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The episode starts when Inder says that he has forever been living in the guilt of marrying out of greed for money and now repents of it. ila is aghast and asks how could he, after she stood byhim, and went even against govardhan when he was right all along. he says that he has been punished enough, as he suffered losses in business, and is knee deep in debt, and that he lost out on her good faith too now. she says that she cant believe he swore falsely on their dead mother.

Inder asks for apology and forgiveness. ila says that humans forgive for mistakes, but only the lord can forgive for a sin. she walks in. she asks him not to go anywhere in the night and can leave in the morning. inder is tear stricken, while gayatri and parimal stand tensed.

In the middle of the night, thieves raid the place. ila wakes up by the blinding light of the torches, of the thieves, and complies and gives all jewellery that she has, as they have a gun pointed at her. as everyone hears the commotion, they gather up. inder comes and confronts them, saying that he needs to spare her and take him instead. he fights off the goons, and gets hit by a bullet in return in his arm. they are aghast. the thieves run off. she asks why did he jump in. he says that he got berserk when he saw her at gunpoint. they find that its a flesh wound. he refuses to let them call the doctor, and not take him to the hospital.

They are tensed that he is so reluctant to go to the hospital. she asks if he is hiding something. he tries to cover the pain, but she asks him to speak up. he says that he is tired of hospitals, meds and doctors, and that the last time he went, he swore he wouldnt go again. they are boggled. parimal asks why did he have to go again and again. inder says that the biggest joke of his life, is that his heart’s valve has been damaged. they are shocked. gayatri asks whats the cure. inder says that its heart transplant, but only a lucky and fortunate few get it. parimal asks whats the chances, and hopes of getting a healthy heart. inder says that the time period ended last month, and he doesnt know how he is alive till now. ila is distraught and asks if this is the reason he came to her. he complies saying that he knew this would cause strain on her relationship with govardhan, but still risked it, because he never knew if they would be able to meet again tomorrow. gayatri asks if the adventure trips were all deliberate. he says that it was indeed his bucket list.

parimal insists on calling a doctor for the bandages. he complies. ila says that had this not happened, then he would have gone without telling her anything. he says that he couldnt make her happy, but didnt want to leave her sad. parimal says that the doctor would come soon, and decides to call the police too of this info. inder complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Gharaunda
Meanwhile, Rita and niranjan cry inconsolably in their own rooms, frustrated and hassled. The next morning, govardhan arrives back in his house. he talks to ramesh, and assures that he is fine, and is tensed only because ila hasnt returned yet.

Scene 3:
Location: Parimal’s residence
At the breakfast table, ila finds inder tensed and asks whats the matter. inder says that he needs to see how more he is punished. parimal asks him not to say so.

Our Perfect Place 8 April 2020 Update – inder says that he cant stand her being so emotional and teary eyed. gayatri is tensed too. inder says that he didnt want to see this, hence was going without saying anything. ila asks how to explain this to herself, that her brother shall go very soon. he says that he is alive and asks her to be happy and smiling. she complies, and asks if there is any other medical breakthrough, that can cure his condition. Parimal tries to find some other cure and consultation. inder says that its vain, as they have tried everything. ila says that she shall resort to her goddess, and shall take him there rightaway. he asks her not to waste time. she gives him a mythological reason and asks him to trust her. he asks her not to bother, as its in vain. but she insists. he says that she has to accept his death sometime.

She asks him to go to Rajkot after being with her. gayatri too urges him to. Parimal asks him too, but inder is too reluctant, saying that he wont be able to bear their disappointment and loss of hope yet again. but ila is confident that her hope and his heart wont break, and goes to pack her bags. inder is tensed. gayatri tells him that she feels he shall be okay. he smiles at her, and says that he came to meet his sister, but got such a beautiful daughter.

Gayatri asks him to come home, and take care of her, as a father does. he says that he came for apology, but now is taking back new relations, and blesses her. gayatri gets food ready for them, as inder and ila get ready to leave. he bids them all goodbye teary eyed and emotionally overwhelmed. ila asks what happened. he says that its nothing, and shows the pen that govardhan had given him, and wondered if he got a chance to touch his feet, his end would have been nice. ila gets tensed. he says that he merely said because she wanted him to. she says that rahul told he has come back, but didnt call. she gets nostalgic.

Scene 4:
Location: Gharaunda
Govardhan talks to his sons and bahus, saying that ila didnt call him even once, while he was gone. he says that its clear that she shall return only after her brother goes, and that he means the world to her now, overpassing him too. he says that he cant believe she is siding with the person, who gave him such pain. he says that he doesnt know if he would be able to forgive ila for what she is doing to him. ila comes asking him never to forgive her. all get tensed when she barges in. govardhan eyes her tensedly.

Parimal and gayatri come too. ila asks if she has committed a sin, by fighting with her husband for him. she accepts the blame, and he lashes at her furthermore. she silently accepts the blame, that she was wrong in her belief, but her love for her brother was right. he continues to ridicule and mock her, while she pleads him. he says that her talks are merely enraging him furthermore, and not stop it. she asks what would he do now in anger, kill inder, then he can very well go ahead and do so, as she has brought him with her. inder walks in hesitantly, as govardhan eyes him enraged. all are tensed.

Govardhan reprimands inder and asks him to stop immediately. he turns to ila. he says that he had clearly told her that inder wouldnt step in the house, and she still brought him. all are shocked. she says that she did, and then goes to him, and catches inder by the hand and gets him inside, while all are tensed and shocked.

she tells him of inder’s health condition. parimal explains everything. govardhan is stunned. Inder meanwhile asks for apology, for himself and for ila’s sake, as she didnt go against him, but did so helplessly out of love for her brother. govardhan listens resignedly. inder says that ila had blind faith, but he only betrayed his sister’s trust. he bends to touch his feet, but govardhan refrains. inder says that he doesnt deserve apology, but thought he would apologise one last time, about his regret, before dying. tears stream down ila’s cheeks. he begins to leave, when govardhan stops him, much to everyone’s surprise.

Our Perfect Place 8 April 2020 Update – Inder turns around, and govardhan tells him that he had promised himself that he wouldnt allow him back in his life and home, and yet he stands here today. inder comes with folded hands, and says that he is highly noble, against his own character and apologises for the pain he inflicted. govardhan says that he isnt that noble that he would forgive and forget what he did. he says that he is merely doing this for humanitarian sake, to keep his anger aside. all hear tensedly.

Inder touches his feet, and govardhan blesses him, and he is overwhelmed. he says that he can see regret in his eyes, and blesses him. then moves aside. ila asks if he would accept her regret too. govardhan forgives her too, while she hugs him. then he goes inside, and comes to his room. he then tells his friend’s pic, that finally he forgave inder today.

Meanwhile, ila prays with inder in the temple, and then gets on her journey. parimal asks if he should come too. but she says that she shall manage. they bid good bye to each other. inder gets inside the car along with ila, while govardhan watches from the balcony. they all see him going off. govardhan is tensed.

At the dining table, the sons discuss ila and inder’s decision to go hastily like this. gayatri says that ila merely wishes to spend sometime with inder. they talk about the days that went past. Parimal says thats why hatred should be thought over, and then done. parimal and gayatri take leave. Rita then comes to her room, to find niranjan sitting there. he tries to talk, while rita listens resignedly. they start discussing inder’s situation, and again move onto their own fight. she tries to play the victim and continues to emotionally torment him, as to what he has done.

They again get into a verbal fight, wherein rita warns him that she wont stay quiet. he asks what shall she do. she says that she shall make a final strike. he asks whats it. she says that he shall know, and storms out.

Govardhan comes to rahul, and discusses inder’s situation, and gets emotional. rahul asks him whats the matter, discussing about inder too. he eyes rahul’s meds, and begs him to take care of hismelf, if not for himself, then for him only atleast, so that he can fight effectively with him. they discuss the accident rahul was in, and how ramakant was in. govardhan insists that he needs to take proper care of himself, as he has been blessed with a beautiful life. he asks rahul to tighten himself up as he still has time. he shows him the plant that they planted together. he gets emotional while talking to rahul and hastily walks out. rahul stands tensedly.

In her room, rita thinks that she has to find and expose all of his lies, as hadnt he been lying, he wouldnt have deleted maya’s number. she says that if she gets maya’s number, everything would be clear, but wonders how to manage it from. then she suddenly gets an idea. but then hesitates, as it shall be delayed. she starts pacing around and stumbles upomn another idea. but her efforts to retrieve the phone call and number fail. she thinks that she needs to take parimal’s call, which he always has with him.

Niranjan asks for his phone, while she pretends to search for it. after sometime, rita finds the phone, and gives it to him. he is boggled. she asks him to atleast take care of his stuff. he says that he wanted to ask something from his partner. then he gets back to work.

Puja meanwhile, talks to ramakant, wherein he says that he wont let her get married to sameer. ramakant says that he has lied to her and him, twice now, and he cant trust him, as he was caught in that rave party too. she says that she knows sameer doesnt do drugs, and this isnt the truth. she says that she loves him, but this isnt true. he says that he doesnt believe him. she says that if he doesnt comply, then she shall not marry anyone else, and he wont be a grandfather. he asks what she means. she cancels the phone, in disgust. she turns to find rita having heard the conversation. ramakant finds that her ph is switched off. rita rushes to puja and asks whats the matter. puja hugs rita and cries her heart out, and explains everything.

Meanwhile, sameer vents out his frustration at govardhan saying that he wont listen to anymore of ramakant’s threats of no marriage. govardhan asks him to think like the father of an unwed girl, and then react. sameer asks why did he comply then. govardhan asks him to see what condition did he say yes, and he has been lying, and asks him to step foot in ramakant’s shoes and then decide. he says that he has to brace up, and admit his mistakes, if he wishes to get ahead. he gets ramakant’s call, asking him to make her speak to puja. govardhan asks him, to hold on, and then rushes in.

Inside, Rita listens that puja doesnt like the fact that sameer has been lying, about the rave party and also how they keep fighting, and doesnt know how long she can justify for sameer. she says that she doesnt know what to do. rita says that sameer led a reckless life but not anymore, as he wishes to settle down now. Just then, govardhan asks puja to talk, but she denies. ramakant hears this and gets tensed. puja is stoical. govardhan hesitates and then tells. ramakant cancels. rita and govbardhan try and calm puja down, while she says that he doesnt know her father, and he wont comply.

Ila comes asking who said that they wont marry. she understands the situation, while eyeing govardhan tensedly. she asks puja not to take tension as they shall talk to her father, and asks her to respect her father at all costs. understanding, puja complies. but the phone rings nearin, indicating that ramakant is nearby, as he walks inside. they all get to greeting him, as he walks in enraged and fuming. he eyes sameer angrily.

In his room, niranjan sees his phone and finds the customer care in his call log, and finds that its recent. he wonders how is it possible, and then remembers how rita had searched it, and then understands that rita hiddenly called, and remembers her threat. he gets tensed. ramakant asks puja to come along, but she stoically stands. govardhan requests him to sit down and he fumingly complies. ila tries to justify for puja, but ramakant vents out his frustration at puja’s rash and irrational behaviour. he says that he respects them, but doesnt trust their son, and even if she likes it or not, he wont let her marry sameer. all are shocked. he gets to taking puja. but govardhan silences him. puja apologises for her mistake, and begs him to listen to sameer once, before taking a decision.

Ramakant says that he took the decision after that only. govardhan tries to make him understand, that its a matter of 3 days, of their lineage too, and asks him not to take a wrong decision. ramakant expresses credibly, how sameer was caught. sameer says that he didnt do drugs, but his mistake is he refused to tell him. ramakant says that he has proof, and asks why didnt he tell him. sameer says that he didnt have enough proof. govardhan clarifies that the party was of innocent people, and many of them didnt do drugs, out of which one was sameer.

Puja and sameer try and emphatically convince ramakant. ramakant says that the inspector shall give him the info about sameer’s drug test report. sameer asks why would he tell the truth after what he did to him. ramakant says that he has already handed him info earlier.

He calls up the inspector, and investigates the entire matter. the family watches tensedly. ramakant tells him that the influential parents of the criminals then, took out the reports, but the inspector kept a copy of all the reports and that his report is also there, which is negative. they are relieved. ramakant agrees that he didnt take drugs at that party. puja asks if he still has reservations. ramakant asks what more is he hiding, and that he shall allow puja to get married, after after a thorough investigation. puja says that its wrong. ramakant says that he doesnt know, but that shall happen what she wishes. despite puja’s protests, he takes her away. they are tensed as he acts hasty.

As ila comes back in the room, govardhan eyes him romantically, and then comes to her, and makes her sit on the bed. she comments how good he is. he says that he is slightly less good than her. she is thankful that he forgave her. he says that they both are at fault, and then romantically banter. he says that he missed her very much, and talks about the torment he went through, when he saw the room alone. she hears emotionally overwhelmed as tears well up in her eyes, while he narrates. she comes and stands afront, while he says that he loves her very much. she asks why didnt he come and say it, and he says that he told he isnt that good.

She then talks about her turmoils, that atleast he was in his own house, but in parimal’s house, she used to be dead worried about this place only. he says that such small strifes add spice to evergreen romance and life, as it makes them realise their love and the need for each other. she says that she feels that they have become much more intimate. she hugs him and he takes her lovingly in his arms.

Later, niranjan is enraged, when rita comes in upset that he didnt come down, and talks about ramakant’s frustration. he says that he is worried for his marriage. she taunts him that its good he knows something is wrong in his marriage. when rita is setting up the bed, niranjan comes and shows her the call log, asking her how come customer care is dialled in his number. she says that its his phone so he must have dialled, as who else can. he says that she can, and it isnt that she can, she actually did. she gets tensed hearing this.

He then narrates what all she did, and it was all a calculated move. she accepts that she did betray him, but he forced her into doing this, as he deleted the number. he says that she knows why he deleted. she says thats a lie, and asks whats the problem, as she shall find the truth, which shall help him only. she says that if he is lying, then there would be dire consequences, that he shall regret later.

Our Perfect Place 8 April 2020 Update on Zee World