Lady Luck 4 January 2020 Update


Lady Luck 4 January 2020 Update starts when Suman brainwashes Inder that he does hard work, but Bhabhi maa considers him as incompetent and does not give him any responsibility. They don’t have any son, but they can consider their damad Varun as their son and involve in their business.

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Bhoomi passes by and hears their conversation. she enters room and says they should not get sad thinking that they don’t have son, even Ansh is like their son and cares about them. Suman shouts at her how dare she is to enter her room and asks if she is unhappy hearing about her brother’s success and just wants her husband to succeed. Bhoomi says she is thinking wrong. Suman asks her to get out of room as she wants to talk privately to her husband. Bhoomi sadly walks out. Pavitra hearing their conversation.

Bhoomi goes to Agram and Latha’s room and informs them what Suman told. Agram says even he tried to speak to Inder, but he ignored him, don’t know what is in their minds. When bhabhi maa took any decision, she must have thought well. He asks her not to worry. Bhoomi leaves. Pavitra stops her and asks her to have kheer on Ansh’s success and says she should eat kheer more as her brother Varun will also be joining business. Bhoomi asks her to mind her business and leaves.

Varun and Surbhi are about to sleep when Suman calls Surbhi and Bhoomi calls Varun. Bhoomi tells Varun that Inder and Agram are not in talking terms and since badi maa gave business project to Ansh, Suman and Inder are very angry and want him to come and help Inder in business, she would have asked him to join if situation was under control, but it is not, so she wants him not to come there.

Varun says he will not and asks her not to worry. Suman informs same to Surbhi and asks her to force Varun to join Inder’s business. Surbhi says she could have come there, but is worried that Pavitra will try to trap her husband. Suman says she will look after it. Surbhi then asks Varun to join papa’s business. He says he cannot as he is doctor and does not know anything about business. She says he has to join and warns him to take a wise decision. Varun gets tensed.

Someone sees Vasundhara sound asleep in her room, switches off light and knocks door. Vasundhara gets up and opens door. She sees someone walking around and lights on candle and starts following shawl dorn man. Someone knocks Inder’s door also and he walks out to find out. Shawl man hides. Vasundhara thinks Inder as him and hits him with rod. Inder falls down on floor with his head injured. Someone switches light on and Vasundhara is shocked to see Inder injured on floor.

Inder shouts in pain. Suman hears his voice and comes out running. Pavitra also comes. Suman asks Pavitra to tie Vasundhara to a chair. Bhoomi and Ansh also come out and free Vasundhara. Agram and Latha also come and ask what happened to Inder. Suman points at Vasundhara. Bhoomi asks Pavitra how dare she is to tie badi maa. Pavitra says badi maa has gone mad and tried to kill Inder. Vasundhara says she thought a thief entered home.

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Kaveri also comes with her usual mad acting and starts shouting that jailer will kill everyone. Latha takes her from there. Bhoomi warns Pavitra not ever touch badi maa, else she will not spare her. She asks her to apologize badi maa. Pavitra says she will not as she was protecting herself. Ansh shouts and asks her to apologize badi maa.

Pavitra apologizes and says badi maa is mad and if she kills someone, who will take responsibility. Bhoomi says she will take responsibility as she knows badi maa did not do it purposefully. She will sleep with badi maa and prove Pavitra wrong.

Bhoomi sets Ansh’s bed. He asks if she really has to go. She says she has to as badi maa is ill and she has to take care of her. She jokes what difference it makes if she sleeps in different room. He holds her and says it makes a lot of difference to him and requests her to stay back. She says she has to go and leaves.

Bhoomi reaches Vasundhara’s room and sees Latha there. Latha says Vasundhara is asleep now and she can stay with her. Bhoomi says she took responsibility of badi maa and will take care of her. Latha says she is proud of her and leaves. Ansh SMSes her that he is missing her. She replies why. He replies he is habituated to her now. She says if husband and wife stay away for some time, their love increases.

Pavitra tells Kaveri that bhoomi interferes in everything. Kaveri asks her not to take bhoomi lightly. Pavitra says she knows how to tackle Bhoomi. Bhoomi gets ready in the morning. Ansh gets romantic. She gets shy. He tries to say her I love you, but cannot and holds her. She says she has to go and leaves smiling, shyingly. He thinks he could not tell her I love you even today, but will for sure on her birthday.

Latha tells Bhoomi that she cannot go out for badi maa’s medicine as someone has to stay with her and says servant has gone to give milk to badi maa and she can get it via him. Bhoomi says she does not want badi maa fast as she is ill.

Pavitra cuts onion in her room. Kaveri asks her to give it to her in a plastic bag. She then goes to kitchen, sees Suman preparing wood slivers for havan, sends her out to bring something, and mixes onion in it.

Whole family gathers for poooja. Panditji starts pooja and picks wood slivers to add in havan when he sees onion in it and says it is a big abshagun/inauspicious. Vasundhara says she will change pooja items. He says now nothing can be done and leaves apologizing.

Suman reminisces vasundhara asking her not to keep onion/garlic near pooja item. Latha asks how did onion come in pooja item when she did not enter pooja room. Suman shouts if she is alleging her. Latha says yes. Bhoomi says chachi must have added onion by mistake.

Vasundhara asks them to stop fighting and scolds that she told not to keep onion/garlic near pooja items and now it is big abshagun, something wrong will happen to her family now. Kaveri and Pavitra smirk that their plan is working.

Lady Luck 4 January 2020 Update ends when Bhoomi gets milk for Vasundhara and sees residue in other glass. She smells it and asks Vasundhara who gave her this milk. She says servant. Bhoomi asks her not to take milk from anyone else except her from hereon. Servant brings juice and tells Latha sent for her. Pavitra tells Kaveri that she mixed sleeping pill in Bhoomi’s juice and she will wake up only in the afternoon. Kaveri praises her and laughs. They both see servant taking two empty glasses.