Ring of Fire 1 April 2020 Update


Ring of Fire 1 April 2020 Update on Zee World

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The episode starts when operation finishes and doc comes out. Ragini asks if Anurag is fine? Doc says patient is out of danger, but bullet touched his brain nerve and he may lose vision or some other organ. Vikral and his wife come. Ragini runs and hugs them and cries. Vikral consoles her. Ragini’s mother asks Revati who shot damadji/Anurag. Revathi says because of whom, this accident happened is important, pointing at Shristi. Ragini tries to enter ICU, but Revathi stops her. Drama continues.

Nurse informs Ragini and family that Anurag has been shifted to ICU and they all can meet him. Family rushes towards ICU. Revathi stops Ragini and says she cannot meet Anurag. Ragini says they both can meet misterji. Vikral asks what is happening. Revathi says she forcefully got Anurag married to Ragini at gunpoint, now she will not risk her son’s life anymore, she is not afraid of even Vikral. Vidhvan asks to stop her drama now and let Ragini bahu in. Even Brij asks her to not create issue in this situation.

Anurag calls Ragini’s name. Whole family walks in. Anurag asks who are they. Revathi asks what happened to her son. Doctor says he told already that anything can happen, Anurag lost his memory. Doctor asks what is happening. Anurag says he remembers calling Ragini and then collapsing, does not remember anything beyond that. Doc asks them all to go out.

Revathi cries and Vidhvan consoles her. Vikral consoles Vidhvan and says he can seek help in Anurag’s treatment and he has already instructed senior doctor. Vishu cries seeing Aurag’s condition. Shristi consoles him that Anurag is fine. Vishu asks then why he is in ICU. Purshotam tries to speak to Shristi. Shristi says she is an opponent lawyer and not his daughter, he already sacrificed his daughter. Purshotam says he knows and did a mistake without knowing the fact. Shristi says now they are just opponent lawyers and nothing else. Purshotam leaves sadly.

Ring of Fire 1 April 2020 Update: Vidhvan’s family returns home sadly. Revathi continues crying. Daadi consoles her followed by Vidhvan. Revathi cries if something happens to Anurag, she will not forgive herself. Ragini gives her water, but she throws glass and yells to go away from Anurag’s life. Ragini says she will once Anurag gets well.

Purshotam returns home. Surekha thanks god that Anurag is well and even Vishu. Purshotam says her daughter saved Vishu by risking her life. Surekha asks why he is addressing Shristi as only her daughter. Purhsotam tells he gained courage to speak to Shristi, but she told to come well prepared to court when they meet next time. Surekha sheds tears.

Ragini returns to her room and seeing blood on her hands and body reminisces Anurag saving her and bearing bullet on himself. Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itnisi hai khabar…song…plays in the background. She reminisces quality time spent with Anurag and cries more.

Ragini and the others walk into Anurag’s hospital room. Revati calls him. Anurag asks who are they. Revathi says she is his mother. Anurag says he does not know anyone except Ragini, he knows only her name and does not know how she is related to him.

Ragini says she is his wife Ragini. Anurag asks when did they marry. Revathi says he must have forgotten her, but cannot forget her cooked food, he will remember everything once he eats food. Nurse says outside food is not allowed. Revathi yells. Vidhvan asks her to calm down and asks Anurag not to get tensed, though he does not identify them, he is their elder son Anurag and will get well soon and identify them. He asks Revathi to stop worrying in front of Anurag. Revathi says he is right, she will go to temple and pray for Anurg. Brij says he will take bhabhi to temple, Vidhvan can go home and let Ragini stay here.

Ragini waits in Anurag’s room. Anurag feels thirsty and tries to get up. Ragini stops him and gives water. He drinks water and sleeps. Ragini sits on chair and yawns. Agar tum saath ho…song…plays in the background. He calls Ragini in sleep. Ragini says she is sitting next to him. Nurse brings soup. He tries to drink it and drops a spoonful. Ragini gives him towel to clean. Ragini feeds him soup and then takes him to washroom.

Daadi with Vishu and Divya prays Durga maa to cure Anurag soon. Vidhvan joins them. Shristi comes down with her bags. Vishu tries to stop her. Shristi tells Daadi that she came to clear blot on her character and hut them during the process, she cannot hurt them more. Vidhvan says they all want her to stay here. Daadi says she considers Shristi as mature. Shristi says her and Vishu’s relationship was not powerful and it is better to break.

Ring of Fire 1 April 2020 Update – Vishu says she has not forgiven him. Shristi says she has forgiven him by heart, but she has to go. Vishu asks why she wants to leave her friend. Revathi enters and says let her go, even if she wants to stay, she will not let her stay. Purshotam enters and says she will not go anywhere as per court order, she has to stay with Vishu for 6 months before divorce proceedings complete. Shristi says she will go even then as relationships without trust are not valuable.

Purshotam stops her and asks if she considers him as guru. She nods yes. He says she has to give him gurudakshina today. She asks what she has to do. He gives her hand in Vishu’s hand and says she has to follow this relationship on her father’s order, not guru’s. Shristi says she will. Revathi fumes in anger.

Anurag asks Ragini what had happened before his accident. She tells him about ramleela incident. Doc interrupts and says she is his wife and knows his likes and dislikes, she should speak about them. Ragini thinks she will tell lie to cure Anurag and become bad in his eyes.

Vishu requests Shristi not to leave him alone. Revati yells when Shristi did not want to go, then why did she make such a bi drama. Vishu promises that he will become capable in 6 months. Revathi thinks 6 months are nothing, Shristi has to go at any cost.

Ragini calls Vidhvan and informs that doctor has given permission for Anurag’s discharge in sometime. Vidhvan says it is a good news, he will come there soon. Revathi excitedly asks him to bring their son soon. Vidhvan leaves with Brij. Ragini gives dress to Anurag and asks him to change. Anurag asks how did their marriage happen. Ragini says like usual marriages, they had usual agnifera. He asks to elaborate.

Ragini says their nature is similar, they sleep and wake up at same time, she sleeps with lights off and even he does. His father came with alliance and her father accepted it. She loves him and he loves her even more. He asks how did he injure. She reminisces Shekhar shooting her, but says he has a lot of enemies in his job. He asks what he does. She says she will tell later, let us go home first.

Anurag reaches home with Ragini, Vidhvan, and Brij. Daadi greets him and takes in. Vishu shows his and Anurags photo and their family photos, asks if he remembers anything now. Dulari says he must be confused, she will introduce everyone. She introduces Revathi as his mother, daadi as daadi who shares sanskar to whole family, tall man Vidhvan is his father, Brij is his uncle, Vishu is his brother, Diya is his sister, Shristi is Vishu’s wife.

He asks who is she. She says she is Revathi’s niece and his cousin. Divya shows his bat and says he scored century with it in college, soft toy, etc. Vishu says he will handle office work, Anurag need not worry. Anurag says he does not remember anything, sorry for t hat. Ragini says he does not remember anything, but they all remember and takes him to his room.

Shristi gives bedsheet to Vishu. Vishu asks if she can sit with hi for sometime. She sits. Vishu says when she was here, he used to check if she is soundly asleep or not, even when she was not here, he used to feel bad and remember her a lot. Shristi says she is here now, he should be happy. He asks if she will leave him again. She nods no. He asks to trust him, he will show magic in 6 months.

Shirsti thinks she decided to stay back, how will she manage. She reads Vishu’s written note and it falls down. Revati picks it and does not give it to Shristi. Shristi snatches it from her. Revati yells as usual. Shristi confronts her.

Ragini takes Anurag to their room and hurriedly tries to hide her gun holding portrait. Anurag says she lied that they live like normal husband and wife. She says yes. Anurag asks then why there is a curtain between bed. Ragini says because of him, she was angry on him, so she drew curtain. Anurag asks what happened. She says she promise to show her a movie, but he did not, she will remove it.

Anurag says let it be, he made a mistake and will remove this curtain, removes it and says let us sleep now. They sleep. Next morning, he sees her gun holding photo and asks what is this. She thinks she has to lie again and says when she is here, why did he bring food. He says one minute.

Next morning, Shristi wakes up. Vishu says he did all his daily routine. She says he got a good routine. He says papa helped him in preparing routine and he kept prasad for her, what else he should do to prove himself competent. She asks to taker his decisions himself. Vishu says he will go to site daily until bhiaya gets ready and handle all work, she should restart her law practice. Shristi prays god to keep her promise of living with Vishu.

Ring of Fire 1 April 2020 Update on Zee World

Gangaa season 1 will be replacing Ring of fire as it’s goes off Air