Ring of Fire 1 February 2020 Update


Ring of Fire 1 February 2020 Update – Vidvhan Singh reaches home after fixing Anurag’s alliance with Advocate Purshotam’s daughter Shristi. His wife tells she fixed Anurag’s alliance with Vikral Singh’s daughter Ragini. Vidhvan is shocked and says even he fixed Anurag’s alliance with Purhotam’s daughter Shristi.

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Ring of Fire 1 February 2020 Update – Wife says Vikranth is a rich man and Purshotam is a broke, he even gave 10 lakhs shagun. Vidhvan shouts she sold her son for money, he needs sanskari bahu and not criminal’s money. Arugment continues. Bablu sees Anurag coming and claps shoutoing Anurag bhaiya came.

Purshotam is busy on laptop, looking confused. Shristi serves him tea. He asks how does she know he was craving for tea. She says she understands her papa and knows he is confused how to use paste function, she teaches him ctrl C and ctrl V.

Ragini drags contract to her room and orders her goons to hold him. He pleads to spare him. She says she will target practice on him for his mistake of troubling innocent women. Vikral’s wife tells him that he should have asked Ragini’s opinion and if boy will like Ragini. Vikral shouts he has enquired a lot and bought a best boy for Ragini with his money, there is no question of rejection. Ragini target practices by keeping pots on contractor and shoots pots correctly. Everyone praise her skills and contractor panics in fear.

Anurag distributes gifts to whole family. Vivdhan tells him about Shristi’s alliance for him. Wife tells about Ragini’s and how much money she will bring. Argument starts. Anurag says he is not yet ready for marriage and if he marries, he will marry a sanskari girl and not a criminal rich girl. His mother gets very angry and walks to her room. He goes to her room and consoles her.

Ragini walks back into home after punishing contractor. Her mother scolds her to mend her ways and behave like a girl. Vikral tells he has fixed her alliance. Ragini says boy will run away like always. Vikral says this time, he found a best boy for her and he studied in London. Ragini says that means he knows English. Vikral says he behaves like an Englishman. Ragini reminisces Anurag.

At night, Shristi goes to sleep. Purshotam enters and keeps Anurag’s photo on her bed and leaves. She wakes up and looks at photo, clicks one in her mobile and keeps back photo. She looks at her mobile pic and shyingly says Anurag has gone more handsome.

In the morning, Vidhvan tells his mother that Purshotam’s son is coming today with alliance. His wife hears that and gets tensed that even Vikral’s son is coming with shagun, what will she do now.

Vidhvan tells his mother that Purshotam’s son Sumer is coming with Shagun today. His wife hears that and gets tensed that Vikral’s son Parag is also coming. Anurag arm wrestles with his brother Vishu and sister cheers them up. Vishu says only he will win. Aunt comes and Anurag signals her. She pushes Vishu’s hand and he wins and cheers that aunt on his side, he always wins. She even if she is not with him, he will win always.

Shristi goes to market with Purshotam to get shagun sweets and buys maa Saraswaati idol. She asks Purshotom to send less sweet, but this idol for sure. He says he will send more sweets and this idol. They both reach home and Purshotam asks his wife to pack idol carefully as Shristi wants to send it with shagun sweets. Mother looks sad.

Vidhvan’s wife informs Vikranth that Parag is coming with shagun and even Purshotam is coming, so they have to stop them from colliding. He asks her not to worry.

Ragini watches WWF match on her TV excitedly. Parag enters and says he is going to Anurag’s house with shagun. She says she is happy as she wanted a life partner like Anurag. Parag says he knows, but he is not happy. She asks why. He says she will leave this house forever and he will get alone. She says Anurag will become ghar jamai instead. They walk out. Vidhvan asks his wife to pack silver Laxmi maa idol as he promised Anurag’s family that his daughter is a laxmi for him and is reason behind his wealth and fame. He asks Parag to leave soon and don’t delay in presenting shagun.

Sume reaches Anurag’s house with shagun and praises Anurag made their Zilla proud. Vidhvan’s wife tells that they will inform him about the alliance later as she did not even spoke to Anurag yet. Sumer says it is green signal from their side and will wait for their opinion. Daadi asks to bring snacks for Sume. Vidhvan’s wife thinks she has to feed these poor people now. Sumer says he will wait for their yes and leaves. Vishu gets excited seeing sweets and says he wants to distribute it in whole village and needs Anurag and babuji’s help. Anurag and Vidvhan accompany him and distribute sweets among villagers.

Parag reaches next. Vikram greets him. Parag asks how does he know his name. Vikram says he is from very famous family and greets him in. He introduces Vidvhan’s wife to him. Parag greets her and gives silver Laxmi idol as shagun and rest of sweets. They start conversing.

Ring of Fire 1 February 2020 Update ends when Anurag’s sister gets snacks for him. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and says he felt good meeting them. He asks when will Anurag come and seeing his pic says he looks very handsome and clicks pic in his mobile. Vidhvan returns and is shocked seeing a big car with armed guards. He sees Parag and asks who is he. Vikram says he is Vidhvan’s soon Parag.