Our Perfect Place 10 May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Sam asks Hetal to patch up with her sister. Hetal fumes in anger and shouts how could she think like this, he does not even know what he is telling, he does not even know what her sister did. She scratches his hand in a fit o anger and leaves.

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Rita praises herself looking in a mirror. Ila praises her and gives her moral gyaan.

Back in cafeteria, Hetal feels guilty for hitting Sam and scratching his hand. Sam angrily hits wall feeling guilty for wrongly asking Hetal to compromise with her sister. Hetal walks in and stops him and then applies medicine to his hand wound. He gets up and she pleads to forgive her and hugs him from behind. Agar tum saath ho….song..plays in the background. He frees himself and leaves. She stands crying..

Hetal returns to cafeteria. Prachi asks why she is sad and asks why did Sam leave without even greeting anyone. Hetal continues standing sadly. Prachi says Rahul sir will come and inform good news in sometime. Rahul returns and gathers all colleagues and announces that he found private investor for their cafeteria. Everyone congratulate each other.. Hetal stands crying thinking without Sam, even good news is not worth.

Rahul asks if she is so shocked with the news that she is not reacting. Hetal says she is having headache and leaves. Rahul asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says looks like she and Sam had a fight. Rahul says it is their fight and let them sort it themselves.

Niranjan gets severely ill. He with great difficulty gets up to drink water, slips and falls down. His head starts bleeding and he collapses.

Parimal is busy working on laptop. Gayatri goes and smiles. He asks reason for her happiness. She says after a long time, Rita spoke to her normally and even hugged her, soon everything will be normal.

Sam does not get sleep and reminisces Hetal confronting him how can he ask her to patch up with her sister. Even Hetal reminisces fighting with Sam and messages him repeatedly apologizing him. Sam goes to Rahul’s room knocks door. Rahul is busy drinking liquor and looking at Tanu’s pic. He opens door. Sam enters and says he is not getting sleep. Rahul says he heard about his and Hetal’s fight. Sam tells him whole story about Shree/Tanu, him asking Hetal to patch, etc..

Rahul says that means Shree is Hetal’s sister, Shree is in same boat like him and goes into flashback where Tanu proposes him, their romance, etc. Sam says he came to find solution for his problem, but Rahul is engrasped in his thought. Rahul suggest him to tell truth Heal first and apologize. Hetal sees Sam has read her messages but did not reply. She calls him repeatedly, but he is in Rahul’s room and phone in his room.

Niranjan passes away after slipping and falling. His soul parts ways and walks to Ila’s room. He holds Ila’s feet and cries vigorously. Ila wakes up and asks why did he come back here. He apologizes her and says he is apologizing for the last time. She asks why he is telling this. He smiles and says he will not trouble her again and is going. She asks where is he going, why he is wearing white clothes, he did not have those.. He smiles and disappears. She worriedly wakes up from sleep and prays god to protect her son. She calls him, but he does not pick call. She gets more worried.

Our Perfect Place 10 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Ila gets a bad dream about Niranjan with him telling that he is going forever. She wakes up worried and calls him, but he does not pick call. She knocks Parimal’s door and once he comes out tells him that she got a very bad dream about Niranjan, he is not even picking call. Parimal asks her not to worry, Niranjan stays 2 minutes away from their house, he will go there and let her speak to him. He leaves with Sam.

Ila gets very tensed for Niranjan. Gayatri tries to calm her down. Ila then prays god to protect her son and continues her pooja. She waits for Parimal’s call eagerly. Parimal with Sam reaches Niranjan’s room and knocks door. Seeing no response, they break door and are shocked to see Niranjan unconscious lying in a pool of blood. They rush him to hospital. Ila calls Parimal and asks why he is taking too much time when he told he Niranjan stays 2 min away. Parimal with teary eyes says Niranjan is fine. Ila says why he is crying then. Parimal says he is not crying and will let her speak to Nirajan soon.

Parimal then calls Rahul and asks him not to react in front of anyone and explains him everything. Rahul gets teary eyed. He goes to Niranjan’s room and gets blood cleaned. Parimal and Sam return with Niranjan. Rahul emotionally hug him and asks what did he do to himself, if he is fine. Niranjan says he is fine.

Parimal says doc said he is saved due to blood clotting on time, else with profuse bleeding, he would have died. All 3 brothers get emotional and say they will not let Niranjan stay here. Niranjan says if he comes there, maa will get weak, so he will not come. Parimal says he will book a hotel room for him and rent a flat for him.

Niranjan says he cannot accept their help and wants to repent with true heart. Parimal says their brother is a tiger and when he has decided to repent with true heart, they will support him, but Rita will bring him home food and he has to eat it. Niranjan says no. Sam and Rahul pick him and warn if he does not agree, they will take him home. Niranjan agrees.

Ila leaves with Rita asking Gayatri to get children ready and send them to school. Gayatri goes to Falak and Bejal’s room and wakes them up. They act as falling back asleep hearing school. Gaytri says she will tickle them and whoever is in deep sleep will not wake up. They wake up and plead not to tickle them. Gayatri gets them ready for school. They ask if they will dance even today on Ladki beautiful song…. Gayatri says yes after they come from school.

Prachi sees Hetal sad again and asks what is happening between her and Sam. Hetal tells she pushed and scratched Sam. Prachi is shocked and asks how can she do this and suggests to go and apologize Sam.

Rita sees Uday studying loudly and suggests him to understand first and then byheart as his papa suggests. He says he already and stop pestering like her Hitler husband. Parimal with Rahul and Sam returns. Gayatri panics seeing blood on his shirt. He asks if Rita and children are at home. She says no. He says it is Niranjan’s blood and explains her whole situation, asks her to take food for him.

Gayatri wit Uday takes food for Niranjan. Niranjan greets them in. Gayatri gets sad seeing Niranjan’s condition. He says he is fine. Gayatri says she warned him to not cross his limits. Niranajan says he remembers her each word and goes into flashback. He then asks if she patched up with Rita. She says since 2 days after Rita’s makeover.

Our Perfect Place 10 May 2020 Update ends as Uday shows him pics. He says bapuji does not like this.. Rita says maa will convince him. He insists to let him speak to his children. Rita says she has promised Rita. He says he just wants to hear their voice and will not speak.