Our Perfect Place 3 May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 3 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Tanu walks towards Rahul’s room hearing Rahul and Ila’s discussion, but Gayatri stops her and thanks her for coming. Tanu’s attention diverts. Rahul seems calmed down and smiles. Mother-son bonding continues.

Sameer asks Hetal why she is looking tensed. Prachi tells Hetal lost her bet and has to kiss Sameer. Hetal looks nervous. Prachi says she is going for a long shower and they are free for a long time. Once she leaves, Sameer asks Hetal if she wants to kiss him. She says no. He bends towards her and she stares at his face. A romantic song plays in the background. Sameer is about to kiss her when she says if he needs more coffee. Sameer says no and will now. Hetal takes him towards door. Sameer asks if she is sure that she does not want any relationship. Hetal says she is and still does not believe in relationships. Sameer leaves sadly.

Gayatri tells Ila that Shree has come to counsel Rita and to inform Sameer to drop her home. Ila says Sameer has gone t meet his friend, Rahul is at home. Gayatri says Rahul at this time. Ila says she just spoke to him and he is fine today. She goes to Rahul’s room. Rahul comes out of washroom and says she just made him emotionally and went and now came back.

She says Shree has come and he has to drop her home as it is night. Rahul says he thought Shree is a middle aged or old mature lady. Ila says Shree is young and beautiful and she wants him to marry a girl like Shree and settle down in life.

Our Perfect Place 3 May 2020 Update on Zee World

Shree.Tanu converses with Rita. Rita says she cannot trust her family members. Tanu says her family is with her, especially her MIL. Rita says she hopes her MIL helps her in divorce as Niranjan’s videos always run in her eyes and cannot forget it. Tanu asks if she really wants to divorce Niranjan. Shree says yes.

Rahul sees Hetal and Bejal playing with Tanu’s clip calling it as best friend. Rahul asks them and they say Shree aunty gave it. Rahul draws smiley on it and returns it. They show it to Shree. Shree reminisces Rahul drawing smiley on her clip. She asks who drew it. They say chachu. She asks where is he. They say he is sitting on stairs. She gets down, but Rahul walks into his room before that.

Tanu/Shree walks towards Rahul, but he gets into room before that. Rahul looking at Tanu’s pic says he has to drop Shree now. He calls Sameer to drop Shree, but his phone is off, so says he will have to go then and goes to get ready. Shree books cab. Ila comes and asks Shree how is Rita. Shree says Rita’s mental reaction is normal. Ila says she is sure with her treatment, Rita will be fine soon.

Shree says Rita is getting normal because of family’s support and she should start working again, if she gets busy in shooting, her mind will be occupied. Ila says she trusts her. Shree says she will leave now. Ila says her son is coming to drop her. Shree says she has booked a cab, gets cab driver’s call and leaves. Rahul comes down. Ila says Shree already left. Rahul then sitting in living room senses Tanu around.

In the morning, Rahul goes to garden and asks Uday if he saw Sameer. Uday says Sameer messaged him that he is going for work, must have gone for a shoot. Rahul says he sent even him a message and don’t know where he went. Uday says he is trying to byheart an answer since 2 days, but unable to, feels he will fail even this year. Parimal who is praying nearby angrily looks at Uday.

Hetal wakes up in the morning hearing door bell and opens door. She is surprised to see Sameer back again. Sameer says he could not sleep after Prachi told about kiss challenge, so he came to kiss her. He holds her and she smiles. A romantic song…o zaalima…plays in the background. She closes his eyes and moves. He searches her and finds her in front and calls her back. She walks towards him and they both kiss. It is just Hetal’s dream and she tells in dream that she hugs Sameer many times every day purposefully.

Prachi comes and plays kiss me baby…song…Hetal wakes up and gets tensed seeing she is late. Prachi asks if she was dreaming about Sam. Hetal panics that because of her stupid dream,, she will miss her class and has to rush to cafeteria after that. Prachi asks who asked her to dream. Hetal starts shouting she will not fall in love and make a mistake like her sister did.

Our Perfect Place 3 May 2020 Update ends as Prachi apologizes her later. Hetal says Sam has taken over her brain completely, from now on she will be professional at cafeteria and will maintain a distance from Sam.