Married Again 28 December 2019 Update


Married Again 28 December 2019 Update on Zee World

All reprimand shiela for helping rohan, and she tries to make them understand that this is guru, but they dont listen to her. Finally she explains her misunderstanding and how it got cleared. They are all tensed to hear this. She tells them how much guru has helped her and saved her twice, and asks raj to help him. soham says that they wont help, and he might die if it so is.

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Shiela bursts that she would be affected as she loves him. they are shocked. Sarita is tensed. Shiela turns to raj for his help. Soham is about to hit her, but he stops him by saying that they dont want to create a scene here. Raj tells shiela that he would help him for humanity, but he sint happy at what she did, as she should have told them before. sarita too asks if this isnt too real, and that this is too much of a coincidence. she says that its a foul play by rohan only.

But shiela tries to prove how it isnt rohan, but gurur, and how she has fallen in love with him. sarita asks if she knows whats she doing. Sheila expresses her desire to be with him. sarita asks if her family doesnt agree. She says that she would kill herself. Kamla comes and says that they wont let this happen, and she would kill only when they allow her to. They forcibly take shiela from there. sarita is tensed that shiela might do something that they would regret later.

Kamla gets shiela home and locks her in the room, and instructs everyone not to dare to open this room. Soham reprimands kamla, but she too retaliates back saying that he’s only concerned for sarita, and not getting shiela married. Soham raises his hand to hit her, but kamla stops him asking him to be sane, as shiela is in an influential state. He leaves tensedly. Married Again 28 December 2019 Update

Sarita and raj are discussing the issue of guru v/s rohan. Raj remidns what she did when she was with rohan. Sarita tries to put forth shiela’s statements. She says that the family wont be calm, and they have the responsibility to calm down shiela and also find the truth. Sarita gets vikrant’s calll, and picks up tensed, and vikrant tells that he wants to go shopping with her. Sarita says that she’s in trouble, and cant say for sure if she would be able to come.

He asks whats the problem that is important than their marriage. She is about to spill raj’s name. vikrant is upset and raj is tensed. she says that she would talk later. She tells raj that they would together find a way. Raj thanks her for her support.

Vikrant is upset remembering vandana’s doubts for Sarita and raj’s relationship. Just then, abhi wakes up having a dream that sarita left him. He is surprised and tells him that it was just a bad dream, and says that she wont go anywhere, and promises that even if she wants, he wont let her go anywhere.

The next morning, kamla coems and finds shiela asleep by the bedside. She is apalled to see her like that. She places the tea on the floor, and calmly wakes her up. she wakes up angrily, while kamla advises her to forget the lookalike and move on, as she would find a suitable grrom for her, and wants faith from her. But shiela doesnt take the tea and shows her resentment. kamla gets angry and says that she mightnt hear, but that wont change anything, and she would leave the house, when vshe’s out of love.

Kamla leaves, while shiela says that she wont stop for anyone, and that she cant live without gurur, and can do anything for him. She eyes the window. She takes the dupatta, and attempts an escape.

Raj and sarita arrive at the station with court orders, to see rohan. The police allows them. They are shocked to see rohan still behind the bars, spewing out venomous and threatening words at them, and asks if they changed their mind about shiela’s marriage with him.He again talks about kidnapping shiela and also goes on to taunt sarita. Seeing raj angry, she takes him out.

Outside, they think how strange its that two lookalikes are in shiela’s life at the same time. The hawaldar comes to take an entry from them, which they forgot. They ride off on the bike. On the bike, something catches sarita’s eye, and she is irritated. raj helps her get it out, unaware that vikrant is on the other end, coming along with his people. He passes them without noticing them. He gets in his car, while sarita is relieved.

Shiela is very tensed in the hospital when the nurse refuses to let her see gurur. the doctor comes and tells her that he’s alright but needs rest. she takes doctor’s permission and goesd inside to see guru. She comes by his bedside. Guru wakes up, and shiela blames herself for this. He says that had he not come, then it wouldnt have had any meaning for her, as her love is what makes him live. He says that he’s willing to even give his life for her. She asks him never to say this again. He says that he wants to say something. she asks him to sya when fine. Married Again 28 December 2019 Update

He says that this is important to be said right now, and proposes her for marriage. She is overwhelmed and hugs him, and sees that something pricked her. But he immediately diverst her attention saying that he’s in pain and asks her to call the doctor. After she leaves, He smiels evilly, taking off his sheet, and revealing his jail clothes, saying that he isnt guru but rohan, the same weho was insulted by her and his family, and goes on to show the R shaped necklace that pricked her. He goes on to detail his plan, that was all concocted by him, to get her in his trap.

He is happy that shiela is in her trap now, and sarita dn raj might have saved her last time, but this time even they were misguided. He says that both of them were so easily befooled. He thinks how narrowly he escaped being caught today, and moved from the police station just in time, to reach the hospital, where the nurse too diverted shiela so that she isnt able to see rohan. He is happy at her plan being a success, and she being a puppet now in his hands. He says that now he would his revenge over them.

Raj offers to go with her to virkant, but sarita forces him to follow as they had planned, and asks him to go home, while she handles vikrant and talks. She leaves. raj, on his bike gets munni’s call telling about shiela’s escape. Raj heads for home straightaway.

Sarita is hesitant at the door, and thinks that vikrant will be very angry and he would apologise to abhi and vikrant, as she would be betraying vikrant when she loves raj. She says that she’s responsible for abhi, and would take care of him always, if permitted. she hopes that he would understand. She remembers her deal with vikrant and raj’s confession, and is in a dilemma. She finally rings the bell, and a bellboy comes out, who she says that she wants to meet vikrant. He comes. She says that she wanted to talk something important with him.

Vikrant says that he knew that she would come, and asks her to say what she wants to, as he wants to put an end to this straightaway. Sarita is tensed and doesnt understand how to bring this up. He asks what did she want to talk about. She fumbles but sees abhi with a abnd, and asks whats this. He says that their welcome is planned. Some other girls too come welcoming her along with vandana, who does her tilak, while she stands confused, and asks what this means.

Vandana says that she would tell everything, but asks her to step carefully, as she has to stay calm, for the important news that she’s going to give her. She wonders if abhi would let vikrant and her talk. she wonders what he would go through hearing what she has to say. Vandana asks why is she so surprised. She asks how they managed it so fast. She says that she has also informed her family too. sarita says that this has gone too ahead and wants

She asks vikrant about the date, and he says that abhi wanted, and henec he complied, and whats the difference, as they have decided that they wont change the descision. He says that the marriage would happen in four days. She is about to bring up the topic, but abhi again takes him away. Vandana asks that she can share with her, as vikrant

Sarita starts coughing, and van dana taunts her on that too. Sarita goes to the drinking area, and has some water. Vandana follows her and says that she doesnt know Vikrant’s firm will, and isnt like raj, and syas that her destiny is her enemy as she’s going to be here. She retaliates saying that she would try to get what she wants, and that she would decide what she wanted, wants and will want her future to be, and akss her to stop interfering. She leaves. Vandana is shocked at such ego, and wonders if she’s in hold of vikrant now. But then dismisses it, and wonders if there’s anything else that she hasnt noticed yet.

Married Again 28 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Kamla goes on berserk about how would the society react to this. Raj blames her for this. Kamla goes into a self victimisation mode, and raj comforts her, asking her to be calm, as he would get shiela back. soham asks him to be careful, as this is a very sensitive issue, and she should return home soon. granny too asks raj to go and kamla to shut up.

In the hospital, raj gets to know that guru has been discharged along with shiela and wonders where are they. Raj gets kamla’s call, and cancels just by saying that he would be home with shiela in half an hour.

Sarita takes vikrant to their room, and says that she wants to talk. She gets raj’s call, who informs her about shiela’s disappearance. she is shocked, when raj tells everything. He ask if she has any address. She says that she knows that guru works in the shop, where shiela has shopped for engagement.

He asks her to come home urgently, so that they can search for her together. she says that she would leave rightaway, and asks him to message ther place where he is going. She says that she would have to go, and vikrant asks that she wanted to talk urgently. She says that she’s in great trouble and would talk later. He asks her to tell him the trouble. But she hastily leaves. Vandana stops her, and tells her that they are coming for haldi. She says that today she doesnt have the time. Vandanha taunts her and asks if everything’s okay. She doesnt respond and leaves. Vandana wonders whats the urgency and wants to find out.

Kamla is very disturbed, and seeing sarita come home, she vents out her frustration at her only. Sarita is hurt and asks if she actually believes that she would be happy if her family is in pain. Just then, raj arrives with shiela. Kamla goes and slaps shiela. Shiela says that she has nevere done anything that would mar their respect. She says that she went to help guru, as he was to be discharged, and noone was going to pic k him, hence he went. She says that she just went there, and asks kamla to atleast place faith on her daughter, if not her bahu. She silences kamla by talking like that. She tries to grasp shiela, but she leaves. Raj asks kamla to calm down, and tells that shiela would calm her down.

The girls and abhi tease vikrant that he has to go through all the rituals to get sarita as his wife. the haldi ceremony starts, and abhi says that he would be the first person to put it on his cheeks. He does so, while others watch him gleefully. Abhi says that he should be so beautiful that sarita only has eyes for him. He asks abhi who taught him this. abhi says that its his nani. He asks the girls to take abhi outside, and asks vandana why is she teaching him all this.

Vandana asks why is she getting angry. He says that this is like that. Vandana asks that there shoudlnt be any problem in him getting all of sarita’s attention. She says that if sarita’s love is distributed, then how would she be abhi’s mom.

Married Again 28 December 2019 Update ends when Vikrant is tensed. He says that he respects her, but if she teaches abhi wrong things, then he wont tolerate, as his only motive is to get abhi a mother. He reminds her why he wasnt on talking tersm with her, after his first wife’s death, and thought that this remarriage would improve their relations, but if she continues like this, then he would have to break every relation that he has with her.