MFM Mountain Top Life Devotional 22 April 2020 – Prayers for Divine Intervention


MFM Mountain Top Life Devotional 22 April 2020 By Dr. D.K Olukoya

TOPIC: Prayers for Divine Intervention

Ps. 20:1-9

1 Kings 6:17“And the house, that is, the temple before it, was forty cubits long.”

Divine intervention is needed today more than any era of human history. You need God’s intervention when you are at the cross road. You need the intervention of God when your personal efforts seem to have ended in futility. At that point, you need to pray. Satan trembles when he sees saints gathered in prayer.

That is why we keep saying that the person who can really pray has nothing to fear because; that prayer can do all God can do. Prayer is God’s method. God does nothing but by prayer and He does everything with it. Every great movement of God since the beginning of the world has always been traced to a kneeling Christian.

Prayer would release the energies of God. At the end of the day, no matter what the flesh may do or no matter your scheming, they are helpless before the prayer warrior. This is why we Christians must wake up and be serious. We need to reduce our entertainment and politics in The Church and go back to the altar of prayer.

MFM Mountain Top Life Devotional 22 April 2020

Prayer is the refuge of the afflicted. Prayer is the wealth of poverty. Prayer is the strength of weakness. Prayer is the light of darkness. Prayer is the hand that strikes down Satan and his hosts. Prayer can even arrest the hands of time. Prayer can arrest anything that the scientists have put together. Where there is no prayer, there is really no power.

The need to use this weapon to achieve what God wants us to achieve and to move our nation and destinies forward has become more urgent than ever before. Pray and you shall experience divine intervention.
Beloved, help shall come from the sanctuary of the most high. God will hear you in the day of trouble. Heaven shall defend you.

You must not only plan your work, you must work your plan.

I cover you with the blood of Jesus.

TODAY’S HYMN – I heard the voice of Jesus

1.    I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“Come unto Me and rest:
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down
Thy head upon my breast”
I come to Jesus as I was,
Weary and worn and sad;
I found in Him a resting place,
And He has made me glad.

2.    I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“Behold I freely give
The living water; thirsty one,
Stoop down and drink, and live.”
I came to Jesus and I drank
Of that life-giving stream;
My thirst was quenched, my
soul revived,
And now I live in Him.

3.    I heard the voice of Jesus say,
“I am this dark world’s Light;
Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise,
And all thy day be bright”
Looked to Jesus and I found
In Him my Star, my Sun;
And in that light of life I’ll walk,
Till travelling days are done.


1. You evil strongman attached to my destiny, be bound, in Jesus’ name
2. Every strongman of my father’s house, die, in the name of Jesus
3. Every strongman assigned by the evil powers of my father’s house against my life, die, in the name of Jesus

1. Every strongman assigned to weaken my faith, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
2. I bind and I render to nothing all the strongmen that are currently troubling my life, in the name of Jesus.
3. Let the backbone of the stubborn pursuer and strongman break, in the name of Jesus
4. I bind every strongman having my goods in his possessions, in the name of Jesus.

2 Kings 9-11