Reach for the Stars 20 April 2020 Update


Reach for the Stars 20 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Vitthal comes home. Kamla asks Kalpi to go to the party, Vitthal gives her a dish he has brought for her. Kamla says ask her to go. He says its up to her.

Nettu says my daughter has to look stunning. What shoes are you going to wear ? She says there are so many eligible bachelors in the parties. Everyone should be looking my girl. Raghav texts her please be on time Pakhi. She asks Nettu and the hair stylist to go out of the room. She plans on writing I wish I could come before time but she writes okay sir.

Manda says Kamla’s daughter is scared of going to the party. When I was coming to your house I heard Kamla trying to convince Kalpi to go to the party.

Kamla says to Vitthal that raghva and pakhi are in party they will take care of her. You are scared that there will be rich people and Kalpi will feel lost in them. He says is that wrong ? She says why you dreamed of making her a successful lady ? You should make her think on a bigger platform. Kalpi is listening to them Kalpi comes to them. Vitthal says this is the difference between your mom and me. She comes up with a long planning. Kalpi hugs Vitthal.

Pakhi says he won’t say it I have to. I will tell him casually that i love him. Or should I say on hindi ? Of course he loves me. Raghav texts her don’t be late. She asks so you are at the party ? She is glad to know that he is impatient for her.

Sammy asks Raghav why are you so serious for this party ? He says I will disclose my decision. I am going to take the major step towards my mission. Sammy says why are you in such a hurry. He says Pakhi is my target ? Sammy says what about love ? He says I don’t ahve time for that. He asks SAmmy why aren’t you happy. Sammy says will you be happy with decision ? He says ask me when I will see the man who destroyed my dad destroy himself.

The party has started. Raghav is waiting for Pakhi. He says where are you miss Kapoor I can’t wait anymore. He sees a girl in pink with complete mask on her face. He thinks it Pakhi. She is coming downstairs. He asks her for a dance. He says I a so happy today. Happy that you came in my life. I wanna confess a truth. They start dancing on song ‘zehen sy’. He suddenly feels like its Kalpi. He sees her in a yellow gown. He can’t stop seeing Kalpi while she is actually not there. He says I wanna tell you that I love Kalpana. Sammy, Maya and Pakhi the girl everyone is dazed.

Reach for the Stars 20 April 2020 Update on Zee World

She takes her mask off its Kalpana not Pakhi. They both can’t believe it. She is in tears and she runs away. She goes out of the hall. Pakhi comes there. Ragahv wonders what has he done. He says I have to take revenge. Why I forget it everytime.He is about to leave Pakhi says hi sir ? Are you angry with me becasue I am late ? Tell me how do I look ? He says I have to go. She says I just came. He says I just wanna be alone please let me go. He is about to leave she grasps his hand and says I know you don’t like me and don’t wanna spend time with, What you feel for me I can see that. I will says what you can’t see in my eyes. I wanna spend my whole life with you. I love you sir. Kalpi is on the road not know where is heading to.

Pakhi says I love you. I wanna spend my life with you. I don’t care what you think but I am crazy about you. I can’t live without you. Raghav leaves without saying anything. He goes out and is thinking about Kalpana. Pakhis goes out as well and sit in her car. She is in tears. Kalpi is on the road and sits on a bench. SHe wonders how can Raghav love her. She recalls him scolding at her. Everytime he was so rude to her. She then recalls the dance with him and she smiles. She feels good about it. She calls Kamla but she doesn’t have credit. The song ‘Kuch Khaas’ plays and she is amiling all the way. SHe gets an auto to go back home. She recalls him saving her from drowning. Every momnent she has spend with Ragahv. The way she hugged her.

Pakhi goes home and see her toy prince and princess. She says to the doll why you always look at him and care about him. He doesn’t care about you. You must be hurt like me. I said him I love you but he never said me yes but he didn’t says yes as well. Boys are always scared of commitments.

Kalpana can’t sleep. She recalls what Raghav said to her earlier. She goes in the balcony and sees Raghav standing downstairs. She wonders what is he doing there? He is coming up stairs but then he looks at her again. He is coming up and Kalpi is scared. SHe goes inside the house and locks the door. Raghav thinks I didn’t know that I love you but just wanted to see you. Call it coinccident or luck that I said it in front of you. He goes back to his car. Kalpi opens the door a little. He turns back and she shuts it again.

Kamla is making Kalpi’s lunch ready. Pakiya says whats so special you look good and you got ready so earlier. Vitthal has given a chocolate to Kalpi. Kalpi leaves. Kamla says she looks so happy. Vitthal says she is liking her work.

Nettu asks Pakhi you are up ? She says yes. Come on have the breakfast. nettu says have the breakfast. Prem sees that Nettu is not giving him anything. He says I am getting late mom as well mom. Nettu says so is Pkahi. Nettu sasys something good has happened yesterday.

Pakhi enters the office and asks Ramu is sir here? He says no. SHe says yeah must be scared how will he face me. Kalpi comes in as well. She feels uncomfortable. Pakhi says I will tell ragahv how committed I am. Kalpi thinks how will she face him.

Kalpi gets the flower from Ramu as well. She goes in the room and starts placing different flowers in Raghav’s basket. She goes back to her desk. Ragahv has come. She thinks he is coming there. She stands up. He looks at her and leaves without saying anything. Raghav asks Ramu to ask Kalpana to give him new Mumbai project’s file. He sees the flowers and touches them. Ramu asks for the file. He sits back on his seat. Kalpana gives Ramu the file. Raghav goes through the file and says not this one I have to discuss the first project file.

Pakhi asks Kalpi why she didn’t come to the party. Kalpi says I came there but left before you came.Pakhi asks why ? Ramu comes and says madam the first project file. Kalpana gives the file. Raghav sees it and says not this one. Ramu asks Kalpi to give the other one. He says madam go by yourself. He is so angry. Kalpi goes in with the file. The files fall from her hands and she starts picking them up. Raghav comes to help her. They look at each other.

Reach for the Stars 20 April 2020 Update ends when Raghav asks why are you so nervous ? She gets up and these are all the files I am placing the, on table. She is about to go when Raghav holds her and turns her face towards him. He says look at me. What are you scared of ? SHe says I don’t get anything sir. We are so different. Like sky and earth. She steps backwards. Raghav says stop. Do me a favor replace these flowers with the marigolds. Kalpi smiles.