Scripture Union Daily Guide 5th May 2020 – The Lord will Keep You Safe


Scripture Union Daily Guide 5th May 2020 – The Lord will keep you safe

Topic: The Lord will keep you safe

Opening Prayer: Plant my steps in the sure promises of your word today, dear Lord.

Scripture: Proverbs 3: 19–35

• Is there any command for me to obey?

Scripture Union Daily Guide 5th May 2020 Outline:

Vv.24 and 25 describe the desire of every person on earth, a desire that surprisingly few people ever attain or experience on a regular basis. But as stated in v.26, it is achievable. If more people make the Lord their confidence instead of their positions or possessions, then they will be able to experience the peace that he alone gives, even in difficult or complex situations. How does this compare with your own personal experience? Do you lose sleep over every problem? Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Notice the advice on how to relate to our neighbours (vv.27–28). Some people like to claim that as long as they are not actually doing evil to anyone, they are all right. However, failure to do the right thing or to dissuade others perpetuating evil, is just as bad for humanity, and in the sight of God. Notice three other things we must not do in vv.29–32?

Evil action incurs God’s curse (v.33) and no amount of deliverance sessions can break his curse on the disobedient. The only solution is to turn from our wicked ways and do just and right (read Ezekiel 33:14–16). Then we will experience blessings, honour and grace (vv.33–35).

⁂ Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Practice/Word Application
• Reflection: The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower the righteous runs to it and are safe

Today’s Prayer
• Teach me, Lord, to do all the good I can today and every day.
• Pray for yourself to be a faithful steward of time, talents, gifts, resources, power and influence God has entrusted to you.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with Psalm 34:10

Read the Bible in one Year
Num. 23–25; Matt. 1