugly faces. Inder says if she makes mistake like this, Bhabi maa will kick her out of house. Suman says she is not a fool to make a mistake. They join breakfast and even Ansh and Bhoom join them. Suman says she will call bhabhi maa but bhabhi maa comes down and sits on chair.

Latha apologies her for her mistake. Bhabhi maa says she will not forgive her and she can go with Bhoomi if she wants. She further says she does not need Latha or Bhoomi’s food. Ugly suman goes to prepare food for her.

Latha requests bhabhi maa to forgive her and she will not repeat her mistake. Agram backs Latha and tells bhabi maa that she should give latha one more chance. Bhabi maa says if she latha has to correct her mistake, she has to call all her clients and apologize that she cannot fulfill their orders, closes her website and even withdraw the ads she put in.

Lady Luck 17 December 2019 Update ends when Ansh says badi maa if she wants to close Latha’s website, that is fine, but she should not humiliate her with apology in front of whole world. Latha asks him to keep quiet and says she accepts bhabhi maa’s order.