Ring of Fire 3 February 2020 Update


Ring of Fire 3 February 2020 Update on Zee World – Ragini punishes her loan defaulters and scolds Narad that even he should be punished as he did not find another defaulter Tribhuvan. Narad says he got info that Tribhuvan is near a hotel. She rushes in her jeep with her goons. Shristi calls Anurag’s mobile. Vishu picks call and speaks to her. She asks if he is meeting her today. He asks what. She says to talk about their marriage. He says his papa will decide about his marriage. She stands confused.

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Ring of Fire 3 February 2020 Update continues as Anurag comes and takes phone. She asks if he is meeting her. He says yes and he is leaving now. He rushes hurriedly. Revati asks him to have breakfast. Anurag says he is in a hurry. Vishu murmurs in Vidhvan’s ears that bhai is going to meet Shristi. Vidhvan smiles and asks Anurag to go soon and have something on the way. Vishu gives him sweets. Revati fumes.

Vikranth starts topic and tells Vidhvan that Vikral is a very rich man and even their status will be back to their old days after this alliance. Revati comments it is waste to explain Vidhvan. Vidhvan starts what they know about status, they know nothing. He does not want a criminal samdhi. Daadi speaks and says Anurag will marry the girl whom he got engaged and her words are final. Vikranth tries to speak, but daadi shuts his mouth.

Shristi tries to leave home in a hurry. Surekha asks where is she going. Purshotam says she is going to meet her friend Poonam as even she is getting married. Surekha asks how does he know. Purshotam says he heard Shristi speaking over phone and asks her to go soon.

Shristi meets Anurag in a restaurant and expresses concern about Revati’s displeasure with this alliance, so it is better they not move forward. He says she is giving judgment like typical lawyer. She says lawyers speak truth. She says she will leave now and gets on her bike. She sees Ragini coming and reminisces their fight earlier and leaves. Ragini catches Tribhuvan and punishes him. He pleads to spare him and promises to repay loan in 2 days. Ragini then sees Anurag and asks Narad if it is really him.

Narad says it is Anurag. She wears dupatta and starts chatting with him nervously. She orders restaurant owner to take care of jijaji well. Shristi returns. Ragini says she always follows her as if she did a big crime. Shristi says she reaches wherever injustice happens. Their argument continues and Ragini leaves. Shristi asks Anurag what was Ragini talking about.

Shristi looks at Anurag’s photo lying on bed. Poonam enters and taunts her. Shristi shyingly asks why did she come at night, she would have phoned her. Poonam says she has to talk about her alliance.

Vikral speaks to minister over phone to minister and orders to concentrate on tender, if they get it, they will get a lot of wealth. Ragini enters with money bag. Vikral returns it to her and asks to keep it for her marriage expenses.

A man comes to Vidhvan’s house hurriedly and asks Daadi where is Vidhvan. She says he went to court and asks what happened. He says he had opened a grocery shop with Vidhvan’s donation money and now goons want to take over the land. Daadi says even Birju is not at home, so he should go to police. Man gets disheartened and says he will wait till Vidhvan comes.

Revati comes out and says Anurag will help her. Daadi says Anurag does not know anything about village rules. Revati says after so many days someone came seeking help and it is their duty to help. She sends Anurag with him.

Vikral’s goons wait for man to return with his help before breaking his shop. Parag comes there and orders to break shop soon as he took money from land owner. Bulldozer heads towards shop. Anurag enters and stops it. Parag sees Anurag and tries to call goon from a distance. Revati calls Birju and informs that Anurag has gone to help someone and he should go and make sure people praise Anurag. He reaches for help.

Goon picks call and Parag says it is Anurag, their jija. Goon gets afraid, apologizes Anurag and leaves. Birjju notices everything. People praise Anurag and lift him. Ring of Fire 3 February 2020 Update ends.