Married Again 14 January 2020 Update


Married Again 14 January 2020 Update starts when Sarita is tensed at vikrant’s questioning. She fumbles and then vikrant insists on her to talk, as she’s never out of words and advises, then why quiet today. she says that she was thinking, that he should tell her, that what got him to calling her so desperately, when he’s super busy and there was no apparent emergency. Now its his turn to be speechless, when she asks why’s he enquiring so much.

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He starts fumbling, and sarita starts teasing him. He says that he wanted to know if she left with someone, as there would be noone to eat his head from the next morning. Sarita says that means he doesnt want her to go. He asks her not to misun derstand that he would be affected if she does run away, rather he would be very happy. She gets angry, and starts reprimanding him saying that she would bother him even if she runs away. He asks her if she runs away with someone then why would she call him. Now she is speechless. He pins her against the closet wall, and asks after all, who’s he to her then. They enter a romantic eye gaze.

She fumbles and begins to say that she’s his……and bringing herself closer to him, says that she’s his son’s mother, and smiling leaves from there. He too smirks at that. She passes by vikrant’s photo, saying that he’s turned very naughty, and he was better earlier. She says that this new change is good on him, and when he questions her like naughty children, he looks very quiet. Meanwhile, vikrant too dwells on her answer, and talks to hismelf in the mirror, that who’s he to her. He starts smiling, reminisceing her. He says that he’s definitely somebody to her.

Sarita is trying to get abhi to study, but he is distracted, and throws the eraser on the floor. Both his parents begin to grab for it, under the table, colliding with their heads. Sarita gets them to collide again, saying that otherwise they would fight. this gets them into a spellbinding gaze, which abhi breaks by taking the eraser, after clicking pics of them together.

Vikrant is increasingly mesmerised, as sarita goes about with her daily chores, with abhi and the house. Abhi and his fathger begin to have fun with sarita, while she does her work. Abhi is happy to see their growing intimacy. sarita is shy at his gaze, and smiles sweetly. They have another romantic embrace, when he prevents her from falling yet again.

As raj comes inside, kamla tells him that sohan was looking for him. Raj begins to go, but divys stops him telling that she has put him to sleep. Munni goes on to show her dress, but collides into raj. Just then, the briefcase slips out, and out slip all the visa papers. divya is tensed, while raj begins to colect the papers.

Divya also starts helping him. raj begins to explain, but divya says that she understands that they were a couple, and hence have joint accounts, and passports and hence he would have his photo to remove her name from all official documents. she says that she isnt a wife who doubts him. She goes to get tea, while raj is tensed. divya is happy to bother him. She thinks that from today, would start the pln of getting him back on track, and that would start when the producer comes with the offer of the film.

Later, The producer is trying to convince divya, that this is a blockbuster film, that would be a milestone for her acreer. Raj is told about this from kamla. The producer asks raj to get her to agree to this film, as after marriage, the shelf life of an actress decreases. He givesw divya a blank cheque, but divya says that she has got this oppurtinity to be with the love of her life, raj after ten years, and she wont leave it for anything in this world. He says that if divya refuses then he wont make this film. divya says that her descision is final. The producer asks raj to get her to agree for this film.

She says that she’s getting married in sometime now, and hence her life path is set, and she wont deviate. Raj thinks that this is the right time, and the rigth idea, as then he wont feel guilty, of leaving divya at the altar, and then the marriage too would be postponed.

Raj takes divya in the room, and tries to assure her that this would be asure ticket to name and fam,e in every corner of the world, and her acting would be credited. divya says that she got everything in the ten years, that she spent without him, but not love or mental peace. Even after that, love and his presence was absent from her life, due to her mistake of leaving him, as she may have reached heights but she was still very low in her personal life. She says that she wants just her raj. She says that if she can ask something. Raj asks her to go ahead.

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She places the same offer to raj, and asks what would he choose, and then herself replies for him, that he wont do it, as the Raj who couldnt get sarita to be his wife even afterr ten years, as he loved divya, wont ever leave her at the altar. raj tries to say something, but divya says that she would never leave her Raj again. Raj is tensed. divya leaves, while raj wonders what to do now.

Shiela is shocked to hear that rohan is staying at vikrnat’s residence and how did that happen. he tells about his bet with kajri, and gives shiela the credit for that. shiela is tensed thinking how would she take her revenge, if rohan goes there, and that too taken by Kajri. She thinks that she would have to do something to prevent this, so that she is the one who gets his there in that house, and only then her plans of teaching him a lesson can proceed.

In the kitchen, sarita remembers her moemtns with vikrant, she is happy but grows concerned thinking about raj, who has gone on the wrong path and thinks that he should get on the right track soon, so that both the families can live in peace. Vandana comes and finding a rose petal on sarita’s head, taunts her about this sweet phase of her life, but reminds her that with rose, comes thorns too. sarita says that thorns are not enemies of the flower, unlike her, the thorn that can only wound the flower.

Vandana gets angry and turning her around, warns her. Sarita asks her not to touch, as she isnt the the bahu, who’s fearful of their saans. she’s the one who’s right with the right and wrong with the wrong person. vandana is undaunted and says that she is rohan’s mother, and good that she called by this name. She says that she isnt just a thorn, but a poisonous one, and if now she tries to interfere with her and her son’s life, then she would be pricked by endless thorns. Vandan leaves, while sarita is tensed.

While vandana and kajri are assuring rohan, they are tensed to find an angry vikrant, there and sarita behind him. Vandana says that he’s here to apologise for the mistake that he has realised that he has committed. She says that he’s roaming on the streets, and Kajal too is alone here without her husband. she begs him to forgive Rohan. sarita thinkls that kajal and vandana isnt really tensed or sad or repentful, and that vikrant shouldnt come in theri false traps.

Vandana says that they have lost their daughter, but now dont want to lose their son too. She asks vikrant to be a nice son, and forgive his younger brother. rohan is defiant. Vandana gets him to rohan, assuring that vikrant would forgive him. She asks rohan to ask for forgiveness, while kajri asks vikrant to spare him. Rohan somehow manages to say that he’s sorry. Sarita wonders if vikrant would fall for this. Vikrant in turn, tightly slaps rohan, while all are shocked, and rohan is highly angered. vikrant says that the law may… Married Again 14 January 2020 Update

Vandana asks whats he doing, and asks him not to forget, that he’s his ex wife’s dearest brother. Vikrant asks her to shut up, as his first wife also wouldnt have allowed him inside. he asks him to go ask for forgiveness from shiela, and then come here.rohan starts smiling and claps that he gave such a big lecture, but he is equally guilty. Rohan says that he should be thankful to him, that had he not kidnapped her, then vikrant wouldnt have never gotten to marry sarita.

He tells vikrant that he wasnt even successful in his crime, but he forced sarita into their marriage, on the bet of that halpless woman only. He says that vikrant is as much to blame as him . Vikrant asks him to shut up, or else…rohan asks what? Rohan says that he wont shut up by being scared of him, as he wont ever hide the truth, that he took advantage of two helples girls. Vikrant asks him to get lost. Rohan says that he would leave, but after asking him, whats the difference between them, if they both took advantage of helpless women.

Vikrant says that he would tell, that whenever he sees him, he realises that he did wrong, but still he never took advantage of that situation and the woman, sarita. He says that he has committed a crime, but onyl for the sake of abhi, but he never disrespected her. he says that if he took advantage, then his staying here is an even bigger crime. He asks rohan to get lost, and asks him to address his wife, as saritaji, and not sarita. sarita is surprised. Both the ladies keep pleading, while he throws rohan out opf the house.

Sarita is tensed. Vikrant goes inside. Kajri and vandana begin to tend to rohan, but he leaves. Vikrant enters to find shiela waiting. He goes out. Shiela thanks sarita, for teaching rohan this lesson. Sarita is happy. She asks shiela to go home right now. As she leaves, sarita thinks that with rohan’s coming here, a new truth came to the surface about their relationship, which shall prove to be good for strengthening their bond.

Rohan is tensed to think about rohan’s accusations on him. Sarita comes and finds him tensed, and asks if he’s fine. Vikrant hardly controls his tears, and manages to say that he isnt, and that he is very wrong. Vikrant tells sarita, that rohan is right in thinking that he lured her and trapped her into this marriage, a marriage that she was forced to do due to his threat.

He says that he did this due to his weakness of abhi, who was highly disturbed by his mother’s death. he tells her what the doctors had said that abhi wont be able to bear another trauma. He says that she doesnt need this top understand, as he forced her into this marriage, this bet, where he didnt even think of her happiness. He apologises for being fo selfish. He says that if she hates him, its perfectly okay and understandable. She hesitatingly says that she doesnt hate him. He is surprised and turns around, for an eyelock with sarita.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, abhi asks for food, and sarita serves. Just to be near sarita, vikrant continues calls her to the dining table, to ask for samosa, then chutney and finally water. Sarita is amused at this. as she takes the jar of water to fill up his glass, he finds him staring at her, while his glass is full. She points it out to him. Vikrant is embarassed and drinks the entire glass and asks for a refill. Sarita is amused and goes on to give more. vikrant is shy. Kajri and vandna aare disturbed to see such intimacy.

The next morning, raj still tries to convince divya to take up the film offer. divya says that she acted out her dream, and now wants to be with him. raj says that what if for some reason, the marriage didnt happen. divya asks frantically if there’s a reason. Raj is tensed, and says that sometimes dont work out as planned. divay says that then she would take her life. raj hugs her and asks her not to talk like this.

Divya says that from now on, with him is her life, and if that doesnt happen, this life is meaningless. raj asks her to stop talking like that, as he didnt mean it that way. raj leaves. Divya thinks that just a talk had raised such a big storm in his mind, which means he truly loves her, and is just astray and needs to realise his priorities. Outside, raj wonders whats he doing with divya, as she would be devastated. raj wonders if sarita hadnt promised him not to tell this to anyone. He thinks that he would have to talk to sarita about this.

Seeing the influence that she has on vikrant, sarita excitedly tells him that she has made a dish especially for him. He takes it, while mesmerised looking at her. Saritra starts smiling while all are boggled. He finds that its bitter. Sarita taunts him. Just then, abhi congratulates her, on being able to get vikrant to eat a dish of bittergourd that he doesnt like at all, and making a good boy out of him.

Married Again 14 January 2020 Update ends when Kajri warns vandana of their growing intimacy. Vandana leaves in disgust. Vikrant asks what happened to his mother. Sarita asks him to finish up. Vikrant, in order to be spared from the dish, rushes out to tend to vandana. Sarita thinks that now vandana would spew venom against her. The screen freezes on her face.