Mehek 2 October 2019 Update


Mehek 2 October 2019 Update begins when the Government gives honor to Shaurya and Mehek. They give their honor to Kanta and Karuna and say whatever we are is because of our moms. They come home. Everyone celebrates.

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Shauyra kisses Mehek. She says someone would come. He says I want to spend time with you. Dolly comes. Karuna and Jeevan come with them as well. Doly says why are you buttons open. Shaurya says I felt warm. Harsh says lets celebrate. They all dance together. Mehek and Shaurya dance on romantic songs. A girl calls.

Awara picks the phone. But the girl doesn’t speak. Shaurua comes to kitchen and looks at Mehek. Shauyr hugs her form behind. She says let me prepare dinner. He says I want to be around you all the time. He hugs her from behind and says I will help you. Dolly comes in and coughs. Karuna comes and they both tease them. Dolly says to Mehek and Shaurya give us a kid now. Shaurya hugs her and says I am your kid no. Everyone laughs. Mehek says I hope everyone stays happy like this and neev gets well soon.

At night, Shaurya and Mehek see their old photos. SHe says we will always miss PD. He says she would be happy to see us happy. Mehek says is she a star now? Shaurya hugs her and says yes. She is always looking down at us shining in the sky. Someone calls Mehek bit doesn’t speak. Mehek wonders who it is.

The calls comes again. Shaurya says who is it. Don’t call again or I will call police. Everyone enjoys lunch. Dolly picks the phone. The girl doesn’t speak. Mehek says leave it must be a prank call. Shaurya says Mehek come with me. They both pack stuff. Mehek says you are going again for your business. Shaurya says its about work i have to go. Dolly says Mehek you go with him. Mehek says I am white chilies partner. Mehek packs her stuff as well and says I will go with you.

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Mehek and Shaurya arrive at hotel. The girl follows them. Mehek feels weird. Shaurya asks her what happened. She says I felt like someone is keeping an eye on us. He says you are so hot people see you. She says yeah maybe. Shaurya hugs her. The girl tries to peek in the window. Shaurya says everything will be fine. We are always together.

Kanta says house look so empty. We should take baba out for time. Jevan says you are right. She says lets go to Matla. Mansi says I will handle the house. Shaurya says we have a meeting. She says you have to be with me all the time.

Mehek and shaurya come to the meeting. Mehek feels like someone is keeping an eye on them. She goes there but no one is there. Mehek says I am being paranoid. At night Mehek and shaurya go on a date. Shaurya says you look so pretty. Do you still feel paranoid? She says what do you mean. He says I am always with you don’t worry. He says lets dance. Shaurya and Mehek dance on dil diya gallan.

Shaurya and Mehek are on their way. He says you look so pretty when you smile and shy. The girl it running. She comes in front of Shaurya’s car. Shaurya stops but she is injured. Mehek screams. She says rush to the hospital.

Mehek and shaurya get her checked. Mehek says please start the treatment. shaurya says how could i do this. Police comes. Shaurya and Mehek tell them everything.
The doctor says she is safe now. We have kept her under observation. Mehek anad shaury come to girl. police says what is your name? She says anjali.

She says ther were thugs after me and I came in front of their car. Its not their mistake. Shaurya says thanks. we will get them behind bars. Mehek says I am Mehek. Shaurya goes with police. Anjali says that was Shaurya. Mehek is dazed. Mehek says your locket. It falls. Mehek sees something in it and is dazed.

Shaurya says to doctor please let me know if she needs any help. Mehek says she is coming with to Dehli. Shaurya is dazed.
Karuna decorates Shaurya’s room. She says they would be happy to see that their room is renovated. Dolly says you are such a good mother.

Shaurya says how can she come with us? I know you are worried we can help her financially. Mehek says she is alone. There are many thugs. I wanna help her. We have to take her. She could die. We are responsible for her injury. We have to help her and save her form these thugs.

Mehek 2 October 2019 Update ends as Shaurya says what will our life be if we keep taking people home. He says will she come? Mehek says I spoke to her. Mehek says she has no one. We have to give her a new life. He says okay. Mehek says thanks. She says I convince you. He says whats her name? She says just anjali. Mehek says in heart i know the truth but can’t tell you.