Our Perfect Place 27 April 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 27 April 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts when Rahul walks back towards his jeep when he finds Sameer’s friend’s photo on th floor. He steps on it by mistake, picks it and wipes dust from it. Sameer’s friend comes and takes back her pic and chats with him. She asks if he lost his way. He just stares at her. She says bye and leaves. Ila feels dizzy and weak while walking around home temple, praying for Rahul, and sits down. Gayatri passes by and sees her and calls Parimal.

They both take Ila to her room and apply medicines to her leg wounds and asks why did she do this. She says she cannot see Rahul in pain, so she was praying god. He says why did bapuji did not approve of Tanu and Rahul’s relationship, bapuji always forces his decisions on children. Ila says parents think of children’s betterment, even he thinks Uday should study and forced his decision on him. Parimal realizes what she means.

Reeta sees Niranjan sitting in garden and walks towards him. He asks if she does not want o go for rehearsals. She says no and says she knows he is angry on her and is trying to stay away, she wants to sort out differences between them and cries keeping her head on his shoulder. He consoles her. She says her friend told about a marriage counselor Shree to sort out their marital issue. Niranjan fumes and asks if she tells all their problem to her friend. She says yes and says shree has also gone through broken marriage, so she helps others. He says she herself could not save her marriage, how will she help them, he will not come along.

Rahul reminisces Tanu and drinks whole bottle of liquor. Reeta goes to meet Shree, and Tanu is shree. Tanu counsels her and Reeta tells her whole story. Tanu says it is good she realized her problem early, else many people don’t realize their problem until their marriage breaks. She says she wants to counsel her husband together at least once. Reeta says her husband does not want to meet and asks if she can come to her house instead. Shree/Tanu agrees.

Sameer waits for his friend in a cafeteria and reminisces their meetings and his crush on her. Tujhme Khoya Rahun…song…plays in the background. Friend comes and excitedly chats with her. She tells him how she did hotel management, etc.. He just stares at her. She then praises about his photography career.

Reeta reaches home with Shree/Tanu and asks her to wait in garden while she brings her husband down. She goes up to Niranjan’s room. Tanu waits in garden. Inebriated Rahul reaches home and walks stairs with his wobbly gait. He stops feeling Tanu’s presence.

Sameer continues chatting with her friend. She gets him snacks. Her one more from US comes and jokes that he wanted to open hotel business with her, but she forcefully sent him to US. She asks not to joke.

Friend says she has so many contacts and helped him get a job in US. One friend leaves, Sameer asks her what was her friend telling. She says nothing important. Their chatting continues. She tells about needing an investor for her hotel business. He says his brother Rahul can help her in getting investor.

Rita goes to Niranjan and asks him to come down and meet her friend shree. He asks who is this new friend now. She says she was passing by and dropped her home, so she invited her in. Niranjan says he will not come. She goes down and serves juice to Tanu. Rahul returns back thinking family will not like him inebriated and walks to his room via backdoor.

Rita tells Tanu about her family members and who all stays in this house. She tells about Sameer who is a fashion photographer and Rahul. Tanu asks what does her second devar do. Rita about Rahul’s tragic story. Tanu asks what is his name.

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