Married Again 7th January 2020 Update


Married Again 7th January 2020 Update starts at the Hotel in Mumbai, Vikrant is angry to find sarita staring at sarita. Sarita thinks that its ood that raj is happy with divya and forgets about her and moves on. But vikrant thinks that she’s thinking about raj, and is angry that she isnt even listening to abhi. she accidentally drops pastaa, while looking at Raj, and goes inside to freshen up, while vikrant feeds abhi. Raj too leaves divya, to go to the bathroom. Vikrant observes this that raj has followed her.

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Sarita and raj meet, while he says that he has to look for excuses to meet her. He asks how’s the honeymoon going. He says that he knows that this question is personal, but they are friends and can share antything. She says that she doesnt know why is he here, and asking such things. She reminds that she;s married now. She says that if he is relieved, then her honeymoon is going fantastic, and reminds that divya’s waiting for him.

Raj asks why does she lie, as there’s an empty look in her eyes. She asks why wouldnt she want this, as she’s happy with vikrant now. raj says that this is half truth and half lie. He says that she isnt very happy . She says that he’s forgetting that she’s abhi’s mother and vikrant’s wife. He says that she’s lying, and that she still loves him.

Sarita says that he’s thinking wrong. He holds her hand and says that he’s right. She says that she has to go to vikrant. He asks to let the doubt be, and let him know how much she loves raj. She says that she doesn’t love him anymore, and that she’s someone else’s wife. she asks him to let go of the misunderstanding and not spoil four lives. raj says that he hasnt come here to enjoy mumbai, but to find is sarita gets jealous seeing him with another woman. She asks how can he use divya for his motives. raj says that he would do anything to find out for sure.

Vikrant sees that raj and sarita still havent returned yet, and that divya too is alone like him, and he says that he would have to put an end to this. He excuses himself to go.

Raj confesses that he loves her and not divya. Sarita asks to be let go. They are shocked to find vikrant standing there, staring at them angrily. She leaves from there. Vikrant eyes raj angrily. He too leaves after her. Raj is tensed. in his room, vikrant is thinking about sarita with raj. He gets vandana’s call. Vanadana asks how’s he. He says that everything’s right. She asks for sarita and expresses the need to talk to her. He says that she’s with abhi.

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Vandana tells vikrant to tell sarita that her saans, then rectifies and says that kamla called to inform about raj’s marraige after 15 days with Divya. She says that kamla has called hence they would have to go, as after all sarita shares an intimate relation with raj. He too says that sarita doesnt need to be told, as raj would already have told her. He tells tghem about raj and divya being in mumbai. She pretends to be surprised, and says that they are different people, hence have their own ways. She says that whats good is that sarita is very simple. Vikrant is frustrated and says that he would talk to her later.

Vandana says tht its okay. Vandan is happy, and cancels the phone. Kajri asks what does she mean. Vandana says that she is too naive to understand that a woman understands a man’s modulation of his voice and the mood it expresses. She says that vikrant may not express his anger, but he’s a volcano that erupts once. Vanadana says that sarita may have won by going to mumbai, but now she would lose again and again, as she would be destroyed when vikran’s anger blasts.

Divya finds abhi playing billiards, and greets him. She asks why’s he alone. He says that his parenst have gone somewhere. divya says that she too is alone and they can play together. Abhi decides to be friends with her, as she’s sarita’s friend. While divya is playing with abhi, sarita asks for him. Divya explains how they ended up together. abhi too asks where they went. divya compliments abhi and also tells sarita that they both llok cute together and have a great chemistry and that they should pray for divya and raj, so that all are jealous of their love. sarita remembers raj’s harsh words and is tensed.

Divya says that she needs the blessings of a true person, and who better than her, who’s always wishes for raj to be with divya. Seeing sarita tensed, she asks sarita where’s she lost. divya asks whats wrong and demands to talk to vikrant. But sarita says that there was nothing like that. seeing raj come, she hastily leaves, saying that she has to go to vikrant, before sending him off for the meeting. Raj talks to divya, and says that sarita wont be able to go anyewhere, and would meet again.

In her room, while sarita is managing the room, vikrant is angry and says that she needs to stop this drama of being abhi’s good mother, when she’s still metting her first love. Sarita says that its a misunderstanding that she’s trying to tell him since yesterday. but vikrant refuses to hear her, as he says that he’s seen everything. He reminds her of the incident at the restaurant. She says that she isnt lying, but its not her game plan. She says that she doesnt know how raj ended up here. She aks him to calm down, and listen to her.

Vikrant says that he married, just because abhi wanted her as a mother, and that he’s trying hard to maintain a relation, but she’s neither a good wife nor a good mother. He says that she couldnt keep her promise for four days. Married Again 7 January 2020 Update

In the meanwhile, in the lobby, Raj gets hold of abhi, who tells him that sarita is in father’s room. He is surprised to find that they stay in seperate rooms.

Sarita asks who’s he to talk to relations, who’s married as if its a deal, and reminds him of his bet. She says that despite knowing everything, she has accepted him and his child, as though they were her own. Sarita lashes out at vikrant, and says that she forgot her first husband and her love, for him, and he still accuses her of being an infidel. She says that she never looked back at raj, after she married him. She says that its true that she loved raj dearly, but its all lost, when she married him. She accepted her fate.

Raj is listening to all this from the door. She tells vikrant that she married him only for shiela’s sake. Vikrant says that he doesnt want to understand anything else. She says that she would talk, and explains out everything, as she kept care of a house which didnt give her anything for ten years. she says that she would forever take care of abhi, with full honesty. She says that before his wife, she’s abhi’s mother, and that a wife can betray but a mother cant. Raj tensedly hears this and leaves. Vikrant is tensed to see that raj has overheard all this.

Vikrant is tensed to see that raj has heard all this. raj is very tensed to hear all this. raj is in the lobby remembering sarits’ outburst. He is confused as to how’s shiela concerned in this. Raj calls up shiela and asks whats she hiding. Raj asks shiela on the phone, as to what was the helplessness that sarita married vikrant. He makes her swear and say Sarita says that she sacrificed herself for the family and herself.

She relates everything to raj. He akss why did she hide this, as they loved each other. She says that when she came, they were already married, and she made shiela swear that she wont tell this to raj. Raj angrily asks her to shut up. Raj says that now he would see how vikrant stops him from making Sarita his. Shiela asks him not to do anything like that, as they are married now, and he too is engaged with divya. She advises him not to overcomplicate relationships.

However, raj is tensed, and highly boggled. Shiela wonders what to do now, and how would sarita be dealing with all this, and hopes that everything turns out okay. raj thinks that sarita doesnt love vikrant, and just sacrificed her love for the family. raj says that she just enacted infront of him, and that she loves him even more than he loves her.

Divya says to sarita that she has got red roses for raj. sarita says that choices change in ten years and so have Raj’s. Sarita says that much has chnged in these years, and maybe he doesnt like what he used to earlier. She asks divya to give the roses nevertheless, and maybe he likes them. Sarita says that whosoever maybe in love, love never changes, and that she herself and her roses would definitely change the heart, and that the colour of the flowers dont matter.

Sarita says that love’s an unbreakable bond and cant be strained. Divya feels light talking to her and begins to leave, but sarita stops her. Sarita asks her to light the candles, as its better to confess in bright lights. As divya leaves, She thinks that she wont let divya bear the brunt of ther bitterness of her past with raj. Married Again 7th January 2020 Update

Divya romantically sets up the room, waiting for raj to arive. he arrives a little tensed. divya asks him how did he like the surprise. raj tries to be cheerful. She asks if he remembers whats tom orrow, as its very speacial for her, as they met for the first time, 12 years ago, and that tomorrow they would spend it her style. she reminds him of the college day, of the first meeting. but all raj can remember is the first bike ride with sarita. She reminds the drama competition’s casting, whereas raj remembers how sarita got him back into acting, and how he had helped sarita get makeup on and did a makeover of hers.

While she remembers the past days, and how he had taught her acting, but raj is lost and tensed. She reminds him the candlelight dinner, while he remembers it with sarita. She says that she wants to freshen the memories. But raj says that they would go downstairs for food. Divya insists that they would be eher only. But raj says not tosay.

Divya asks why’s he eascaping from her and if he’s tensed, despite him telling her that this would give them the chance to be together, but she’s noticing that he doesnt pay attention to her, and is always lost somewhere else. Raj says that she’s right, and that he’s unable to be here despite being here, and that he actually wants to be alone. He asks her to understand, and asking her to have her food, he leaves, while she’s frustrated.

Divya is angry at raj’s behaviour, even after meeting after ten years, and wonders whats the reason. She says that she will talk to him right now, and wants him to answer every question of hers.

In the lift, Abhi senses that vikrant and sarita are again fighting, and wonders what to do to get them to be friends again. He ties sarita’s pallu to vikrant’s belt, without them knowing about it. As the lift hauls, vikrant and sarita are in a tangled state, and frustratedly try to be free from the other, giving each other cold stares. Abhi smiles.

Vikrant understands that abhi was behind all this but doesnt say anything and leaves. Abhi winks at sarita. In the lobby, while they are going ahead, they are followed by raj, and sarita sees this and is scared. She tries to avoid him, and thinks why’s raj following her, as if vikrant sees this, then there would be a problem. Raj thinks that he would have to talk to sarita alone, and find out whats sarita feels and then he would talk to vikrant. Married Again 7th January 2020 Update

Kamla is very angry that raj and divya have gone at the last minute. Soham asks her not to worry, and asks about shiela instead, and if she’s okay and not thinking of running away again. kamal retaliates saying that she too is worried, but shiela herself is to be blamed for this. She says that the best way now is to get her married somehow. Shiela comes and soham leaves. She tells kamla that she’s right in blaming her, and that she herself has brought infamy to herself and the family, but she herself would rectify it.

Kamal retaliates and says that now she’s bringing on her all the more trouble. shiela says that she doesnt want to get married, as thats not the end of life, but that she would have her revenge first, and then thjink others. Kamla is angry that she’s thinking on the wrong track yet again. shiela says that she’s a modern woman, and wouldnt let anyone get away with hurting her. As she leaves, kamal is frustrated.

Hotel in mumbai – At the dining table, abhi notices that sarita is pouring chilli sauce continuously, while lost in thoughts. vikrant reprimands and asks her that it may be difficult for her to get her attention to this table, but can she respect that and asks if she can bring back her attention to this table. Sarita says that her attention is at this tabel, but he wont be able to understand as he hismelf is preocccupied. He reminds her about the chilli sauce.

Married Again 7th January 2020 Update ends as Sarita says that she likes chilli sauce and hence she has taken so much. vikrant irritatedly pours all the more, and asks her to eat now, while she and abhi are tensed. He says that this would prove that her attention was here only. Abhi asks her not to eat, as it would burn in her mouth. But vikrant says that his mother likes it, and hence wont have a problem to eat it. The screen freezes on sarita’s tensed face.