Married Again 27 December 2019 Update


Married Again 27 December 2019 Update begins when Shiela sees guru, and is surprised to know that he has his job back. he shows her the new stuff, while she agrees to try on. He helps her drape it over herself, while she watches mesmerized. They both like her dressed in the mirror.

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Sarita asks kamla, who’s making laddoos that she should be as open to giving as she is to taking. Sarita sees shiela happy and asks the reason. But shiela says that its nothing of the sort. kamla calls her for helping her in her work. Sarita thinks that sheila seems changed.

Shiela and Guru meet again, while he takes prasad from her. then he asks about rohan, and his connection with him, and demnds to know on the basis of their friendship. she shares everything, while rohan says that now he understands everything, but shiela says that she wont be able to be close to him, as he reminds her of rohan. Then thinking that she said too much, she rushes from there, with rohan in tow. Kamla mistakes soham when she sees him in suit. The girls too compliment.

Sarita asks about raj, and isd told that he would directly reach there. Shiela reaches her home, walking. kamla reprimands her for not saying before going. Shiela says that she would just get along with them. Seeing shiela panting, sarita wonders whats wrong. Seeing them tensed, kamla asks them angrily as they are getting late. They comply.

Abhi enjoys kamla’s laddoos. As raj comes, sarita says that she needs to talk to him, as to where he was last night, and why does it look as if he’s hiding something. vikrant doesnt like it. Vikrant takes sarita by the hand, and upstairs to his room. he shows it to her saying that its them, and asks how would she like to decorate it. Sarita says that its decorated enough.

Vikrant again asks for suggestions and alterations, but she says that she doesnt want any change. vikrant asks if she’s changing her mind and refraining from marriage. She says that its nothing like that, and why is he asking such questions. He says that he feels that she’s neither interested in him, nor the room. she says that she has made up her mind and nothing can change it. he says that he likes such people, and hates those who are fickle minded.

Sarita asks to go outside, as all are waiting and abhi too. Vikrant and sarita come down. Abhi says that his dad is very strong and everytime he wins this competition of dahi handi. Sarita says that this time, it wont be very easy for him to win, as her friend, raj too would be competing. vikrant says that he accepts the challenge, when its of the same level and says that they shall see who wins, her friend or her future husband. sarita is tensed. Raj declines to participate, but vikrant says that it would be fun, and asks him to be onboard.

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The dahi handi starts amidst much cheer. Both raj and virkant gear up for the competition. it finally begins. Abhi comes and asks sarita why isnt he cheering his father instead of her friend. sarita is in a dilemma as his heart wants Raj to win and she has to listen to this child too. She starts cheering for vikrant and he continues with renewed vigour, while raj is distracted and falls down. Abhi is very happy while the jagotia family is tensed. Raj congratulates vikrant, while he hugs abhimaan in glee. Sarita asks why did he lose. He says that it was due to her. She goes and congratulates vikrant, who says that he had told that he would win.

Later, vikrant says that today’s win was very special, as his son would have felt bad and his wife also maybe, had he lost. he asks raj for a drink and he says that he doesnt. But vikrant says that his wife has also won with him, and therefore he should drink for her. raj complies. Raj starts to cough, but vikrant again goes to give him another drink.

Sarita thinks what a low level man he is, as he’s only thinking of his win, and not the fact that raj lost for his son’s happiness. He gives the next drink to raj, for sarita’s punar vivah, and his freedom. Raj gulps it down. Vikrant goes on to subtlely insult him, and asks if he would finish it. Raj accepts the challenge just like vikrant wanted, and shocks his family. sarita is tensed for him.

Sarita gets backl a drunk and completely insane raj to their room, and lays him on the bed, while he’s chattering nonstop. He says that he’s proud of being a raddiwala. She tries to give him water, but he throws it away saying that that vikrant wants to drink neat and so he shall. Sarita asks if he wants to talk, and whats it, and why did he gulp down the entire bottle.

Married Again 27 December 2019 Update ends as Raj says that he’s feeling very jealous, and that he isnt liking one bit, and asks if she knows whats he’s going through. She asks if he misses divya and goes to call her. But raj says that divya may go to hell, for all he cares. Sarita again composes him. He says if she doesnt undersatnd whats he feeling. He says that he wanmts to talk to sarita instead of divya. Sarita asks what does he want to say, as she’s listening. Raj says I LOVE YOU. The screen freezes on her overwhelmed and disbelieving face.