Max Lucado Devotional 6 July 2022 | Martha


Max Lucado Daily Devotional 6 July June 2022
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TOPIC: Martha

“Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor and Martha served…” (John 12:2 NIV).

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were like family to Jesus. After the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead, they decided to give a dinner for Jesus, and Martha served. Listen, every church needs Marthas.

Every church needs a hundred Marthas – sleeves rolled up and ready, they keep the pace for the church. You don’t appreciate Marthas until a Martha is missing, and then all the Marys and Lazaruses are scrambling around looking for the keys and the thermostats.

Marthas don’t seek the spotlight; they don’t live off the applause. If Marthas have a weakness, it is their tendency to elevate the mission over the Master. A younger Martha did that, but a mature Martha learned that just as there is a place in the kingdom of God for sacrificial service, there is also a place for extravagant praise.

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