Lies of the Heart 7 May 2020 Update


Lies of the Heart 7 May 2020 Update ( Doli Armaanon Ki )

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi is terribly upset with the family’s reaction to samrat, and says that everyone overreacted. rudra asks how can she trivialise this matter and her indifference towards samrat’s heinous crime. Shashi says that he did so in anger. rudra is furious at her stand. they enter into a verbal arguement, wherein shashi continues to side with samrat.

Rudra asks why does she always get back atr urmi, when its due to her that she is still here in this house. shashi says that urmi isnt her enemy and only wants the house to run as always, and that respect should be preserved. she says that she remembers what urmi did for her, and she also agreed to urmi’s dance classes. Rudra says that he always wonders why she did so.

Rudra thinks that he knows but cant express that shashi was behind this. rudra asks shashi point blank that she too was involved. shashi starts stuttering, and says that she doesnt know about any of this. Rudra continues to probe. shashi asks what does he mean. rudra asks how come samrat knew, when only urmi and she knew, and urmi didnt tell him about her dance classes. Shashi gets tensed. shashi asks him not to allege her unintentionally, and asks him not to become a detective. Rudra thinks that she cant change.

At the dining table, urmi is tensed that samrat didnt return yet. Tauji asks if she called samrat, when she says that she tried his number but he didnt pick up. Shashi asks her not to do any drama after disrespecting him so much. urmi says that what he did, demanded her anger but she is concerned. tauji says that she too does this. shashi says that she has never done this. tauji brands her as a liar, and then tries samrat’s number. He asks samrat to come back, and says that if he has had his dinner, and responds as if samrat said yes. tauji says that he is in a meeting and asks her to eat. urmi is tensed still.

Late at night, urmi is putting shaurya to sleep, while eyeing the door, where is samrat this late in the night. She is tensed. Shaurya goes off to sleep. Urmi tries samrat’s call but he doesnt pick up, and wonders where he is as its too late. She starts dosing off herself. Finally samrat arrives home drunk and dazed.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
The child is crying which frustrates granny and devi. asha and saroj go inside with the baby. devi says that gaurav would come soon and take the child back. Just then, the police come along with the child’s actual parents and say that they are searching for their child. Asha comes out just then and the lade identifies her as the same person who was around her baby. The lady comes and asks where’s her child, and when her child comes out with saroj, she hurriedly takes the child in her lap. she asks asha why did she steal her child. Devi tries to clarify about asha’s mistake. the police refuses to believe it.

Lies of the Heart 7 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Gaurav comes, and is surprised and asks whats happening. the police identifies him as asha’s husband and tell himabout asha’s deed. The lady taunts gaurav to be impotent hence asha resorted to stealing a child. devi tries to clarify while gaurav is frustrated. the police asks them all to go to the police station. the priest vouches for the family and its resputation. gaurav apologises on asha’s behalf, and requests them to take back their complaint. all plead with folded hands, and the couple agrees. gaurav thanks them. the police leaves. gaurav eyes asha angrily.

As gaurav comes to his room, tensedly, asha asks if he’s searching for anything as he tensedly surfs around things. asha says that she understands that he is angry and that she did it out of helplessness, and explains why she did so on granny’s demand. gaurav is frustrated. she clarifies why she stole the child at the temple. gaurav is shocked at her stupidity. asha says that granny had threatened her to throw her out of the house. She asks him to help her get a child. he starts smiling and says that a child is the symbol of a couple’s love, and tries to make her understand indirectly how a child is conceived. asha says that she knows that he doesnt love her, hence they dont have a child. He is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As samrat comes to his room extremely drunk, late in the night, he finds urmi asleep. he looks angrily at her. He walks upto the bed and takes off shaurya from the bed, an d carries him in his arms and walks out, down the stairs. she turns around in hr sleep and finds shaurya gone. Samrat places shaurya on another bed in another room, and leaves.

Urmi is about to go out of the room, looking for shaurya, when samrat comes in. urmi comes to him, and referring to him with the same respect that she used to, asks him if he’s okay as he got back very late. He closes the door eyeing her sternly. Urmi talks to him about shaurya’s absense from the bed. After having bolted it, he eyes her sternly. she asks whats the matter and if anything has happened. He moves to her, while she retreats back. he takes off his belt with a jerk, and rolls it around his hand, while she is quizzical.

Urmi asks samrat whats he doing, as her eyes refuse to believ whats about to happen to her. samrat continues to hit her hard with the belt, while she screams in horror. She continues to scream, while he beats her mercilessly.

As urmi lies, blood soaked, and in a semi-conscious state, samrat opens the door, and says that now they are even. Samrat tells urmi that she had forgotten her status, and that a wife is always at husband’s feet, and she had forgotten it, and that she should know that wives never speak but only listen. He says that now she would understand whats a husband. Samrat walks out and closes the door on her face, and bolts it. The screen freezes on urmi’s unconscious state.

Precap: As the door opens the next day, all are apalled to find urmi in such a state. As they sprinkle water on her, to get her to consciousness again, she wakes up in horror, screaming still recounting the nightmares and in a state of shock, continues to rant about samrat not hitting her. All are apalled and heart-wrenched at seeing urmi in such a psychological traumatic state. Later, while urmi sits dazed in her room, tauji asks urmi not to ignore this and definitely take a step against the injustice and torture. urmi sits stunned into silence.

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All are having their morning, tea, while tauji intentionally taunting shashi, when she asks to be told her horoscope as the newpaper predicts. Shashi is frustrated, while tauji tells her that a big secret of hers is going to be revaled. shaurya comes out crying from a room, and all are shocked. Shaurya asks for mumma, when they ask him what happened. Rudra points out why is he coming out of this room.

Shaurya says that he doesnt know. They all wonder where urmi is, and she is the first person to wake up. Aditi takes shaurya to the room, and finds it bolted from outside. aditi tells shashi that they must have gone out, as the room is botletd from outside. they are surprised. shashi says that they never told anyone. Tauji asks her to open the door and find out. He asks shashi when samrat came home last night, and she says that she didnt know. aditi puts shaurya down, and then opens the door, and is shocked to find urmi, unconscious and in a dishevelled state, blood smudged, and heavily hurt and injured, brusied and swollen.

She is shocked and starts screaming asking urmi incoherently to wake up. she rusahes out and screams at the family to come and see what happened to urmi. they are all tensed, and rush upstairs. Shaurya comes inside and is very apalled to find her in such a state. He tries to wake her up, asking what happened to her, while crying himself. Aditit takes shaurya and asks him to go. shaurya starts crying and asks whats happened to urmi. She tries to jerl urmi out of her unconscious state.

Lies of the Heart 7 May 2020 Update

As they all come, all are apalled to find urmi in such a state. kanchan is shocked. Shashi sends jhumki to get water. as she complies. rudra asks shaurya to be taken outside, but he refuses. shashi says that urmi is fine. rudra and tauji are apalled. Shaurya is taken outside by the servant. As they sprinkle water on her, to get her to consciousness again, she wakes up in horror, screaming still recounting the nightmares and in a state of shock, continues to rant about samrat not hitting her.

All are apalled and heart-wrenched at seeing urmi in such a psychological traumatic state. Rudra collapses on the floor, in tears. aditi tries to jerk her into senses, saying that samrat isnt here and they wont let anything happen to her. shashi asks kanchan to lift her up, as its all right. aditi lifts urmi up, while tauji is in a daze, stunned into silence Seeing urmi’s condition. All are apalled. tauji is barely able to control himself.

Later, urmi’s wounds are being attended to by aditi, when urmi squirms as the painm come by applying meds on it. aditi says that physical pain must be less than the mental torture. mandira sees this and is shocked. kanchan says that she is sinking seeing her every minute and reprimands samrat that he could do something like this, beating up his own wife, and her body being covered in wounds. urmi sits dazed. mandira rushes from there. She comes to shaurya and says that samrat is very bad and tells him how he beat urmi up so badly. shaurya is tensed to hear this. mandira leaves, while he sits tensed.

Tauji tries samrat’s phoen through the landline and every possible number, but samrat doesnt pick up. Shashi is tensed that they have tried every number but he isnt picking up, and hopes that he is fine. but rudra gets angry at her, thinking she still cares about him, not realising the inhumane torture that he placed on her.

Shashi says that she isnt siding with samrat, and that they should forget whats done is done, and she would bother about her son. rudra refers to him as an animal, saying that he feels like beating samrat himself, and tell him what has he done so wrong. shashi says that she doesnt know why samrat did it, as he never did this before, and maybe urmi provoked him a little too far tpo make him take this step.

Rudra and tauji are shocked and furious at shashi’s stance. Rudra says that she is a stain on womanhood to think like that, while she says that sometimes people get angry, and raise their hand. Rudra raises his hand and says that then she too shall face violence from him, not once, but ten times in a day, by the amount of anger that she causes him to be in. Shashi tries to speak, but rudra shuts her up to stop her from talking any more nonsense.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside computer classes
Anu calls up Gaurav to tell that she got admission. While coming out of the clases, she collides into someone, who turns out to be the person that anu had rejected. She hastily leaves. He comments that she is running as if she saw a ghost. He says that this is their second meeting, as if the lord accepted his wish. He clarifies that he didnt fall in love with her at first sight and just wanted to know why she rejected him. Anu stands defiant, and then turns around saying that she didnt want to get married, and then leaves, despite him trying to stop her.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
saroj is very restless, while granny asks her what happened. anu comes and asks why is she so tensed. Saroj says that she is tensed thinking about something wrong happening to someone their near and dear. But granny and anu say that she must be hungry. Anu offers to go and get Bana, and asha offers to get it herself. She takes Banana by the hindi term, and again creates a confusion. anu gets frustrated and goes inside to do so herself. asha tells granny that anu has epilepsy and is showing signs for them. Granny shuts her up. Anu comes outside to show asha what she meant by Bana, and anu again displays a wonderful portrayal of her idiocy frustrating everyone.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Tauji comes to urmi’s room, and finding her dazed and stunned, controls himself with great difficulty to giving away to tears. he compoises himself and knocks on the open door. urmi looks up but then turns away. tauji composes himself shaking off his emotions and comes inside. He tells her that he doesnt have words to express what he feels. He tells her that just by being a silent spectator, she cant let this go.

He says that if she doesnt reply back today, then this would become an essential part of her life from now on, as bearing torture continuously, silently, only encourages he torturers, which would then make her vlife hell, when she tries to just try to keep the relation alive. tauji asks urmi not to ignore this, or else this would completely spoil her existence and definitely take a step against the injustice and torture.

Lies of the Heart 7 May 2020 Update ends as Urmi sits stunned into silence. He tells her that bearing torture is a bigger and graver crime than giving torture. He tells her that the world or her situation wont change itself and that she would have to initiate for it. The screen freezes on urmi’s dazed face.

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