Married Again 2 January 2020 Update


Married Again 2 January 2020 Update starts when Shiela is shocked to see sarita with vikrant, and asked by the priest to take blessings by family elders. While vandana blesses sarita to be happy with vikrant, shiela dozes off into unconsciousness, screaming out for sarita. They are all shocked to see her, dishevelled, while vikrant is surprised and tensed too. Raj and sarita rush towards her, but sarita is stopped by the gadbandhan with vikrant. sohan asks for water to be given. They are all tensed.

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Later the doctor tells that due to weakness, she fainted, and asks them to give her lemonade every half an hour. Sarita comes by her side. Shiela tries to argue with her, but sarita asks her to aceept this and not tell about this with anyone, as it doesnt matter now. She asks vikrant to come along as her family is there to take care of him. shiela tries to stop her, but raj asks her not to, as they are very busy people. sarita thinks that she’s happy that her sacrifice wasnt in vain, and the whole family is back together, and wishes that he be happy always.

Outsidfe, Sarita thanks vikrant for fulfilling his promise. Vandana reminds them that its time to depart now. Vikrant leaves with sarita, while raj watches on. They leave, amidst lots of blessings by kamla, shiela, granny, soham and the other guests. shiela thinks that she wont let this sacrifice go in vain. abhi tells her that the car is reaady to take her to their new home. vikrant and sarita praise the choice of car by abhi. He happily takes sarita and begins to move towards the car. She, with a heavy heart goes with vikrant, and drives off.

Raj thinks that this time around he wont let a girl spoil ten years of his life, and prove sarita wrong. Kamla is in a rage, and asks everyone to be silent, as she has to talk to shiela. She takes her in the room.

In the confines of their room, sarita asks what happened with rohan. shiela says that she is impure, as she always cares for this only. she tells kamla the entire truth, that her body isnt soiled but her mind is, and she wont be able to love and trust anyone ever again. Kamla is tensed. She comforts her. shiela says that she wont fall weak, and that she would take her revenge from rohan, and wont let him live in peace. Kamla leaves. Granny reprimands both of them fopr being so callous and insensitive to shiela’s feelings. she goes to shiela and tries to comfort her and not feel bad. her sisters too comfort her.

Seeing all of them sad, raj asks why are they sad, as she has gone on her own free will, and tries to cheer them up and divert them into making food for him, as he’s very hungry. he asks everyone to get working, and asks soham and kamla to rest as they are finally rid of sarita. all disperse, bt shiela stays behind to ask what5 does he have to say to her, as he cant befool her and granny.

She says that they know that he’s missing sarita, and is lonely. he asks her to be quiet as she’s younger. He hugs her, and says that they would live on, and see how happy she is. After raj leaves, she thinks that had sarita not made her swear, she would have told him everything, and that sarita wouldnt ever be able to be happy, as she loves him, and there vandana would be there to torture her.

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Abhi tells sarita that he has a surprise planned for her. vikrant gets an important call, for a conference with the board of directirs and says that he would come straughtaway. He tells them about it, and asks sarita to take care of abhi. he gets down to reach his officeb in another car. He drives off, while abhi says that vikrant habitually does this. She hears this silently.

They reach the residence. Abhi stops sariota from going as he would be the first, and then opens her door, so that she may come out. She is touched by this gesture. She steps out. Abhi chatters non stop. She asks abhi also to be with her, while they come inside the house. Just before entering, Vandana tells sarita, in front of the guests, that a bride’s entry happens only with her husband. And hnce till the time, vikrant doesnt return home, she would stand out of th house only. Sarita is tensed.

Vikrant signs the important papres, and is asked by his assistant to finsh up and reach home fast. He conrgratulates him for taking this brave step for his son, and also get someone who would be an ideal company to him and taking away his loneliness, fills him with happiness. He thanks and leaves.

Sarita sits outside, waiting for vikrant to come. she eys the kalash that stands there as the ritual to be done by her and vikrant. He arrives in his car, and is surprised to see her waiting outside. He asks her whats the drama, and why is she outside. Sarita says that he and not her is always in the mood for drama. They both continuosuly argue, while vandana takes pleasure in it.

she comes out and explains why is she waiting outside. He is tensed. Vandana says that she asked her to come, but sarita refused. Sarita stands silent. Vandana goes inside. Vikrant asks her not to pretend to care for these rituals, as he got a mother and not a wife for him, and she cant be one also. He asks her not to wait up, as he would be this busy always, and if there’s any problem, she can call him.

Vandana gets the thali and asks them to enter. she does their pujs, while vikrant and sarita wait. Vandana taunts sarita that she doesnt need to be told the rituals twice, as this isnt her first marriage. As she steps in, she is surprised someone address her as DIDI. Kajri, much to sarita’s surprise, comes with the alta Thali, and welcomes sarita, saying that she caledd vikrant’s ex wife by that name and can she call her that too.

She says that because she is habituated to being in a joint family, and hence she has asked vikrant that they would live together here only. She says that she wont ever let her feel the loss of her prior family, referring to her as sarita Didi. sarita is tensed. Vandana says that she is pivotal in helping them be related to vikrant again. Sarita places her feet and is about to step outside the thali, when rohan’s father too comes out. Vikrant goes to look for abhi. They all begin to taunt sarita together. they get her inside.

Raj, while lying down, remembers sarita’s harsh words to him. He is uneasy and uncomfortable. He starts imagining a dream sequence of romance between her and vikrant and is jolted from his sleep. As sarita actually enters their room, and sees it romantically set, she is tensed with a sense of uneasiness. raj is unable to sleep.

He remembers where sarita used to sleep in his room. He places his bed at the same place and lies down there. He starts to caress sarita’s spot, and finally falls off to sleep.

As she comes out changing, the lights go off, and she desperately tries to run out, but vikrant comes in her way. She starts saying frantically that she doesnt like darkness, and asks the lights to be put back on. He takes her suitcase aside, that caused the switch to go off, and asks her to be more careful. She says that she has married him for abhi, and that there wont be any relation in between them. She asks why the room is decorated.

He says that he isnt anxious to touch her, and that the decoration was done by the manager, and he had no reason to ask him not to. He asks her to go the guest room if she has a problem. She says that this is their room, and he can leave if she wants. Abhi comes and asks if they are fighting. He denies and she says that his daddy is fighting and she isnt. Abhi says that he wants to sleep with her. Vikrant asks him to sleep in his room. But abhi insists otherwise. She says that they both shall sleep together. abhi says that they all would sleep together.

He makes them lie on the corners, and himself sleeps in the middle. Vikrant says that he can sleep only in dark and switches off the lights. They get into a verbal arguement. Abhi asks them to stop fighting, and asks her to tell a story of the butterfly. She begins to narrate while vikrant turns over the other side.

The next morning, kamla receives a call, and says that vandana has called them for the munh dikhayi. soham agrees to go. But raj refuses that he has work in the shop and wont go. Kamla asks him to move on, as she’s gone now. She asks him not to avoid her, as people would taunt him all the more. Raj asks them to go while he comes later. Soham asks kamla if they should take shiela. Kamla vehemently says that she would go as she has done nothing wrong, and she would see that noone harasses her. She asks the girls to get ready. granny compliments kamla for this behaviour.

As vikrant comes out from the bathroom, naked from above the torso, sarita rebukes him for this. He goes and comes out wearing a robe. He sees sarita’s stuff cluttered on the bed, and reprimands her for being so untidy. Sarita says that she was much comfortable in her previous room, where she had space for everything, unlike here

. He asks her to remember if she wanted any changes, before marriage, but she didnt have the choice to talk to him then. Sarita asks vikrant to speak politely if he wants her to reciprocate the same. She says that she’s the modern woman, who would give respect, only when she gets some. Vikrant eyes her tensedly.

Vandana sarcastically welcomes them, saying that if not for rohan, then for vikrant, they are finally related. All sit down. Vandan announces the arrival of Mrs. vikrant suryavanshi, as their eyes were searching for her. Vikrant gives a hand to sarita, as she is veiled, taunting her that he’s doing so, as her legs might give away, and she might be led astray.

Married Again 2 January 2020 Update ends when Raj is hurt and pained to see this. She gives her hand in his and walks upto the guests, along with abhi.  Sarita sits at her designated place. Kamla begins the ritual, and others follow. The guests compliment sarita for being an ideal wife and mother. vandana doesnt leave any chance to taunt raj and sarita. The screen freezes on Raj’s tensed face.