Reach for the Stars 16 April 2020 Update


Reach for the Stars 16 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Reach for the Stars 16 April 2020 Update: Kalpi is worried that Raghav should not read her mail. She treis to judge his expressions. He is laughing. She wonders why is he smiling ? Is he happy to know that I am leaving ? She is worried what to do. Sammy goes in and Raghav goes along with him. She goes in his cabin, takes his laptop and sits under the table. Raghav is coming back.He comes in and is standing. He looks at Kalpi and she gets scared.

Kamla wonders whats going on in Nettu;s mind. She has arranged a poja and invite her over. Whats the reason behind all this. She does nothing without some reason. She calls Vitthal and asks was he busy ? He says I am never busy for you. She tells him that Nettu invited her over poja. SHould I go or not ? Vitthal says so this is just an excuse to get you in her house. Don’t feel like you are going to their home feel like you are going to temple. Its pooja you shouldn’t deny. Kamla says okay. SHe is still nervous and confused.

Kalpi is so scared what would Raghav do now. He sits down and stares her. She gets out of the table. Kalpi says I was looking for you. He says under the table ? She says no I actually came to meet you but.. She is so frightened to speak. She puts the laptop on table. He says may I know what were you doing on my laptop ? I have told you enough times to stay away from my stuff. He asks her to go back to her place. SHe says thank God the mail is deleted.

The Pooja starts at Nettu’s place. Kamla goes there. Nettu is treatin g her so well. She says sit with me Kamla. A lady says why have you invited a maid. Nettu says she is my daughter’s Kamla maa. She is like a part of my family. The lady apologizes. The pooja begins.

Sammy says its the meeting time. Raghav says nobody told me. Sammy sasys I mailed you everything. Raghav says I didn’t get anything. He goes with him. Sammy checks the mailbox and sees the mail of Kalpana. He reads it.

Raghav comes back to his cabin and asks Sammy did he get the presentation ? Sammy is looking at laptop screen. He says Raghav this is why you are behaving weird since you came back from ALibagh. Raghav couldn’t get what he means. He shows him Kalpi’s mail. Raaghav turns the laptop screen down he syas situation was not under my control. Sammy says Raghav you can’t afford this. Don’t forget you are the man who has fought alone with everything since years. You will immeresed that much that you won’t ever comeback.

Kalpi is working on her place. Raghav is thinking over her mail. He looks at Kalpi and wonders what to do. He says everyone would get it if I can’t control myself. He goes on his room and reserves a table for two.

Paki asks Kalpi to complete the work as the office hours have ended already. Kalpi says just a little work is left. Paki says okay I will stay with you inside my cabin. Kalpi thinks thank God I deleted the mail. Why I thought of leaving this opportunity. I have a chance to grow here and I won’t let Raghav come in between me and my success.Kalpi sees Sammy asking an employee to stay. She says I have a little daughter who is waiting for me. Kalpi says I will do her work let her go. She thanks Kalpi and hugs her. Raghav is seeing her on the camera. He says stop it Raghav think about Paki not Kalpi she should be my target. How much different they both are.

Paki goes to Kalpi and says Kalpi I thought you are done. Paki says let me hep you. Kalpi says you are my boss. Paki says office hours have ended so I can help you.Raghav says I should step first towards my revenge from Kapoors. He goes out and says Paki there is something i wanted to discuss but the office hours are over so we can discuss it on dinner. Are you okay with that ? Kalpi says I will do the work Paki. Paki says yes I will go. She goes home to get ready. Kamla calls Kalpi and asks her where she is? Kalpi says i am in office. Kamla says sorry to disturb you carry on.

Nettu comes and asks what you want for dinner ? You look stunning in this dress. She gets a call and says I will be there in two minutes. Raghav is outside the building and recalls his childhood. Paki goes down. Raghav smiles and says you are looking nice. Nettu sees him with Paki she says wow my daughter is going good. She will fulfill my dreams.

Kalpi looks for some files that are not on her desk. SHe thinks it must be in Raghav’s cabin but she says I won’t go there. I will find in store room. She goes in store room and looks for the file. When she is going out the door is locked she calls the name of security man to open the door.

Aaji says something bad is going to happen as Kamla drops the water glass. She says when will Kalpi be back ? Its so late. Vitthal says she is on work. Aaji says what kinda work is that. Kamla looks at the clock it 10. She says Vitthal lets go to her office or let me call her. Vitthal says let her fly by her own she must be fine and can take care of herself. We should let our children live.

Paki and Raghav go to the restaurant candles are all over there. The manager greets them. Paki asks why there are no people in here ? He says its not like that. We were instructed to book the entire hotel. Paki says that’s really sweet Raghav. You booked the entire restaurant. Raghav says i don’t like crowd people should get time alone. paki says I like it this way perfect date. He says sorry ? She says if I would go on a date I would like it to be like this. What you wanted to talk about ? Raghav says I just wanted to have a little time with you so we could know about each other. Paki says you are right we should have a team like Kalpi. She is working after hours. Raghav says we are not here to talk about Kalpi.

The lights turn off Kalpi is scared. She knocks the door.Raghav opens the campaign. He sees Kalpi in place of Paki. He stares at her suddenly its Paki and says this is really nice. He wonders is Kalpi still in office ?

Raghav has Kalpi all over his mind while he is at restaurant at hotel. Paki tells him that my brother bought me that branded dress. Ragahv says you like brands right ? She says yes. I loove working in your office. He says your parents don’t like me then why you work with me ? Paki says you are a great guy I have learnt a lo from you. The song ‘tum hi ho’ plays, Paki says this is my favorite song. Raghav asks her for dance. They start dancing on the song. Suddenly he feels like its kalpi in his arms instead of Paki and when opens his eyes he gets a little stern. Paki wonders what’s wrong with him. He leaves.

Kalpi is knocking the door and asking for help. Raghav gets in the office and thinks about the dance. Ramu tells her that Kalpi stayed here for work. Kalpi is shouting in the store she is tired now. Raghav hears her and breaks the lock. Kalpi hugs him. He tries to hold her back but he can’t. Paki comes after him and sees him hugging Kalpi. SHe is in dazed. Raghav says stop you are okay. Nothing has happened relax.

Paki drops her clutch. Raghav and Kalpi see her. They are bewildered Paki leaves Raghav is about to leve ask well but a strand of Kalpi’s hair gets is knot with his shirt. He takes it out and looks at Paki. He holds her tight and says this is all because of you. Kalpi says what ? He says what were you doing here ? She says I got stuck here. He says shut up you are used to of getting in troubles. She says i am used to to nothing sir. He leaves. Kalpi says he saved me thank God.

Reach for the Stars 16 April 2020 Update: Nettu says thank you God. This is all I was scared of that Paki doesn’t fall for some chowl guy. Mummy ji asks her why is she still up ? Nettu says how can I sleep until Poki is back. Mummy ji says thank God you take care of her now. Paki comes into the house. She goes running to her room. Nettu runs after her but she locks the door.