Our Perfect Place 4th May 2020 Update


Our Perfect Place 4th May 2020 Update on Zee World

Tonight episode starts when Rita sees Ila crying and talking about Niranjan and runs to her room, Ila follows her and requests to open door. Rita opens door and says she cannot force her to stay away from her son and she had already said she will leave this house.

Ila says she did not hear what she told, she did not send food for Niranjan, but did not even stop Parimal from taking food. Rita says Parimal and Gayatri think she is wrong, so even Ila may fall for their reasons. Ila says she will always help her daughter and asks her to cheer up, she asks about her play and says she wants her daughter to move on and be happy in her life.

Parimal goes to servant’s quarters and meets Niranjan. Niranjan tries to switch on fan. Parimal says he is fine and asks if he did not go to work. Niranjan says he did not have job and was searching investors, now he is not doing even that. Parimal asks if he should transfer some money. Niranjan says he has some for his basic needs, if he wants to help him, then he should let him meet children. Parimal says he already betrayed Rita, now he wants them to lie Rita and bring children.

Shree/Tanu tells Sameer that only he has bring love in Hetal’s life and make her believe in love. She tells him how Hetal used to talk about only him and waited him to propose, kept his gifted chocs for 1 month, etc. She even warns if he does not, he has to get away form Hetal’s life as she does not need a weak man in her sister’s life. She says he can call her didi form hereon and they both will bring love in Hetal’s life.

Our Perfect Place 4th May 2020 Update: Hetal in cafeteria eagerly waits for Rahul. Prachi taunts if she is looking for Sam. Rahul speaks to Sam and asks when is he coming. Sam says he is on the way. Prachi asks Rahul if he spoke to Sam. He says yes. Hetal says Prachi he rudely just said yes, instead of telling where Sam is and when is he coming. Sameer enters with chocs. Rahul asks if it is for him. Sam says for Hetal. Rahul taunts him that he is roaming around Hetal a lot, asks Prachi if he is right. Prachi says his lips are shut. Rahul continues taunting Sameer. Hetal comes and tells Prachi that she needs to talk about new strategy with Rahul and ignores Sam. Sam just looks at her. Hetal leaves looking at him

Parimal tells Niranjan he will leave now. Niranjan says if he stays here more, he cannot see his distraught state. Niranjan starts crying loudly. Parimal asks why did he do such a big mistake, even children are distraught. Niranjan asks what happened to children. Parimal says nothing happened to them. Niranjan insists. Parimal tells that he was coming from Pune around 1.30 a.m. and children were standing outside gate and rest of the story. Niranjan stands shocked. Parimal says it all happened because of Niranjan’s mistake and they would have lost children. He says he will leave now and asks to take care of himself. Niranjan sits in a shock.

Gayatri overfeeds Uday. Uday says its enough, his stomach will burst. Gayatri insists. Uday asks what is the connection between studies and food. Ila says no connection, but food and his mom’s heart has. Uday starts joking and after a bit of jokes, he says he will go and study, else Hitler will not spare him. Ila tells Gayatri that Parimal is really become Hitler like bapuji and behaving same like Bapuji. Gayatri asks not to badmouth about her husband and laughs. They both continue laughing.

Hetal returns home. Ila opens door and asks how was her play rehearsal. Rita says she is kicked out of play and it is all because of Niranjan. Sam imagines romancing Hetal. A romantic song plays in the background. He then realizes Hetal far away. Hetal tries to pick a bottle from rack and he picks for her. Mai tenu samjawaki..song..plays in the background. Hetal leaves and Sam says he needs to talk. She ignores him and sits on nearby sofa. Prachi asks Hetal if she is ignoring Sam as she taunted her and apologizes.

Our Perfect Place 4th May 2020 Update on Zee World

Gayatri tells Hetal that Rita is very much distraught and she should speak to her. Ila asks what should she talk. Gayatri says Shree suggested to speak to lessen Rita’s pain. Ila says she will try. She tells Rita. Rita says she came to console her that everything will be fine. Gayatri says if god closes one door, he will open another door. Rita says he fate doors closed when she and bapuji brought Niranjan’s proposal to her house. She wanted to become actor, but Bapuji did not want to Ila says she can become actor now, god gave her a second chance by getting her out of drama.

Rita shows her portfolio and says she was glamorous then, now she is looking like aunty and cannot become anything. Gayatri and Ila check portfolio, and Ila says she will make Rita back as model.

Rahul tells Hetal that she won as her admirer brought most coffee. Hetal says she did not ask her. Rahul says lady looks like loving her a lot, like her facial expression changes to hate when she hears about this lady.

Ila goes to Rita’s room and asks to have lunch with her. Rita says she has lunch with Gayatri always. Ila says she wants to have it today with her and convinces her. Rita agrees.

Hetal gets emotional thinking about Tanu. She peeps into Rahul’s studio. Rahul notices her and stands behind her. She turns and finds him. He gives her choc. She says this brand is not available easily. He says he had to search a lot and he bought it only for her. They both get romantic. A romantic song plays in the background. They are about to kiss when Hetal reminisces kissing him in dream and angrily walks out. She shouts that she is not a child to get chocs and has grown up, leaves angrily.

Sameer then goes to Prachi and asks her reason for Hetal’s behavior. She says she cannot tell. He tells he will ask Rahul to give her a leave so that she can go on a date with her boyfriend. Prachi gets excite and tells him that Hetal kissed her in dream, so she is avoiding him. Sameer is surprised.

Our Perfect Place 4th May 2020 Update ends as Ila calls Tanu and thanks her for suggestions, now Rita is working getting back to normal. They chat a bit and disconnect call. Sameer calls Tanu next and asks how to change Hetal’s mind. Tanu tells him that once Hetal saw him with a girl, she got so jealous that she wanted to propose him, so he can use same tactic even this time. Sam thanks her.