Lies of the Heart 28 February 2020 Update


In Lies of the Heart 28 February 2020 Update, Fun and festivities while urmi’s family is tensed about samrat’s refusal to marry urmi. but they keep a smiling face, just to keep urmi, uninformed. anu gets urmi to dance, along with trisha. trish requests her to dance also. all family people also ask urmni too. she finally agrees. She dances to the number, Sawaar Loon, with anu and others.

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Samrat’s father apologises to everyone, for not being able to control Samrat, and says sorry to Devishankar, urmi’s father and regrets with folded hands. Urmi’s father is stunned. Ishaan moves out with samrat, who is unperturbed at what he did, while ishaan is super angry, and rives rash due to being so. he screeches the car to a halt and gets outside. samrat comes after him and asks why;s he so worried. ishaan says that he isnt insensitive like him, and doesnt care for him and his family and her family. He asks him to think of urmi. Samrat says that he doesnt have the time to do that, and has much important work to do.

Samrat says that he’s selfish and wont change for anyone, and asks ishaan to accept this. Ishaan says that he has changed much. samrat says that he has become really sensitive for the girl. and asks him to chill. ishaan says that he didnt come here to chill. Samrat says that he can do whatever he wants, but he wont marry at the fear of ishaan going. ishaan is shocked to hear this.

Urmi’s bhabhi’s, Rashmi’s mother tries to talk to his mother that they should make samrat understand, that the punishment to urmi shouldnt be so much that it tarnishes the family. She is however concerned for rashmi, who has to face the ire of urmi’s family now.

Urmi is dancing when her father and her brother returns, but she doesnt realise that they are tensed, and continues dancing, while they go inside. all the family assembles inside too. trisha is tensed to see all the family going inside, while urmi is involved in dancing. While urmi is dancing with much happiness, inside there is a huge turmoil going on. urmi’s mother is distraught. Buaji begins to insult and badmouth samrat and his family.

Urmi’s father asks her to talk low, as urmi might speak up. urmi’s father is asked by her mother,as to how long can they hide this truth from urmi, who’s in oblivion. They ask for the reason, but gaurav angrily says that there was noone, and that he would have his revenge on samrat. as rashmi tries to side with samrat, gaurav gets into a rage, and says that she shouldnt even dare to side the person, who spoiled his sister’s marriage. urmi’s mother asks him not to vent his anger on his wife, and silence himself.

Granny asks if they convinced him enough. devishankar says that they tried everything but in vain. Masi tries to convince urmi’s mother that it has happened for the best, and that now they should move on. urmi’s mother is concerned for urmi, whose image is forvere tarnished and ruined. Granny assures her that nothing like that would happen to urmi, and everything would be alright. urmi’s father asks this to be kept within them while he waits for a suitable time to talk to urmi, in the night. Trisha however hear the truth and is tensed, from a distance.

Lies of the Heart 28 February 2020 Update continues as Gaurav goes onto reprimand Rashmi about her brother, samrat, and asks how contrasting he proved out to be. She still sides with him. gaurav asks her to have a little shame and have some care for urmi. gaurav says that he feels like killing him right now. As he walks out in anger, she is tensed.

Samrat is dealiing with issues at the hotel, when he finds trisha standing in front of him. After, Trisha finds out the truth, and goes onto confront samrat, as to how could he do this, and what did he want, that urmi stays unmarried forever. samrat is sueprised that she thanks him for saying no, and doing urmi and her family a favour by refusing to marry her. She vents out her entire frustratiobn that she had against him, asb max urmi would be tensed for a little while, and this is better than the pain in the long run, while she stays married to him.

Samrat pretends not to care any less for her. Trisha says that its better for her to stay unmarried than marry him, as the truth is that he doesnt desrve her. samrat watches tensed. Trisha says that god made him refuse so that urmi is saved. samrat is tensed. Trisha says that she hopes that she never has to see him again. after she leaves, he thinks about what she said.

Later, seeing ishaan packing, samrat’s mother tries to get ishaan to stay back, but he says that he came for the marriage, and not as thats not happening, he has to go back. He tells her that samrat has changed so much,qa nd he doesnt care of his best friend stays back or not. samrat hears this as he enters the room. samrat tries to cheer him up, but ishaan is tensed still. samrat’s mother asks him to get ishaan to stay. But ishaan says that he’s getting late, for his flight. but samrat doesnt let him go, saying that he would leave him at the airport later. he takes ishaan out.

Urmi is teased and having fun with her cousins, while trisha is tensed, and her family, unable to see this, goes inside. urmi’s mother beraks into crying, and asks her husband to tell this to urmi. he tells saroj, that he’s trying to tell, but doesnt knwo how to, as she’s so happy that she has got everything. He asks how can she tell him, that the person she is happy for doesnt care for him at all, and has rejected her. All ask him to tell this, so that it is done and over with, and urmi’s pain is lessened. they also talk about cancelling the arrangements, and refusing the relatives to come there.

While urmi is gloating about samrat, trisha is tensed. she is shocked when samrat’s car pulls in the driveway, and he gets out of the car along with ishaan.

Urmi is shocked that samrat has come. she gets conscious of her appearance. Trisha is tensed. Urmi and trisha get inside, for a change of dress. the family inside is shocked to find that he’s here. They are all tensed what if urmi gets to know, and gaurav is in a rage. urmi’s mother asks all not to tell urmi anything. Rashmi wonders whats he here for. Anu gets samrat and ishaan inside. All are tensed and baffled too. Samrat is tensed eyeing them curtly. anu is asked to go inside by gaurav, but she insists that she would stay here only.

Samrat says that he has come here to say something. all are tensed and worried. but he surprises them by saying, that whatever happened and was said by him, he’s extremely apologetic for it. Ishaan is shocked. All are confused. He says that he was angry and god knows what he thought and behaved like that, and realised later that he was wrong. he says that he realises how much he has hurt them by this wrong step, and their feelings too, and says that he didnt know how this happened. he says that he’s ready for any punishment, and is ready for the marriage as and when it was happening. all are plesantly shocked. They are confused still though

Samrat asks for a chance to rectify himself. ishaan lightens the mood with his humour, saying that samrat doesnt know anything apart from work and business, but he’s a nice man. He says that samrat has been a true gentleman, by accepting, then apologising and finally rectifying his mistake. He , with folded hands asks them to forgive samrat and forget this, and move on with the progression of the course of rituals of marriage.

Devishankar is still tensed. Samrat, asks with folded hands, if he wont forgive him. they all come to ask hium not to do this, as they rever the son in law. Devishankar asks what had happened actually. samrat asks them to let it go, as its gone and past. Buaji too lightens the mood, saying that they are starting a new life now, and feeds samrat with an entire sweet. she showers her blessings on ishaan too, and he too teases her back. urmi’s masi too expresses her gratitude as they didtn know what to do, and how to tell urmi, and what she must have gone through.

while urmi is getting ready, and anu is teasing her, trisha is tensed. uermi asks if there’s any other motive too. Trisha says that she too is wondering the same thing. trisha asks urmi what if there is anything else. she leaves to find out.

Downstairs, all are discussing the marriage preps on both sides. Trish walks down, and samrat notices her. thye both eye each other curtly. Ishaan welcomes her to join them, and asks how’s the sangeet going on. samrat asks if he can meet urmi alone for five minutes, They readily comply. urmi is asked to be called. Devishankar asks trisha to attend to samrat in ther balcony while he waits for urmi. trish says yes and takes samrat aside. A lady comes in and says that urmi is wanted by samrat. she gets shy and nervous, while anu is still teasing her.

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In the balcony, samrat says to trisha, while she gets him drinks, that its good that she’s here and alone too, as he wanted to tell her something. She asks what. He says that in his life, descisions are taken by him and not god. she is tensed and angry too. He says that thge marriage shall happen according to his will, and nobody would stop it, not even her god. trisha says that to salvage his hurt ego, he even agreed to marry. She says that she hadv heard a lot about him, but actually he has accomplished nothing but ego and arrogance.

Trisha says to samrat that she never thought that he would stoop so low, that just to prove her wrong, and put her down, he would destroy the lfie of an innocent girl. Samrat sees urmi at the door, from the corner of his eye. as she comes to them, trisha leaves. samrat tells urmi that he thinks that trisha doesnt like him at all. urmi is tensed. Urmi denies this but samrat insists that its like that. urmi is tensed.

Granny gives devishanker all the jewellery, while gaurav walks in angry still at samrat, saying that he doesnt like samrat’s attitude and frivolous changes, and says that they never got to know the reson. Devishaker says that maybe it was something that he didnt want to discuss. gaurav says that if its this now, then what about after marriage. urmi’s mother too agrees, and asks what if something happenes after marriage. but granny silences it saying that this is habitual of the groom’s side, and asks gaurav not to create a drama, and not tell this to rashmi.

Gaurav reminds him of samrat’s mother who was also siding with him. All are tensed. Thye try to ask gaurav to think of urmi whose image would have been tarnished forever if he refused to marry. He asks gaurav to let go of this, and move on.

Samrat’s and urmi’s residenceWhile rashmi’s parents are concerned for rashmi’s position in their family and their relations being strained, samrat’s mother tries to salvage the situation. rashmi says that its all okay here, and asks how did this change happen. When rashmi tells her mother about samrat’s acceptance for marriage, she is super happy, while samrat’s parents are shocked that egoist samrat changed his descision after all. samrat’s mother refuses to believe it. She herself talks to rashmi, while she asks samrat’s mother how did this happen.

Samrat’s mother cancels the phone saying that they want to talk to samrat. while all are happy, samrat’s mother is tensed. while ishaan comes in excited, he is angry that rashmi already spoiled their surprise. Samrat’s mother is confused and asks where’s samrat. Ishaan says that he’s attending to an important phone call, and assures that samrat is ready for marriage.

She is confused, while others are happy. samrat’s father thinks that ishaan must have been after it. but ishaan says that this is entirely samrat’s thinking, as he changed completely after realising his mistake, despite his many attempts to get some sense into samrat. All ask samrat’s mother why is she so tensed yet. Samrat’s mother thinks that she said so much so to urmi’s family, and how would she face them now. She thinks that she is trapped now. all others are amused.

Urmi’s residencetrisha remembers samrat’s words, and is upset while everyone is fast asleep. trisha is determined that she wont let urmi be a pawn in his evil egoist game, and says that she would tell her everything tomorrow morning, and stop the marriage. she glances at urmi, sleeping peacefully. Lies of the Heart 28 February 2020 Update