Married Again 1 January 2020 Update


Married Again 1 January 2020 Update starts when Raj breaks the wedding photo frame, with his ahnds, injuring hismelf, and burns his pic with sarita, and tosses it away. it lands in sarita’s feet. She finds raj beside a fire, and saying that a man should never trust a girl, as he would always be betrayed. He thinks that first divya then sarita left, after he trusted them completely, one for family and the other for money and fame. Sarita is distraught to hear this. Sarita sees raj drinking.

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She thinks that raj is breaking down, and the same thing is happening what happened when divya left him ten years back. She thinks that she cant see raj living in such darkness again. raj finds sarita staring at him, and tells that she’s looking even better than her first marriage. She rushes inside, while raj keeps hollering that he would forget her and their love. She goes to her room, dials a number and calls up Divya.

She asks her to come back, as raj needs her, and she should return. when there’s no response, she sees that kamla has disconnected the call, and asks her to come along as they are getting late. kamla gets sarita outside where soham glaots about vikrant’s lavish expenditure. They begin to leave. raj refuses to go along, while sarita goes after him.

He asks her to hurry up. She says that she had promised that he would get her remarried. He says that girls are strange, as they can break hearts, relations and they cant even break a promise, but he wont do this, as earlier he was concerned first and wanted her to be settled, but now he would be a witness to her remarriage with hate and venom. she is hurt and tensed.

Scene 6:Location: Vikrant’s residenceThe priest asks for the jaimala to start. vandana asks vikrant to marry sarita, as this is the most unique marriage and all are waiting for this marriage. Before he starts, abhi says that when he says so, then he would put the jaimala. abhi starts counting. While all watch, and raj is tensed, the jaimala happens, where vikrant puts the garland first, while sarita and raj remember their love and romantic moments together.

Vandana taunts sarita that her future is standing before her and still she’s looking at her past. she asks her to put the past aside, and marry her son in law. She raises the jaimala , at first hesitating, then vikrant holding her hand, and controlling his anger somehow, and making her do so. She puts the jaimala around his neck. Raj looks on hatefully. He leaves from there. Sarita faces vikrant.

Raj leaves seeing the jaimala ritual of vikrant and sarita. Sarit and vikrant eye each other tensedly. Raj is asked by munni whats wrong. She asks him to eat something.

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Vandana comes asking them to get lost aftre having eaten, as the guests work is over now. she tells munni that raj has gone mad that he got his won wife remarried. She also ill speaks of shiela. Raj asks her not to talk about shiela, but munni asks him not to get involved, as she’s sarita’s would be mother in law.

Abhi asks if he can take his mother home now. the priest says that the kanyadaan is still remaining. He asks for the parents to step forward for this ritual for sarita. She says that they havent come. All are tensed. The guests start gossiping. Vandana too asks the reason for this. She says that she has called off her relations with them. vandana tauntingly asks the reason for this. Sarita is quiet, but granny says that sarita wont be able to , as good wifes dont make a nuisance of their family affairs.

Granny tells what had happend after her parents had slapped raj. The priest asks for an elderly alternative. Sarita cites her in laws, and gives them the permission to do so. She asks if they would do this. Kamla and soham are overwhelmed. Vandana asks why would they do, who hate her so much. Sarita says that they have a love hate relationsip, sour and sweet.

Just like she would have with her, once the marriage is over. Kamla and sophan comply to sarita’s request. Granny tells raj about sarita who has given his parents so much respect, even after having faced only rebuke.

She says that she knows why he is sad, and says that it isnt easy for her to do so, and says that there must have been some helplessness that has driven her to marry, and its not money. Raj too wonders about the same, as sarita has always rebuked vikrant’s money and what could it be that has forced her to marry vikrant.

Shiela thinks that she wont let sarita give the ultimate sarcfice and that she would have to stop her somehow. She sees a PCO and calls up. The phone rings but sarita doesnt pick up, as its on silent, while ther Kanyadaan ritual is going on. Kamla says that she’s very happy doing this today. Vikrant gets the call that shiela has run away and he gets tensed. He asks for sometime. the priest says that he cant leave. Vandana says that the gadbandhan hasnt happened yet and gives him permission yo attend the phone.

Vikrant leaves, and asks how could this happen. He asks him to find out where is she and he shouldn t let her reach the mandap anyhow. He then again goes to join the wedding. Sarita sees a loose connection in the lightwires above raj’s head, which has escaped raj’s attention.

She runs to save raj from electrocution. Vandana reprimands her for being so shameless and mingling with her first husband. Sarita tries to explain, but vandan shuts her up. Vikrant comes and asks if he’s okay. When raj says yes, he takes sarita away, while raj wonders if she cares for him so much, then why is she marrying.

Shiela sees a car and asks for lift. She is shocked when she finds it to be the same inspector and he too is surprised. She begins to run but he catches up with her, but before he can catch her, she throws sand in his eyes and runs away.

Vikrant asks for the phera, while the priest tells him of other rituals before that, the tulsi puja and the gadbandhan. raj says that he would gte the tulsi puja done, shocking everyone. He comes to sarita and asks him to come along.

Vikrant is tensed. Raj asks vikrant not to worry as he has chosen her for vikrant and she would marry him only, he just wants some good luck for himself by doing some rituals. He takes sarita away. The guests gossip how can she marry when she loves her first husband so much. this unsettles vikrant. Vandana asks kamla what does he want, and goes onto reprimand him for this brash behaviour.

When sarita is doing the tulsi puja, Raj says that he lived without divya, but not without her. Sarita begins to go. Raj tells sarita that it still isnt too late and they can still stop the wedding. Vikrant comes in their way and asks sarita if she has forgotten how important this remarriage is, not just for them, but for everyone else. He asks if she’s ready to go. She complies and goes inside while raj is distraught.

Sarita reaches home, and is told that the marriage is at Vikrant’s residence and she wonders if she would reach in time. She takes a cab and goes as fast as she can.

Meanwhile, the gadbandhan happens while granny wishes that sarita gets happiness this time. The priest asks them to get ready for the phears now. Sarita says that she knows that raj cant live without her, but she’s doing this for shiela.

Married Again 1 January 2020 Update – Raj is very hurt. As shiela dishevelled and frantically runs towards vikrant’s residence, the pheras progress. as she enters, she is shocked to see sarita with vikrant at the mandap, with their pheras complete. The priest declare them that the marriage is over and they are from now on, husband and wife. The screen freezes on her shocked face.