Married Again 4 January 2020 Update


Married Again 4 January 2020 Update starts with Sarita helping abhi get ready for school, while kajri and vandana think that she is unfazed by yesterday’s drama. She finds kamla and divya in her house with gift packs. She makes them sit down, while divya says that they should start the new relation with all rituals. Sarita thanks her for coming. Vandana comes in taunting that atleast one of her children is settled finally.

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Kamla taunts vandana too for her son, rohan. she invites vandana with her family, then says how would she come, as her son is in jail again, and last heard, their house was sealed, hence she is placed here. she advises vandana not to think for her kids, but of her own, so that she might be in jail next time with her son. Sarita asks them to sit, but kamla says that they are in a rush.

Vandana says that sarita would come, but vikrant’s coming is in doubt. kamla asks why. Vandana taunts her the answer to this would be given by her ex-bahu. They leave. Kamla asks sarita if they had a fight. sarita says that he’s very busy these days. but vikrnat comes in saying that its indeed difficult, but the first time, they would definitely come on their invitation.

Divya says that he takes care of sarita very mudh, and says that she’s very happy for them, and maybe it took time, but she finally found happiness. Divya and sarita express their desire to talk to each other, but kamla asks them to do so in the evening and leaves with divya.

Vandana and kajri leave in disgust. Vikrant asks sarita, if she’s happy with divya and raj’s engagement. she is tensed but says yes, and adds that her happiness is immaterial, as raj and divya are getting engaged and her past is behind her nopw. vikrant gives her way to go, and she complies. Vikrant look back baffled.

Scene 2:Location: Jagotia’s residenceDivya is getting mehendi done by her sister in laws. raj passes by, and divya asks how the mehendi is. Raj smiles, but is reminded of sarita with her mehendi. divya asks where is he lost. He says that its good, but a little empty. Divya tells about her allergy to mehendi, but raj asks her to put a mehendi so that the entire bhopal is baffled.

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Raj says that deeper the love, the colour is as strong, and the mehendi should look so that Bhopal would wonder if there’s any better couple than raj and divya. She is baffled. she thinks that this isnt love, something else. As raj never shows off his love, like he’s doing now.

Vikrant’s residenceAbhi compliments sarita that she’s looking very beautiful and asks who would read the story to him not that she’s going. Sarita says that he would go with her. Abhi says that vikrant never allows him, but she says that she would get him to say yes. vikrant comes in pretending to be angry as to what she shall talk about, and asks abhi if he behaved very naughtily.

Abhi nudges her to talk, and she spills out saying that she wants to take abhi to the function. he says that he too doesnt like it, but it would be difficult to take care of him throughout the party. The mother son duo coax him into sayin Yes, if she agrees to take responsibility for him. they both clap, as vikrant turns away. he turns back again and says that there shouldnt be any problem.

Both kamla and soham are gloating when a guest asks, whi is she marrying a simpleton, and divya grows speechless.Soham asks him not to mind his comment. She thinks that raj should have been with her, but sees that he’s standing distant. She wonders whats raj’s problem, as it feels that he’s doing something and feeling something else, and that her Raj wasnt like this.

Just then, she is thronged with munni and her friends. Kamla asks raj to go and get pics clicked with divya. But raj says not now. just then, sarita arrives with her family. Raj says that now that they are here, they would have the ring ceremony.Divya hugs sarita. Divya asks sarita that she wants to talk to her. Sarita is about to take abhi too, but granny says that she should leave abhi with her. but sarita says that she wont be beffoled again, like last time, and this time he would be with her only. They go aside, where abhi asks for a cold drink and he starts drinking.

Sarita asks divya whats bothering. Divya tells sarita that raj isnt marrying her as he loves her, but it feels as if he wants to show or prove something, that he’s hiding from her, and asks if she knows anything about this. Sarita says that he still loves divya an d thats why she went away. she asks her not to bother, as she would talk to raj and explain it to him. She asks divya to cheer up now.

Divya thanks her, and says that she has to start a new life getting out of her reel world. She says that she cant repeat the same msitake that she did ten years back, and has to start afresh with Raj. divya is called to start the function. As she leaves, Sarita thinks that raj shouldnt do injustice to divya, and that divya shouldnt get to know that she and raj had started liking each other.

While soham is gloating about divya, divya senses that raj is lost and asks if everythingh’s okay. He complies and says yes. Soham asks raj to start the ceremony. Raj places the ring in Divya’s finger, while looking at sarita, and ends up hurting divya, who is baffled and asks whats he doing. Raj asks that she became a Tv star and now she is pained even by his touch. Divya says that they have to behave as they have the press covering everything.

Married Again 4 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Raj says that she shouldnt bother about press, as she isnt getting married to a hot shot, but a normal man. Divya is embarassed. Then divya too places the ring on his finger. all clap and applaud. Vikrant asks whats the matter as neither of them is looking happy, neither she nor raj. Sarita is tensed.

Sarita is speechless at vikrant’s question. Sarita says that there’s nothing like that, and vikrant has trouble believeing it. Raj remembers divya and sarita’s moments with him, and asks divya for a dance, in retaliation. he asks her not to be shy as they are habituated since college days. she gives her hand in his. All watch happily.

While Raj and Divya have their romantic dance number, raj is eyeing sarita curtly, while divya is baffled at raj’s behaviour. Sarita thinks why is he doing all this and what does he want to prove by doing this. All clap when they finish. Abhi asks his parents also to dance, by placing one’s hand in the other. Shiela says that she would take care of abhi. the music starts again, and they awkwardly start dancing, while Raj watches, continuing this dance with divya.

Munni gets someone’s call, and divya is told that some Raza has called from mumbai. she excuses herself to attend the call, while raj too leaves in disgust. They clap again when the dance finishes. Sarita excuses herself from vikrant. Vandana is taken aside by a relative.

Sarita comes in to find raj distraught, and asks why is he doing this, and what would divya think if she sees this. She immediately goes to attend to his hand’s cuts. But he does the dressing himself, saying that he too wants to move on like her, and that this is just a minor cut. Sarita insistently takes it, and asks why’s he doing this, and why isnt he happy with divya, the love of his life. raj says that noone is more happy than him, who has got back his love life after 12 years, and that he has already planned out his life ahead.

Sarita says that she’s happy for him. He says that he wants to decorate the room too, as he doesnt want any past memories. She says that from her unwanted past, all the greetings to him. Raj asks if she had thought that only she would be able to move on. He shocks her by asking how was her wedding night.

Kajri finds a purse and leaves stealthily for it. She gets cold drink for abhi, and accidentally yet intentionally spills it on shiela’s dress. She apologises profusely. Shiela says that its okay, and leaves to clean it up. Kajri gives her the cold drink and asks him where’s the purse of sarita. She shows that its beside the havan kund, and that he should get it for his mother.

He hurridely goes and gets it, unknown that his clothes catch fire. Meanwhile, vandan’s relative notices the fire and screams, and all are shocked. They go running after it. Somehow, sarita, with her hand manages to douse the fire, while sarita hugs him tightly in worry. vikrant too hugs him. kajri is worried. Raj and vikrant find that her hand is burnt and she needs to see a doctor. They leave immediately. raj is tensed while others are surprised.

Later, looking at the gifts divya is commenting as to how important each gift is, and where would they keep it. she is tensed to find raj, lost in thoughts. She asks whats he thinking. Raj fumbles and avoids her question, and says that he was thinking about the rituals. She asks how he got hurt, and who dressed this wound, as this right is hers now, and who stole it. Raj asks her not to bother about unnecessary stuff.

Divya is tensed, and says that she was just joking. she asks him why is he behaving so strange, when she’s his fiancee and would be wife. Their talk is interrupted when kamla calls for them. Raj leaves. kamal comes and sits beside her, and asks her not to be sad, as raj’s temper may be quick to come and quick to go too. She cheers her up by asking about the gifts.

Vandana asks vikrant how’s abhi now. He tells her that abhi is sleeping, and sarita is with him, sarita’s hand is burnt but she’s telling abhi a story so that he sleeps, by being a good mother. Vandana says that she’s good and smart too, as she knows how to drape her mistakes. He asks what does she want to say. She says that the accident happened because of her.

He reprimands her for doubting sarita unnecessarily. she says that she knows that she has lost her credibility in this house, due to her own acts and says that she wont say, if he doesnt care to listen. He asks her to speak up, as she’s Jahanvi’s mom. He says that he would if the facts are believable. Vandana says that what he knows is the half truth.

Vandana tells vikrant that he may have seen that sarita went after abhi to save him, but he isnt realising that this accident wouldnt have happened with abhi, had she been around him in the first place. Vikrant asks what does she mean and asks where was sarita then. She says that sarita kept shiela to take care of abhi, and went somewhere. He asks her to state clearly where was she.

Vandana deliberately puts up a pretense of concern and hesitation and says that sarita had gone to her bedroom with raj. Vikrant is tensed. She says that all people were happy with the engagement, except for sarita, who was sad and lost, and raj, who should have been all eyes for divya, and instead were always on sarita. And the minute they found the time, they went to their bedroom. He gets angry for sarita being so irresponsible. Vandana says that a person can do anything for love, and that she’s saying all this as this remarriage happened for abhi, and she doesn’t

Sarita, while sitting beside abhi, who’s sleeping, is thinking that if she had been a little late, then anything could have happened. Vikrant comes in remembering vandana’s words. He asks her if she’s in pain. she says that its paining and stinging. He asks if he should apply the medicine. even after she says no, he insistently puts it, asking that the medicine would heal this wound, but what about the other wound, thats on her heart, due to raj’s and divya’s engagement.

And when she couldn t bear it, she went away with raj, to his bedroom, and that she may have saved abhi from the accident, but she’s responsible for it too, due to her carelessness. He goes on to ask sarita, why did he go with raj, in his bedroom, and what was she doing there, having left abhi with munni. She asks him not to forget before blaming her, that she’s abhi’s mother and knows her limits.

He says that he doesn’t believe that. He says that he’s not the types who take 10 years to say what they feel. He says that he has decided that from now on, he won’t allow her to take responsibility of his son alone. He asks her to leave, as he wants to be alone with his son. sarita is surprised but leaves. The screen freezes on his tensed face. Married Again 4 January 2020 Update