Mehek 22 August 2019 Update on Zee World


Mehek 22 August 2019 Update on Zee World – On road, Mandhar pulls Mahek with him to leave but someone holds Mahek’s hand, Mahek turns to see Kanta holding her hand. Kanta glares at Mandhar and says where are you taking my Mahek?

Mandhar says oldie leaveher hand. Shaurya comes there running and grabs his collar, he says I gave you warning last time, now you wont be saved, he strangles him. Mandhar moves back and says this neev ranaway, he is about to slap Neev but Shaurya hugs Neev.

Mahek thinks that what kind of man is he that he is using his son for his deeds. Mandhar leaves. Shaurya asks guards to be outside Mahek’s room all the time and keep an eye on Mandhar. Mahek starts leaving, she passesby Shaurya and her hand brushes his hand. Mahek looks at them,they are both lost in each others eyes.

Neev comes there and hugs Mahek. Neev asks Shaurya if he will drag Maa again? Shaurya says I am sorry Neev, I wont do it again, I will take care of you and your mother, promise to help me take care of your mother? Neev says promise and hugs him. Mahek looks at them and thinks that he thinks I am his wife Mahek and thats why he behaves like this but why dont I get angry on him?

Mahek and Neev comes to Banwari’s room. Neev asks him what happened? jeevan comes there too, he tries to Mahek but Ravi stops him, they leave from there.Mahek says leave all the worry, she says to Banwari that he has to take care of himself, I just know that I am your daughter in law and DNA test will show that too then we will go back to our life. Mandhar comes there and is angry. Mahek gets tensed and says I should leave. Neev drags her from there. Mandhar glares Banwari.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to hospital. Kanta and Jeevan are there too. Jeevan says to Kanta that if test proves that she is not our Mahek then promise you wont be miffed. Kanta says I promise that she is our Mahek only.

Archie comes to nurse’s room, she makes her unconscious and takes her ID, she wears nurse’s clothes and gets disguised as nurse. Archie smirks and covers her face with mask. Archie comes outisde lab, guard stops her but she shows ID, he lets her go inside.

Banwari says to Mandhar that I will tell truth to everyone. Mandhar strangles him. Julie pushes him away and says to Banwari that outside girl is more important than family? Banwari says we did sins but its time to do right thing. Mandhar says I am not going to jail even if I have to kill my father.

Banwari says truth is going to come out after tests, I suggest to tell them, we have been selfish and took her from her family. Mandhar says I wont spare you. Julie says I dont care about selfishness, Neev loves her as his mother and I wont let get him be without mother. Banwari says we did wrong with that innocent girl., Julie says I wont give my happiness to others. Banwari says Julie you do what you want but I will be with truth, I will tell them everything. Mandhar grabs him.

Shaurya gives Neev’s hair to doctor for test. Doctor says if Neev’s hair matches with this girl(Mahek) then she is his mother. Archie starts go to in lab but Shaurya stops doctor and says to doctor that I dont want anyone to go in lab when test is conducted, I want you only to do this test, no nurse will be allowed and this corridor will be blocked, I have already talked to your CEO. Doctor says its okay, I will conduct test alone, he asks nurses to leave. Archie is miffed and leaves.

Mehek 22 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Mandhar strangles Banwari and says you want to destroy our happiness for others? Banwari says I want to do the right thing. Banwari pushes him away and takes knife. He shows it to Mandhar and says I am ready to kill today for truth too, Julie asks if he has gone mad? Banwari says you dont see truth infront of your son. Banwari attacks Mandhar with knife, Mandhar falls down, Banwari leaves room and locks them inside. Banwari runs away from there. Mandhar knocks on door and shouts to open it.

Doctor is doing DNA test in lab. Mahek and others are waiting in corridor. Corridor is blocked. Archie is outside blocking line and thinks Shaurya destroyed everything, I have to think something. Shaurya sees Mahek sitting and brings ginger tea for her, she drinks it, Kanta smiles at them. Mahek drinks tea and looks at him. Shaurya sadly looks at her, she looks away, Piya re piya plays as Shaurya recalls his moments with Mahek.

Banwari comes to street and takes rickshaw. Mandhar and Julie are locked in room. Mandhar says I am going to kill father today. Shaurya looks at Mahek and thinks that today truth will come out. Mahek thinks dont know what truth will come out. Banwari is in rickshaw and asks driver to move faster, its about someone’s life.

Doctor is conducting DNA test in lab alone.
Banwari comes to hospital. He says to nurse that its about someone’s life, take me to lab. Nurse says you dont seem fine, you are ill, come with me. He takes him.

Archie is looking around in hospital. She tries to pass back corridor, guard says she cant do inside, Archie says doctor called me in lab, guard says no one can go inside. Anotehr nurse brings Banwari there, Banwari is breathing heavily. Archie sees him and thinks what this oldie is doing here? She looks away from Banwari. Mandhar comes there and takes Banwari from there.

Mandhar brings Banwari to cornor and strangles him, he says I told you to not come inbetween all this, today I am going to kill you, he strangles Banwari but Julie comes there and attacks Mandhar on head with rod, Mandhar falls down, Julie asks Banwari to come with her, they leave. Mandhar is bleeding on head.

Doctor comes out of lab, Shaurya asks him if he did test? Doctor says yes we did test using Jeevan’s hair, Neev’s hair and girl’s hair, we will see whose hair’s DNA will match with her, if she is Vandana or Mahek.

Julie is taking Banwari from hospital. Julie says to him that dont do this, Mandhar’s life will be destroyed. Archie sees them and thinks where are they going?

Shaurya is waiting outside lab with others. Mahek looks at him. Shaurya comes to her, she tries to move away but Shaurya stops her and holds her hand, she jerks it away. Shaurya says to Mahek that I feel in that accident, I lost not your body but your memories, our moments, everything but its time for you to comeback to me. Mahek says dont have so much hope, I am telling you I am not your Mahek. Shaurya is sad to hear it. Dolly sees Banwari and Julie outside corridor.

Mahek sees Banwari breathing heavily. She runs to them. All rush to them. Mandhar gets up from ground, he wipes his blood with tissue and throws it. Mahek asks Banwari what happened? Banwari huffs and tries to talk, he holds Mahek’s hand and says daughter? Mandhar comes there too. Julie asks to call doctor.

Banwari tries to say something but loses his breath. Nurse takes him to ICU. Shaurya strangles Mandhar and says you must have done this to your father to divert attention. Mandhar says I brought him here, I was worried for him. Shaurya says stop it, he is about to punch him but Mahek says enough.. you keep worrying about lab test, my father is ill and you are worried about lab test? you are not human, if anything happens to my father then I wont spare anyone. Shaurya says Mahek I am sorry.. Mahek says my name is Vandana.. I am leaving from here. She leaves with Mandhar.

Mahek leaves with Mandhar to go to Banwari. Mandhar arranges for Banwari to leave hospital in ambulance. Doctor gives test results to Shaurya. Kanta comes there and says Mahek is leaving. Shaurya leaves with test envelope.

Mandhar starts to drag Mahek. Shaurya runs to her and gives test results to Mahek and asks her to see what it has. Mahek jerks her hand away from Mandhar and opens envelope, she reads it and says me.. Mahek.. I am not Mahek. shaurya is stunned, he reads report. Mandhar says are you happy now? you got your proof, he drags Mahek and says dont dare you cometo Hrishikesh. shaurya pulls Mahek away from Mandhar and says Mahek this test is wrong, you are my Mahek, I know it. Mahek pushes him away and says are you mad or goon? you asked me to have test, I did it and proved that I am not Mahek, let me go,my father is ill, if you dont then we will call police.

Mandhar drags Mahek to ambulance where Banwari is, Shaurya tries to stop her but ambulance leaves, Shaurya tries to run behind it but it drives away. Archie looks atall that and thinks sorry Shaurya, I had to do if. Flashback shows how Archie found tissue which had Mandhar’s blood on it, she took blood from it,she went to lab and made doctors distracted by creating a noise then she changed Mahek’s blood sample with Mandhar so it will be matched with Neev, flashback ends. Archie thinks it was not easy but I had to do it. Mehek 22 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Ambulance comes to Shaurya’s house. Mahek takes Neev from there. Neev comes to Banwari and asks what happened to him? Mahek says lovingly ask him to wake up and one day he will wake up for you. Mandhar brings luggage there. Neev says I have to meet hero before leaving, he will feel bad if I dont say bye. Mandhar says sit in car otherwise I will feel bad and you know what will happen then, he is about to slap Neev but Mahek pushes him and says dont raise hand on kid like that, Neev runs away from there. Mahek and Mandhar goes behind him.

Archie is talking to Shaurya’s photo and says baby I will set everything right for us and if I cant then I will leave you like I did earlier, she lights candle infront of Shaurya’s photo and decorates room with rose patels.

Shaurya comes home and sees neev running away from Mahek and Mandhar. Shaurya looks at ambulance, he calls his guard and tells him something. Guard nods and goes to ambulance. Shaurya talks to doctor and says sure nothing will happen to Banwari? he nods and ends call.

Archie puts rose patels on bed and puts Shaurya’s photos on it. Mandhar catches Neev. He brings Neev and Mahek out of garden and starts going to ambulance. shaurya hides and sees guard distracting ambulance driver and keeping him busy. Shaurya comes to ambulance and sees Julie sitting with Banwari on strature, he presses some button and ambulance’s alarm starts ringing, Julie shouts for help. Mandhar and Mahek comes there running. Shaurya acts like coming there after hearing noise.

Mandhar asks what happened? nurse calls doctor and says there is some problem, please come. Shaurya thinks I am sorry Mahek but I couldnt let you go with that cheap man, I had to do this.

Archie is waiting for shaurya in her room and says I cant wait for you to be mine, after DNA results, you cant stop Mahek from leaving and have to become mine.

Doctor comes to Shaurya’s house and checks Banwari. Doctor says he is very ill and he cant travel, we have to take him to hospital. Mandhar says no, there are many hospitals in Rishikesh, we will take him. Doctor says you cant force an ill patient, if you do that then we will call police. Julie says dont do this Mandhar. Mandhar says my father is not that weak, he can travel for 6 hours.

Mandhar tries to go to ambulance but Mahek pushes him away and throws him ground, she says father will go to hospital, you will not take him away. Mandhar says and you will act like you wear pants? he is about to slap her but Shaurya comes infront of her and says dont dare touch her, Mandhar says you did all this, Shaurya grabs his collar and says prove if you can that I did this, Banwari will go to hospital and if you force anyone then I will make sure to prove that she is not Vandana but Mahek.

Mahek says to Karona’s family that we should leave your house. Karona says Banwari is ill and in hospital, you can stay here till he is being treated, Mahek says you have already helped us a lot, we should find our own place now. Shaurya says we are trying to help and you are denying? Mahek says you have helped enough.

Mandhar says we dont need your help, you tried to break our family and I am sure you are behind my father’s condition. shaurya smirks and says Banwari will tell who is behind this condition of his thats why I want him to become fine soon, I will take care of his health and let you stay here. Mahek says you have helped us enough, we dont want your help anymore.

Kanta says okay, if you dont want to live here, you can live in some place on rent, my inlaws have gone to Dubai, her house is empty, you can rent it, its in my area. Mandhar grabs Mahek’s hand, Mahek asks how far is that house? Kanta says its very far away from here, like two cities, Mandhar says no dont care where that place, we dont need it, he grabs Mahek and says we should leave.

Kanta says now your animosity with us is more important than your father? this city is new for you, you wont find place soon, hospital is near from that place too so you can visit Banwari anytime, Juilie asks if thats easy to go from there? Kanta says yes, Mandhar says stop it, Julie says its about my husband so I wont listen to you, she asks Kanta to find out about rent and talk for it.

Mehek 22 August 2019 Update on Zee World – Mahek says maybe you are all right, we shouldnt be selfish, we should take that place and stay here for somedays till Banwari becomes fine. Shaurya smiles and thinks I will use these 10-15 days to prove that she is Mahek.