Lies of the Heart 11 May 2020 Update


Lies of the Heart 11 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Anu continues lecturing Samrat. All ask her to be quiet, but she doesn’t stop. She says she has no sympathy for the person who has no sympathy for others. Samrat shows his attitude even from the wheelchair and asks her to shut and leave. Asha bahu thinks situation is going out of control, and therefore, she opens her mouth. She tells Samrat whatever happened with him is bad, but he’s getting in return what he did. She gives an example of a dog and a man. A man kicked dog and dog bit him in return. Since then that man is not able to say anything and when he sees water, his tongue comes out like a dog. Anu laughs. Her dad asks both to be quiet.

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Samrat asks what is this? They came to insult him? Urmi’s dad folds his hands and apologizes to Samrat. Samrat asks him if he even knows anything else beside begging to him all the time. All get shocked. Samrat asks Urmi what she’s doing by standing, Ask her family to leave. Her family then leaves.

They come home. Her dad is mad at Anu who didn’t return with them. They decide never to take her there ever again. Because of her, Samrat even disrespected them. Anu’s mum says as if Samrat respects him. Asha bahu asks she can still go there right. Dadi tells her she should not even step out of the house. Asha says she just spoke to control the situation.

Anu is in a park, recalling Samrat’s behavior. It starts raining. The guy whom she rejected comes there with umbrella. She asks him what he’s doing there. He says he saw her getting wet, so came to cover her else she would get sick. He again asks her why she rejected him, he’s too desperate to know it and if she doesn’t say it then even his ghost will follow her after he dies. She tells him she rejected because she loves someone else. He gets shocked. Anu takes umbrella and leaves.

Shashi comes to Aditi and Amrit and tells them that she has doubt on Urmi. She must be behind the accident. She has done some black magic on Samrat. Aditi says she doesn’t believe it and asks her to stop blaming Urmi every single time. Shashi says she even can’t share her doubts with her daughter. Urmi has made Aditi on her side. She leaves. Amrit follows her and says he agrees with her. He also knows a baba who can get rid off black magic, but it would cost. Shashi says anything for her son and asks him to fix a meeting. He gets happy.

Samrat is lying on the bed. Shaurya questions him if he’s in pain. Samrat says yes. Shaurya tells him all will be okay. Shahshi tells him not to do masti while his dad is not well. He replies that he never does any masti. He looks at Samrat’s leg and asks what’s that. Urmi tells him not to touch, it’s plaster. He keeps checking other things. Tauji tells him and he says he never does any masti. Aditi brings a pan and he questions about it as well.

Aditi tells him that Samrat can’t go to toilet, so it’s for him. He finally goes out to play. Shashi asks Samrat to have juice. He’s trying to adjust his head, but unable to him. Urmi tries to help, but he asks her to stay away from him and stop all this drama. Shashi agrees. He says his mum is there to take care of him. She will do all his work. Shashi gets shocked. He asks her she will do it right. She’s lost. He shouts and repeats. She hesitantly says ok.

Urmi tries to say something, but Tauji tells Urmi to let Shashi do it. Maximum work she will have to do will be help Samrat adjusting on bed and sometimes just clean the pan. Shashi makes faces. He tells her, a mum should not have issue with her son’s potty and loo. She awkwardly nods and asks in her mind, what she got stuck into? How to get out of it?

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
While urmi is working, shashi comes in to taunt her, that samrat may have stripped her of her rights, but she wont let that happen. Trying to avoid her work, she says that she would let urmi do the work, and not tell anything to samrat and that this shall be their little secret. urmi remembers how she had done the same thing with her dance classes too. Shashi continues trying to convince her, but urmi asks her point blank that she had given an advice like this earlier too. shashi asks what does she mean.

Urmi says that she is so innocent, that she thinks that she would be able to fool urmi with the same trick twice. urmi says that she didnt say anything, and reprimands her for telling everything to samrat, and spoiling the relationship. shashi denies and asks her if she doesnt trust her. urmi tells her that she cant have the trust that she always broke for her, and reprimands her for doing something so heinous, and asks her not to evere ask her to trust her, as she would trust a stranger on the road but not her. shashi tries to be angry and says that she doesnt need to dig up the past, as samrat’s condition is after all, due to her only.

Urmi tells her that she isnt responsible for them. Shashi asks whose responsible for samrat’s condition. urmi says that shashi herself is responsible for every singly problem, as had she not conspired, this wouldnt have happened, and that not just her, shashi cant even be for her own son. urmi says that she isnt interested for samrat’s work, and that she being a mother is also ideal to do this for her son and since she knows best for samrat, she should do the work. urmi leaves, while shashi is shocked and baffled.

In his room, while samrat is watching television, shashi comes with food, and he reprimands her to take proper care and get him up first so that he can eat. he has a hard time, while shashi continues to take care of him. As she slips a little, he reprimands her for this. Finally, he is able to sit, resting against the pillows. He asks for the remote, and she is already tired. she asks him to try and tell how it tastes. He reprimands her for being unable to see that he cant see it. He says that the taste is horrible. she reprimands him for being so irritable. He continues to rant his anger at her.

Shashi is tensed to find urmi coming with baskets, and in her tension, she forcibly tries to feed samrat, which gets him furious. Shashi asks urmi whats she doing. urmi says that she got all of her essentials here only, since she has to do all of samrat’s work hence she shoudl shift here, while she would herself shitf in the guest room. shashi is tensed and says that she doesnt need to go, and that she can come whenever she is called for. urmi says that she wont be able to take the stairs again and again. Shashi trties to talk her out of it, but urmi says that samrat would need her. when shashi argues, he vents out her frustration at her.

Lies of the Heart 11 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Shashi tries to say that urmi is his wife, but samrat says that he wants his mother. rudra and tauji watch this and are happy. Shaurya says that he would be with his mother. But samrat asks shaurya out of his ego, to stay with him only, while shashi takes care of both of them. Seeing the added responsibility, shashi asks urmi to take shaurya atleast, and that he is so small how would he live without his mother. saamrat says that he understands exactly what shashi is trying to say.

Outside, rudra is complimented by tauji for having been able to spend so many years with shashi. rudra says that she is tensed for urmi. tauji hopes that mother-son learn a lesson, and asks rudra to celebrate his freedom from shashi. they have a good laugh over it.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
As annu comes in the kitchen to have water, she finds asha working hard and is surprised. She finds granny and shows that asha is making kilos of Papad. Granny is shocked and asks whats she doing. asha says that she is making this for gaurav. granny calls him down. Saroj and he come down and are shocked to see so many papad. Granny asks if he told her to. He says tht he didnt say anything. Asha clarifies the confusion about how she is following her mother’s advise. They all have a good laugh over it and tease gaurav. Granny is shocked, while anu and saroj smile amusingly. asha expreses her frustration.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat is in excruciating pain as she clumsily handles him around. She spills water under him and he asks to be shifted on the dry side, while she sleeps on the sofa. She is horrified but he shuts her up. With great difficulty, to both the mother and the son, samrat finally is able to shift to the proper place. Shashi lays down her bedsheet on the floor, anmd lies down having switched off the lights. Samrat asks her to switch them on as he cant sleep in darkness. Shashi says that she cant sleep in light. Samrat asks whose sleep is important and who’s the patient.

Shashi says tht his sleep is important. She grumbles and puts on the lights and lies down to rest a little. samrat doses off, while she has trouble sleeping. But samrat is unable to sleep due to her snoring, and then tells her that he needs to go to the bathroom. she asks him to do so, while she doses herself. samrat is frustrated to the core, and grabs a pillow somehow and throws it on her. she screams and wakes up horrified. He asks how would he go, and demands for the bed pan to be brought. with utter disgust, she holds it for him, while he relieves himself and falls off to sleep. after finishing off the chores, shashi is thoroughly tired. It is four in the night, when she finally lies down, while he sleeps.

The next morning, rudra expresses his concern for handling business with tauji, when samrat is unable, diwaker has left and there’s no one to handle it all. Amrit hears this and assures them that in samrat’s absence he would handle everything, as he has learnt much under samrat’s guidance. he seeks his bleessings, but tauji smirks at it. Urmi eyes him tensedly. amrit assures that he wont let it run at a loss. all eye him tensedly, as aditi too advocates for him. The screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence and office and City hospital
While all are discussing business, shashi comes down with a splitting headache, and all dishevelled. tauji and rudra make fun of her, while she is hurt at the way tauji is making a joke out of her trauma. She yawns and tries to sleep, asking them all not to wake her up. rudra asks what if samrat hollers for her. She asks if only she is left, and asks them also to render their responsibilities, and not ake her up at any cosy. aditi says that she would take care of samrat, and asks her to have some rest.

Urmi is busy with her work, while samrat lies on the bed, watching tv. rudra and tauji come in deciding that rudra would talk to samrat. Rudra, in front of tauji expresses his concern about handling the business, to samrat. He says that had diwaker been there, there wouldnt have been any problem and proposes that they would ask diwaker to help. samrat says that he is well capable of handling his own business himself, and that amrit would handle everything. rudra and tauji are tensed.

Meanwhile, someone is shown to be approaching samrat’s office and eyeing the boss’ chair. It turns out to be amrit who eyes the office with evil eyes. samrat tells them that its just a matter of few weeks. Amrit says that he would get everything in his name in these few weeks. Amrit thinks that by the time samrat stands up, he wouldnt have anything to land on, and would drown completely. amrit smiles evilly.

Kanchan calls shashi, while she is fast asleep, saying that samrat has been hollering for her for a long time. Shashi wards her off. kanchan again reminds her that if samrat gets to know this, she would be removed from the house, and she would have to look for a replacement. Shashi instanslt eakes up at this, and laments at the situation she is in, while kanchan is amused and barely able to control her laughter. Lies of the Heart 11 May 2020 Update

Meanwhile, in his room, samrat continues to holler for shashi, and when she comes, he reprimands her for being absent when he needed her. she tells why she had gone to take a nap and offers to change his dressing but he asks her not to even touch anything. urmi comes tensed. He asks urmi to dial up the number of the city hospital, top arrange for a nurse, as he would die if he has faith on shashi. Urmi complies, and asks for a nurse. She is told to wait for ten days. urmi relays the info to samrat and he speaks on speaker phone, saying that he would pay everything, but wants the best nurse.

The nurse snubs him off when he tries to show off his money and status and slams the phone on him. samrat says that she is responsible for everything, as he refused urmi due to her overconfidence as urmi would have done everything perfectly. tauji comes in asking that she should have done it. Urmi says that it was on samrat’s insistence that she didnt do it. he says that it looks like she was waiting for the first chance to be relieved and jumped when it came along her way. Shashi tries to instigate him too, but he asks her to shut up.

Urmi says that she isnt lazy but obedient, and did what she was asked and hence wouldnt have begged to serve him. samrat taunts her for being obedient and says that now he wants her to b=obey his command and agree to do all of his work. He says that she would do his work, from right now. shashi is pleased.

Whil urmi is working in the kitchen, tauji comes and says that she must be wondering why he assigned her to do samrat’s work again, and clarifies that he wants samrat to realise her importance in his life, as he has seen what his mother is worth of, and that maybe god too wanted this, and asks her to make him realise what her importance is in his life. Urmi says that it doesnt make any differnce to her, what samrat thinks, and that she is just doing her duty and that she has left all hopes from samrat. She begins to work, while tauji thinks that she may have but he wont be hopeless, till everything works out best for her, and all’s well in her life.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
gaurav comes in and finds asha with open hair, getting dressed and is amused. He remembers annu’s teasing remarks and smiles as he eyes asha again. he comes to her, standing behind her, and takes her in his arms, from behind. She jerks him away, hitting him on the head with a bed. While he sits furious, asha continues to rant nonsense about how she wont let boys touch her at all, as instructed by her mother. gaurav gets tensed and leaves finally.

As he comes out, saroj and granny tensedly ask him about the wound. before he can explain, asha comes with his phone. asha tries to say what he did, but gaurav distracts her. He talks to his friend on the phone, who invites him along with his wife, for his won wife’s birthday party. His friend insists that he brings his wife along so that they may get to know each other. Asha is very excited at the prospect of the party, and decides what she wants to wear. gaurav says that they wont go, as that would only create more problems.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
While tauji discusses share market with samrat, his eyes are keen on how effectively urmi is taking care of him and his every need, without being affected by his proximity. as she ses his meds, he says that he wont take it as he doesnt like the taste. urmi continues unbothered and says that meds arent for taste. But samrat is insistent, while she catches him off guard, blcking his nose, and making him drink it. she then leaves. He is shocked and asks tauji to notice whats she doing to him. tauji says that she is reciprocating what he did to her, and that if he wants good behaviour then he should do so too. He asks samrat to decide what he wants now and then decide his further course of action.

Lies of the Heart 11 May 2020 Update ends when Tauji tells samrat that urmi is very angry with him, and that now he would have to initiate towards making the first move. samrat is tensed. he asks samrat to think and move on, as she has already decided what she has to do. samreat is tensed, as he thinks deep. The screen freezes on his face.