Mornings with God Devotional 30 May 2022


30 May 2022 Mornings With God Devotional
Mornings with God Devotional 30 May 2022 | Monday Message

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Scripture: A wise man will hear, and will increase learning. – Prov 1:5

Mornings with God Devotional 30 May 2022 Message

The wise man never ceases to be a learner. He never gets to a point where he feels satisfied with his attainments.

Many a man, who starts out with great promise in early life, by and by loses his energy and fails of his early hope, because in the elation of his first successes he stopped learning, and then growth was at an end, and when growth stops decay begins.

An old artist had for his motto: “Nulla dies sine linea” (No day without a line). Every day he would add one line, at least, to his knowledge and attainment.

There could be no better motto for any life, young or old. Every day we should learn something we did not know before, add some new fact to our store of knowledge. Every day we should get some new lesson into our life, learn at some point to live better.

This applies to secular life – there should be daily progress in the business or profession we pursue. It also needs to apply to spiritual life – no day should be without its added line of likeness to Christ.

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