RCCG 26 November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points Day 24


RCCG 26 November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points Day 24
RCCG 26th November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points Day 24

Read The Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide, RCCG Fasting and Prayer Points for 26 November 2020 Day 24, By The General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye


BIBLE TEXTS: Philippians 4:19; Psalm 81:10; 1 Chronicles 29:16

Every nation under God has the right to live a good life. Any nation that fails to acknowledge the supremacy of God will soon go into extinction.

1. Father thank you for all your assistance as a nation in Jesus name.
2. Father, we thank you as nation of people who trust in you for our supplies.

3. Father, please pardon our shot comings as a nation, particularly the sin of eating what you have not ordained for us in Jesus name. Genesis 2:16
4. Father; be our sufficiency in our national life in Jesus name. Phil 4:19

5. Father, help every citizen of our nation to depend on you for their provision in Jesus name. Matthew 6:26
6. Father, please bring Nigeria out of lack into abundance,let Nigeria experience a change for good in Jesus name. Psalm 34:10, 81:10

7. Father, in your mercy, supply our needs in Jesus name. Genesis 3:21
8. Father, see Nigeria through these times of difficulty and bring us to our promise land in Jesus name. Exodus 14:22

9. Father, you are merciful father, please help Nigeria to overcome all challenges of lack and want in Jesus name. Job 38:41
10. Father, just as you did for our nation when all hopes were lost during the civil war, please surprise Nigeria again in Jesus name. Genesis 22:14

11. Father, by your divine power, please move Nigeria forward in Jesus name, 2 Peter 1:3
12. Father, open the window of heaven over Nigeria for the sake of the elect in Jesus name. Malachi 3:10

13. Father, we have no power of our own, we cry to you, please bring rest to Nigeria in Jesus name. Matthew 11:28
14. Father, let the season of harvest begin in Nigeria in Jesus name. Genesis 8:22

15. Father, arise and let the oppressors of Nigeria begin to eat their flesh and be drinking their own blood in Jesus name, Isaiah 49:26
16. Father, arise and overturn, overturn and overturn until the oppressors are no more in Nigeria in Jesus name, Eze. 21:27.

17. Father, for your name sake arise and deliver the economy of Nigeria from the hands of the wicked in Jesus name, Isaiah 37:35.
18. Father, arise and completely destroy both internal and external oppressors of Nigeria in Jesus name

19. Father, dethrone and arrest every evil political leader that is enthrone for the purpose of enslaving citizens of Nigeria. 1 Sam. 15:28.
20. Father in the name of Jesus, remove evil representatives from all leadership position in Nigeria. 1 Sam. 16:1

RCCG 26th November 2020 Fasting Prayer Points Day 24 Today

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