Our Perfect Place 23 April 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode begins with Ila, Gayatri, Sameer, Rahul enjoying christmas party with Niranjan’s children and dance on a bollywood song. Rita comes and Children wish her and show cake made by Gayatri. She fumes seeing Gaytri and then asks if Niranjan did not come yet. Ila says he is busy in meeting. She gets Niranjan’s call who says he is still busy in meeting. He then comes disguised as Santa Claus and plays with children and says their papa sent him here to entertain them. He gives gifts to them and whole family. Except children, they alll identify him. Rita then cuts cake fuming.

Once into room, Rita yells at Niranjan why did he ask Gayatri to pick children from school. Niranjan says he was busy and what is wrong if Gayatri picks chidren. Rita yells he knows the reason and continues yelling. She sees his face injured and asks what happened to him. He angrily walks out.

Rahul and Sameer sip alcohol after party. Sameer asks Rahul to sleep now as they have to go to bring back Uday tomorrrow. Rahul says he will drink some more. Sameer asks if he is remembering his ex-girlfriend and says he can continue thinking about her and leaves. Rahul drinks glasses of alcohol reminiscing his ex-girlfriend and collapses on bed. Aye dil hai mushkil….song..plays in the background.

Sameer comes back to room and sleeps. Rita shakes him and asks how did he get injured. He says a woman’s husband was misbehaving with her, so he fought with the husband. He did not want children to see his injured face, so he sent Gayatri to pick children. She apologizes and says she will apply medicine to his wounds. She applies and he imagines Maya in her and then reminisces Gayatri’s words not to ride in 2 boats and ruin his life.

Ila calls ashram and asks receptionist if she can speak to her husband. Receptionist says as per ashram’s rule, nobody can meet or speak to ashram inmates. Ila asks how is sethji. Receptionist says he is fine and serving ashram people and guruji well. Ila asks her to inform sethji that his grand daughters celebrated christmas party and whole family joined them. Receptionist says she will inform and says sethji is very lucky to have a wife like her who cares about him so much.

Uday feels guilty thinking of using Gayatri’s jewelry to repay his debt. Mandy comes and says soon they will give Mona’s sona/gold to Pinto and get debt-free. Uday shouts it is moms jewelry and he is calling his mom as Mona. Mandy apologizes and says he is just trying to cheer him up. Uday says once they get out of this mess, they will work hard and prove their significance. Mandy’s mom calls and scolds him why is he not attending college. Mandy lies that Uday got kidney transplant, so he is staying in his home for moral support. Mom says why did not he inform her and asks to give Uday’s address, she will send letter to Uday’s parents. Uday signals to give this flat address and Mandy does same. On the other side, Parimal takes Mandy’s mom’s number from school and calls her.

Mandy’s mom says she felt sad hearing aout Unday’s kidney failure news and wanted to send a condolence mail to his flat. Parimal to reconfirm address and writes it down.

Our Perfect Place 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Sameer wakes up Rahul in the morning and tells they have to get Uday home today. Rahul asks if Uday is fine and asks if he heard Uday’s discussion. Sameer goes hears Uday and Mandy’s conversation that he does not want to be beaten by Pinto, so has to reach on time and give him jewelry. He rushes to Rahul’s room and fumes that Pinto poked Uday with bat earlier and Uday is very afraid of Pinto. Rahul says Pinto seems to be very dangerous and says he will come back after a quick shower, they can go after that.

Maya’s friend wakes her up and says she may not reach office by lunch time. Maya tells Niranjan is still thinking of her and never moved on, so he wants to know reason why she left him to move on. Friend asks to tell him then. Maya says she and Niranjan were in love and she does not want to break his heart. Friend says she is very confused and should decide what she wants.

Rita asks Niranjan how is his pain. Niranjan says with her care and medicine, he is fine. She suggests him to go and meet family as maa was asking about him. He says he does not wsant to show his injured face to family. She says he should be proud of himself to save a girl, family will be proud of him, he should at least meet children. He says he does not want to. She says children wil be proud hearing about their papa’s braveness. He says he wants to rest. She says okay and leaves. He rests on bed. Rita goes to kitchen and says Ila she will help. Ila asks to bring water. Gayatri asks where is Niranjan, he did not come out since morning. Rita says he is not well. Ila asks what happened to him.

Rita says he is having fever. Gayatri says she will take him food to his room. Rita says no need, he will come down when he will get well. Ila asks Gayatri to call Sameer and Rahul. Sameer and Rahul come down and tell they are going for an important work and take Ila’s blessings. Gayatri asks what they are doing now a days. Sameer says it is very important and asks her to pray for them like she prays for Uday. Gayatri takes Rahul and Sameer to home temple and prays god to to help Rahul and Sameer meet their goal. Sameer and Rahul pray to fulfill bhabi’s prayers Gayatri takes oath that she will feed 100 poor people from her hands if Sameer and Rahul’s goal is met

Uday asks Mandy to get out of washroom. Mandy says he has gone in to get motivation and is very nervous. Uday says even he is nervous and asks to come out. Mandy comes out. Uday says before leaving they should promise themselves that they will not do anything wrong in life.

Mandy says yes. They are about to leave when they hear door bell. Uday peeps from key hole and is shocked to see Parimal. He panics. Parimal says Uday he knows that he is in, so he should open door. Gayatri tries to call Parimal. Ila asks if she is calling Uday. Gayatri says yes, but his phone is busy. Parimal continues knocking door. Uday switches off light and opens door. Once Parimal gets in, Uday and Mandy silently walk out and lock door from outside. Parimal shouts to open door and fumes.

Niranjan’s daughters draw a painting. Rita says it is very good painting. Ila enters with Gayatri and tells it is eally good and tells she has explained their plan to even Gayatri. Rita fumes looking at Gayatri.

Maya reaches office. Her colleague asks why she came so late today. Maya just smiles. Assistant comes and informs Maya that tonight’s 3 p.m. meeting is postpond to 4 p.m. Maya reminisces Niranjan’s request to tell him truth and give him closure and looks at Niranjan’s number in her mobile.

Ila, Rita, children and Gayatri enter Niranjan’s room. Niranjan asks Rita why she let everyone in when he told he wants to rest. Ila says Rita wanted to stop them, but they all came in. Children say they are proud of him. Gayatri tells they are all proud of him for saving a woman’s life, hope every man should be like him. Niranjan hugs his children.

Gayatri calls Parimal again asks when will he come back from Delhi. He says by evening. Gayatri tells him about Niranjan’s brave and described whole fake incident told by Niranjan. Parimal asks if Niranjan is fine now. Gayatri says yes. Parimal says he will call her later. He then looks at beer bottles and cigarette packs and fumes that Uday is destroying himself. He calls his friend inspector Patil and seeks help. Our Perfect Place 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Ila comes back to Niranjan and says she is proud of him that he has changed and is keeping Rita and children happy, children learn looking at parents. Niranjan looks at children’s made painting and hugs it.

Uday with Mandy enters Pinto’s den and gives him jewelry bag. Pinto checks it and throws on floor. Uday asks what happened. Pinto slaps him and says this is fake gold garbage and hits Uday with hockey stick. Uday asks why is he beating him, it is 8 lakhs jewelry.

Pinto says it is fake and of no value like old currency. Uday says that means like currency govt banned even gold. Pinto laughs and takes out knife. Uday panics not to kill him. Pinto sccrathes necklace and says it is fake metal. Mandy says that means Uday’s uncle gave fake gold. Pinto asks to accept his lash, else he will kill them.  Our Perfect Place 23 April 2020 Update on Zee World