Lady Luck 18 January 2020 Update


Lady Luck 18 January 2020 Update starts when Divya calls chemist and asks why did not he send her medicines yet. He says he sent already and she should enquire her family members. Ansh enters and asks what medicines she takes and says he saw her panicking and badi maa holding her. She can fool everyone and not him, she can leave silently and he will not inform anyone.

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Bhoomi says when she met with a fire accident, like he lost his wife, she lost her husband, badi maa and whole family. Her condition was very critical and she was in a big shock, so doc gave her antidepressant and she takes it to be strong.

Pavitra meets her goon who informs that Divya was married to a businessman from Shirdi who abandoned her and she went into depression after that. Pavitra gets happy.

Bhoomi’s lawyer meets her and says they will win case for sure. Pavitra enters and says she should take back case as she knows about Shirdi and marriage, etc.., else she will be in a big loss. Bhoomi gets tensed. Ansh hears their conversation. He stops Pavitra and asks what she knows about Divya’s past.

Pavitra says he remembered his sister now and says he himself will know soon. He says she is just shooting arrow in air and waiting for Bhoomi to make mistake. Pavitra says he is right, she is waiting for Divya to make mistake. She continues that since that girl came, she is boasting herself as Bhoomi, that means she is his wife and he has right to get intimate with her.

Bhoomi speaks to someone and tells Pavitra was talking about her past, but not to worry she will manage her. She turns and sees Varun. Varun says he came to apologize her and says though he does not know who she is, he is from Shukla family and knows his sanskars and accept his mistake.

Inder and Agram tell Vasundhara that they are afraid that new girl will become like Pavitra. Vasundhara says she is sure she will not become like Pavitra. Bhoomi enters with water for badi maa and says she knows they are confused, but she will promise that she will not they will not be harmed. Vasundhara/Badi maa says she trusts and with her, so she does not have to worry. Bhoomi smiles.

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Pavitra’s goon calls her and says he got proof and he will send it by tomorrow to Divya’s ex-husband Yuvraaj. Pavitra gets happy that Divya will be stuck between her ex and present husband and ex-husband will come to prove his right..

Inebriated Ansh enters Bhoomi’s room says she was right, he is fighting unnecessarily and now realized that she is his Bhoomi and gets intimate. Bhoomi gets nervous and he asks why is she nervous.

Ansh tells Bhoomi/Vidya that he has realized she is his Bhoomi, so he wants to give her the happiness she deserves and wants to start a new married life with her. She gets nervous and says she wants to go to washroom. He holds her and tries to get intimate. She says if he is ready for this. He says he is and soon his family also will accept her. He kisses on her neck and she get more embarrassed and moves away. He holds hand again and asks if she is afraid and wants to run.

She holds his hand next and says she is not afraid and gets intimate and closes eyes to kiss him. He gets nervous instead and pushes her. She says when he has accepted her as Bhoomi, then why he wanted to get intimate, that is why she asked him to stay away until he accepts her as his wife and then she will herself come to seek her right, till then they have to stay away. He angrily walks.

Ansh starts drinking again and tells real Bhoomi’s pic that only she has his right and will not give it to anyone and will not get intimate with fake Bhoomi to get her truth out. He kneels down and apologizes her. Bhoomi sees that and cries that she is happy that he loves old Bhoomi and sad that he hates new Bhoomi.

Ansh continues drinking alcohol and reminisces his and Bhoomi’s romance. Hamari adhuri kahani……plays in the background. He then comes back home stumbling. Bhoomi comes, picks him and makes him sleep on bed.

In the morning, on breakfast table Bhoomi reads legal papers. Varun comes. She wishes him good morning. He replies. Surbhi comes with gift, wishes him happy birthday and says since she could not give him gift yesterday, she brought it now. He asks why does she think he would accept the gift bought from the money she got by selling him and asks her to get out. She says she will if he accepts her gift. He says he hates her and is ashamed of himself that he loved her once.

She starts shedding tears and asks him not to tell that. He asks her to shut up and never talk to him again. He told her that whenever she fills cheque, their relationship is over. She requests again to accept gift. He says she lost him when she sold him and throws her gift and asks again to get out.

Ansh comes down and apologizes Bhoomi for his last night’s mistake and says he has fallen in her eyes now. Bhoomi says he cannot fall in her eyes. Pavitra gets angry hearing their conversation and realizes this plan failed, so she should have to use a big playcard. Lady Luck 18 January 2020 Update