Reach for the Stars 8 April 2020 Update


Reach for the Stars 8 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Prem calls on Kalpi’s phone. He makes his offer in the end Kamla says stay away from my daughter. He says its her time let her decide.

Paki is late to the office,. She drops papres and says my boss will eat me up today. Raghav and sammy listen to her. Sammy find this cute but raghav says there is obly one mission of life, to destroy Kapoors’.
Paki wonders how to tell Kalpi. Kalpi says what you wanna tell me. She says he has given me so much work. Kalpi says I will help you I am your assistant. Paki says no you are my angel. Just keep an eye on Raghav’s cabin.

Kamla call Paki. She says he has given me a lot of work Kamla says can you ask Kalpi to talk to me. Paki says I am s busy I will make her call you in the lunch break. Kamla says okay sorry to disturb you. Paki calls Kalpi and asks something related to work.

Scene 3
A lady comes in to meet Raghav. Kalpi stops her and says he has asked us not to let anyone disturb him. Kalpi says can you inform him that I am here, Maya. She says no I am not allowed to. Raghav comes out and says hey beautiful. She says you were busy, so I was waiting outside. He says you never need any permission just come in without permission. She says I was doing the same but your staff stopped. Raghav says why you did this Miss Kalpana do I have to tell you whom to stop or not. Now bring us a couple of coffees and pizza for her. Kalpana wonders how Raghav is smiling with someone.

Scene 4
Paki is so immersed in work She says Raghav I never did this much hard work in the college. Raghav calls him. She says look he is missing me as well. Raghav says talk to miss yadav says has misbehaved with my guest. Paki calls Kalpi and says what happened ? Kalpi says was just doing my job. How could I figure out that he would come out and hug her and will take to his cabin. Paki says let me check it out.
Raghav says wow you in sarri. Maya says I couldn’t impress you in college but now I have a chance. Paki knocks the door.

Raghav says yes what you need ? She says just wanted to discuss a project. Raghav says maya can join us as well. Maya syas yes this product is a joint venture with me. Maya looks up to the file and says here is some problem. Paki says I think its okay. Raghav says if sje is saying the you have to change it. Paki is so jelous.

Scene 5
Prem calls on Paki’s phone. Kalpi wonders if she can receive it or not. She receives and its Prem on the other side. He says can I talk to Kalpi. She says I am Kali. He says wow what a timing. Now listen to me carefully. I know you don’t like your job. I have a plan that can benefit both of us. You just have to stay there and work for me.

Prem says how about meeting after office. Kalpi says okay I will see you after office Prem. Sammy listens to her and wonder why she will meet Prem.

Reach for the Stars 8 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Scene 2
Prem and Nettu are waiting for Kalpi. Prem says you destination is in fron t you. You don’t have to do anything for that. Even you don’t have to leave the job you will paid with lacs if you share all the plans of Raghav with me and you will get 1% of every project. Raghav is going to start a housing project tomorrow I will pay you with 5 lacs if you tell me his presentation. Kamla is listening to all this. Prem says what you say ? Kalpi says I am stunned Prem that even being son of Nettu you don’t know what to bid on. I am the blood of same Kamla bai that nurtured Paki. I am not going to repeat my mistakes. Prem says yes or no ? kalpana says no. My name is Kalpana that’s the name my parents gave me. I am their wish. I won’t do anything that lets my parents down. Never Prem. Prem says you don’t know the consequences of rejecting my offer.

Kamla intrudes saying and you don’t know the consequences of threatening my daughter. Ask your mom. If any one tries to come between my daughter’s dreams and her I won’t leave him. Nettu says lets go Prem. Kamla says yes take him otherwise I will forget what he is. Prem leaves.
Kamla smiles at Kalpi and says lets go.

Scene 2
Sahil says Prem you know what will happen if we don’t get that contract. Prem says I tried to buy Kalpana what can I do f she didn’t agree. Prem says do whatever you can but Raghav should not get that project. Nettu says what makes me more angry is that our own daughter is working for our enemy in this house. Prem says is she working on tomorrow’s project ? Nettu says wow interesting lets pray that she is working on tomorrow’s project and smiles.

Scene 3
Kalpi asks Ai what are you doing ? Kamla says serving my daughter. kalpi says I promise you that I will fulfill your dream. I will be successful. Vitthal says listen she is telling you what we told her. Kamla says that’s good at least she remembers what told her. Vitthal says you have been working since you came. Kalpi says this is extra work I brought my self and I will be benefited from it. Kamla smiles and says I will serve the food. Kalpi is determined about her work and is a bit tired.

Scene 3
Paki is asleep when someone enters her room. Its Nettu all covered with a sheet. She looks everywhere to find something. She finds the file on bed beside Paki. She takes is slowly opens it up checks what’s in. Its the designed building structure. She takes the file with her.

Scene 4
Next morning the meeting starts. Prem is there along with Sahil and Raghav with Sammy, Kalpi and Paki. Maya introduces the project to all and invites Prem to give the very first presentation. He says i won’t repeat the history of my company. After the presentation you all will know that we are the best. He starts the presentation. Paki is dazed looking at the structure and so is Raghav. Paki stands up in wonder. She says this is our presentation report what will we present then. Kalpi stands up as well. Maya says thank you Prem. She says we should take a 15 minute break. See you all after that. Paki says sir I didn’t do anything. I don’t know how all this.. Raghav says I wanna meet you first in the office tomorrow. Sammy says there is nothing wrong with Paki

. Kalpana met Prem yesterday. She sold our information. I listened her talking to Prem and i saw her in the office along with the files. Kalpi says I agree I met Prem but.. Raghav says I fire you right here right now. Raghav says say thank to God that I didn’t call police just because of your mom. I just thought you run away from things but you are a traitor. You are cheater and someone who takes benefits

Kamla gives Vitthal lunch. He laughs and says its my holiday today. Vitthal says are you worried about her? She will nail it today. Kamla says I pray for my both daughters.

Kamla and Vitthal are outside the building and they wanna meet Kalpi. Vitthal says let them fight theirselves. Vitthal says let go there are see whats going on. Nettu calls her and says are you okay ? Your dream has ended ? Prem told me that Raghav has fired kalpi. You know why ? He thought Kalpi has cheated him. What was wrong if you shook hand with us.

Scene 2
There is so much tension between Raghav and sammy. Paki wonders why you did this Kalpi. The presentations are on going. Raghav says the day I lose from Kapoor will be last day of my life. Maya says now the last presentation from someone so special someone so young and made a name in the industry. She says I would like to call Raghav here. Raghav is not responding. Sammy says let me talk to Maya. Raghav points him to sit down. Vitthal and Kamla see the conference room.