Ring of Fire 10 February 2020 Update


In Ring of Fire 10 February 2020 Update, Parag tells Anurag that Ragini is very talented, though she is not educated. He should be happy with her and move on. Anurag hears someone shouting and rushes to store room. He sees Ragini punishing Tribhuvan and asks what is happening here. Ragini says she is just explaining Tribhuvan. Tribhuvan holds Anurag’s legs and pleads to save him. Anurag lets him go. Ragini fumes, but says she was about to leave Tribhuvan.

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Pooja tells Shristi that she should accept new change as destiny and move on. Vishu enters and introduces himself to Pooja. Shristi just looks along. Surekha comes and takes Vishu out. Purshotam tries to work on laptop and listen to radio. Surekha says people have gone on moon, but he is still stuck in old radio. He says world moved fast and he is still old fashioned. He gets a call and scolds client why did he send documents via email. Vishu repairs radio in between. Purshotam is surprised and asks how did he do that.

Vishu says he can repair anything except laptop. Purshotam says Shristi had taught him how to use laptop, but he forgot. Shristi hears that and demonstrates how to download file. Purshotam tries to speak, but she ignores him and moves aside. Surekha asks Vishu to go and rest. Vishu says he does not want to go to Shristi’s room. Shristi orders him to go and he walks towards room.

Dulari taunts Brij’s wife that she is childless, so she cannot understand mother’s worries for her children. Daadi scolds Dulari. Brij’s wife confronts Dulari and says she has 3 children, Anurag, Vishu and Divya. She loves them like her own children. Dulari fumes.

Anurag’s uncle reaches home and calls his wife. His wife comes and acts as angry. He pampers her. She asks why did Anurag elope. He says he married Vikral’s daughter, so it is obvious for him to elope. She says she wants to meet both bahus. He says he will do something.

Ragini gets ready as bride. Her friends taunt and pull her legs that she is celebrating 2nd suhagraat, but they could even one. She gets tensed reminiscing Anurag’s anger on her.

Ragini’s mother sees Anurag standing tensely and tries to speak. He does not. She says she knows he will not talk to her, she was against this marriage from before as Ragini is not his type. He says he wanted to marry Shristi, but because of Vikral, he had to marry Ragini. He cannot even apologize Shristi now. Ragini is a good girl and needs a partner of her nature, but he is not the one. Parag hears their conversation and thinks Shristi is a spoilsport in his sister’s life, so he has to eliminate her.

Ragini’s friends come and drag Anurag to Ragini’s room and after a bit of taunts push him on Ragini. He falls on Ragini and tries to get up, but falls again. Ragini feels shy. He gets up finally. Ragini in lieu of drinking water drops it on sofa and says Anurag he cannot sleep on wet sofa, so he should sleep on bed. Anurag prepares bed on floor and sleeps.

Anurag sleeps on floor while Ragini sadly looks at him and sleeps on bed. Shristi on the other side sleeps on floor and Vishu sleeps on bed. Title song Rishto ki…agnifera..song..plays in the background. Anua reminisces Ragini punishing, her mother telling Ragini has a heart of gold, etc. Shristi reminisces about Vishu’s immaturity.

Gun falls from Ragini’s bed. Anurag thinks she does not sleep without gun. Vishu wakes up and calls kaaki/Brij’s wife. Shristi asks what happened. Vishu says he needs to go to washroom. She shows direction and he runs in.

At Vidhvan’s house, daadi tells Brij’s wife let us start arrangements to greet Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi after they return from pagh phera rituals. Revati asks Divya and Dulari to call village women for bahu’s muh dikhai/face watching ritual. Dulari comments when she went home after muh dikhayi,, she took so many gifts that her in-laws had to call village women next day for muh dikhayi ritual, she is sure Ragini will bring lots of gifts, but Shristi may not.

Revati yells broke lawyer trapped Vidhvan and got his daughter married to Anurag. Brij asks what happened. She fumes that Shristi will not get any gifts at all. Brij says not to worry, Ragini will bring truck load full of gifts and Vikral will send lots of gifts. Ring of Fire 10 February 2020 Update

Ragini returns to her room after a bath and sees Anurag still sleeping and sunrays falling on him. She stands in front of him, playing hide and seek with sunrays. Anurag wakes up. Ragini shows him tea tray and says she brought green tea, masala tea, normal tea, etc., which one he wants to have. Her mother comes in and asks if Anurag did not have tea yet. Ragini says Anurag wakes up late. Mom sees bed on floor. Ragini picks it hurriedly and says Anurag rolls all around. Mom asks them to get ready and come down soon.

Shristi wakes up and sees Vishu standing with tea and biscuits. She shouts why did he bring tea. He says daadi asked to take care of her. Mom enters and asks them to get ready and come out.

Anurag goes down getting ready and sees Vikral ordering Narad to load house full of gifts in truck. He says Anurag that he is sending these gifts for her daughter. Ragini says even he can use them. Anurag thinks he hates all this, but has no other option. Vikral asks Narad where is Parag. Narad says he left with armed guard. Vikral asks to find out where he is.

Parag reaches outside Purshotam’s house and waits for Shirsti to come out. Sumer brings lots of gifts for Shristi and tells he will load them in tempo. Shristi says she will not take anything.

Ring of Fire 10 February 2020 Update ends when Purshotam says let her do whatever she things right. Shristi walks out holding kalash. Ragini walks near door. Her friend taunts not to forget them if she goes to London with her English husband. Ragini goes to take Vikral’s blessing. Vikral gives her moral gyaan to win Anurag’s heart. Parag points gun at her hiding and thinks Anurag is comparing this girl to his sister, he will kill her and give best gift to his sister, but then stops when Vishu stands before her.